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DD Manhandles Madrid

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I recently went to the Spanish capital, which must be one of the most beautiful cities in
the world. I was inspired by this excellent thread by jetairliner:

This thread will be in four parts(!). Enjoy! :cheers:

Too bad I didn't have my tripod with me (thanks, airlines!! :eek:hno:), as I would have loved
to take a lot more night shots.

Calle Gran Vía is surrounded by many beautiful, old buildings.

The Madrid-Paris Building.

The Carrión Building on Calle Gran Vía houses Hotel Capitol and a movie theater.

The Telefónica Building.

Hotel Atlántico.

The new Terminal 4 of Spain's largest airport in Barajas was designed by Antonio Lamela
and Richard Rogers. It is very open and spacious.

Puerta del Sol square in the center of the city. In the 15th century this was the main entrance
to Madrid.

There is a statue of King Carlos III on the square.

Casa de Correos from 1768 is the former main post office building of Madrid.
It is now the headquarters of the Community of Madrid's Autonomous Government.

Next to the square stands the statue symbolizing Madrid, "El Oso y El Madroño"
(The Bear and the Strawberry Tree).

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is the largest in Madrid and home to the famous soccer team
Real Madrid. The capacity is just over 80,000.

In Parque de la Montaña stands a true, ancient Egyptian temple, Templo de Debod.
This temple was donated to Spain by the Republic of Egypt in 1968. If it hadn't been moved,
it would have been flooded by the building of a dam.

The bullring Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas was completed in 1931. It has a seating
capacity of 25,000.

Ministerio de Agricultura.

Palace Hotel.

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Wow you watched Spain - Denmark. :D

Anyway, thank you for the tour, Madrid sure looks like a grand city.

Can we expect some photos of the 4 new skyscrapers that are UC? :)
Heh so many memories... :)

You have pics from the same spots I have, but the difference is that in yours there's sun, while when I went there it was cloudy... :(

Did you get to go to the Retiro Park? It's gorgeous, I loved it. Madrid is definetly one of my fav. cities in the world, REALLY beautiful.
Looks awesome... the ~2 floors more on the buildings, compared to here, really makes it seem much denser... me like! :)

Keep up the great work mate - looking forwards to the rest of the pics!
@mlm: You're welcome. There will be only one picture of the new U/C 'scrapers, unfortunately.

@schmidt: As you can see, it wasn't always sunny while I was there, but I shouldn't complain. Do you have a link to your pictures? Yes, in the next part I will show pictures from Retiro.

@Mr_D: Thanks! Yes, I agree.. A little more height never hurts, especially when the buildings look so nice!
Great photos DD :eek:kay: Looking forward to seeing some more!

Great pics! Madrid is now no 1 on my "Europe travel" list!

wow, my deco sence is tingling!

Besides love the Beaux-arts all around the place!
Must really visit!
Madrid is fantastic - been there 4 times already in two years and can't get enought. Beautiful, cosmopolitan, rich, clean hard work hard play city. That was my impression. Next to Madrid even Barcelona seems a bit dirty and provincial. And unlike Barcelona, Madrid has not been completely taken over by tourists and the ones in Madrid seem a bit more sophisticated,
I miss my city! Im from Madrid but I live in Stockholm right now.

Thank you for all the comments about my city.

Madrid has changed really much during the last years and now the city is situated at the top of the european cities.

Some information about Madrid;

Population; City 3,200,00 Metropolitan Area Near 6,000,000
Airport 45,000,000 pax
Turist on the city 2006; over 6,000,000. About 3,000,000 were coming from abroad.
Heh so many memories... :)

Did you get to go to the Retiro Park? It's gorgeous, I loved it. Madrid is definetly one of my fav. cities in the world, REALLY beautiful.
Retiro? Forget about it - Space of Sound is what Sundays are for :)
@Qazaq, DLL_4ever: Thanks guys!

@Nightsky, ch1le: I guess the Madrid Tourism Agency should pay me for promoting their city.

@JanisLV, anglade: Thanks for the comments.

Expecting part 2 to be up tomorrow.
Puerta de Alcalá (Alcalá Gate) used to mark the entrance to Madrid from the East.

Parque del Buen Retiro.

Fuente de Galápagos (Galapagos Fountain).

King Alfonso XII Monument.

Palacio de Velázquez.

Fuente de la Alcachofa (Artichoke Fountain).

Palacio de Cristal (Crystal Palace).

In Moncloa you'll find Arco de la Victoria (Victory Arch), Faro de Moncloa (Moncloa Tower)
and Museo de América. The tower is a 100 m. high transmission tower from 1992 with an
observation deck. Unfortunately, it was closed when I was there.

Plaza Mayor.

Hotel Ritz and Fuente de Neptuno (Neptune Fountain).

Estación del Norte (North Station).

Puerta de Toledo (Toledo Gate).

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¡Muchas gracias amigo danés! :cheers:

You could say that by creating this MAJESTIC thread you touched me, I get really emotional when it comes to Madrid. According to me the most beautiful city in the world and really 'my' city in Europe and a true role model and reference to the rest of the world when it comes to urban planning in aesthetics, culture, transportation and many more things.
Madrid breathes, permeates anti-"lagom" thinking. This place is as far as you can get away from jante law. It's audacious, cocky, optimistic and just visionary. It thinks BIG! Yet it manages to retain elegance and just sheer beauty.
I've to visit Madrid again. Really, you did an exquisitely superb job my friend! :yes: :eek:kay: If you were around here I would buy you a beer or two. :cheers2:

Take care and thank you so very much for this!
Great photos as usual DD!

Moncloa Tower looks kinda weird, but in a good way! I like it :)

@Ringil, DLL_4ever, Cobain: Thanks a lot, guys!

@Chileno: I didn't know my little thread would have such an impact on you, but I appreciate the comments and am looking forward to that beer (or two)! :cheers: By the way, there are still 2 more parts left.
Well hurry up and post them then! :)
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