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DD's Impressions of 2008

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Some pictures of the places I visited in 2008. Enjoy!

Georgetown, Colorado, USA. March, 2008.

New York, New York, USA. March, 2008.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA. March, 2008.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. March, 2008.

Baltimore, Maryland, USA. March, 2008.

Washington, D.C., USA. March, 2008.

Denver, Colorado, USA. May, 2008.

Seattle, Washington, USA. July, 2008.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA. September, 2008.

Concord, New Hampshire, USA. September, 2008.

More to come! Comments are welcome as always.
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Lovely mate - you sure got around! :)
^^ Thanks, FREKI, but this was only about one third.... :) What about you? Did you invade many new places in 2008 or was it a rather quiet year for you?
Portland, Maine, USA. September, 2008.

Augusta, Maine, USA. September, 2008.

Acadia National Park, Maine, USA. September, 2008.

Bar Harbor, Maine, USA. September, 2008.

Crawford Notch State Park, New Hampshire, USA. September, 2008.

Montpelier, Vermont, USA. September, 2008.

Hartford, Connecticut, USA. September, 2008.

Providence, Rhode Island, USA. September, 2008.

Alanya, Turkey. October, 2008.

Bornholm, Denmark. October, 2008.

Copenhagen, Denmark. October, 2008.

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A lot of great photos here, doesn't look like you ahve been lazy either in 2008!
Thank you, Þróndeimr! Yeah, it's been a busy year as usual. I wonder what 2009 will bring.
Miami Beach, Florida, USA. November, 2008.

Miami, Florida, USA. December, 2008.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. December, 2008.

Key West, Florida, USA. December, 2008.

Nashville, Tennessee, USA. December, 2008.

Birmingham, Alabama, USA. December, 2008.

Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. December, 2008.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, USA. December, 2008.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA. December, 2008.

Frankfort, Kentucky, USA. December, 2008.

Louisville, Kentucky, USA. December, 2008.

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Thank you DD :eat:

Beautiful pictures of beautiful places ... :)
You sure do get around!
I love those towns of New England - very nice and so are your pics.Any shots of Louisiania especially bayous btw?
Impressive! I always enjoy your show, DD!
Great pics, seems like you've been in almost every corner of the US! Love your skyline pics
@EDK_DK: Thanks, mate!

@El Greco: Thank you! No, sorry, I didn't make it to Louisiana this time around, but I'm planning on going there either this year or perhaps next year.

@staff: Thank you! And ditto! What happened to your amazing China threads? Did you run out of time (like me)?

@AtlanticaC5: Thanks! Yeah, only four more states to go now!

@sapmi: I try not to think about it... :)

Yes, I have too little time and too many photos (which keep piling up with all the new trips I make)! :)
So is there any state (or major city) in the US that u havent visited yet? :D

Wish i were you mate! :cheers2:
Awesome photos! :cheers2:
^^ Thanks, FREKI, but this was only about one third.... :)
Damn, your carbon footprint must be massive! :D

Nice new ones mate, thanks for sharing! :cheers1:
@Hviid: Thanks, mate! I just have four more states to go now! Also just four major cities (depending on what you include in the definition, of course).

@FREKI: You're welcome. You know, there are ways to offset your emissions, which I do sometimes.
@FREKI: You're welcome. You know, there are ways to offset your emissions, which I do sometimes.
Global warming is great - you won't hear from me - the warmer the better :D
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