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Decision regarding Moldova

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There's a debate regarding how should Moldova be integrated in the new Euroscrapers layout. Many proposals invole renaming this subforum. Here are the proposed solutions so far:

1) Leave the name as it is now (i.e. "Romania") and take no action regarding Moldova;
2) Leave the name as it is now (i.e. "Romania") and create a separate section in this subforum for Moldova for everything related to Moldova;
3) Rename this subforum to "Romanian" with a possible subtitle like "For all discussions in Romanian";
4) Rename this forum to "Romania & Moldova".

Please vote! If you choose "Other proposal" option don't forget to post whatever idea you might have.:cheers:
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I'll look after this thread :)
I think we should keep things as they are now because there aren't any forumers from Moldova, so there won't be many threads about the development of Moldova either (if Romanian forumers want to contribute to those threads they can go over to wherever the threads are now).

Bringing Moldova here will only generate endless (and probably pointless) discussions about politics.

Option #3 is almost a non-option because we are probably going to decide to use English for this section.
Option #3 is a sort of contingency option in case we don't get a section for Moldova nor do we leave everything as it is now and people start voting for the use of Romanian in that poll.:lol: It was a discussed option on the Staff forum, so I've included it here also.

The discussion regarding politics can be kept to a minimum though. Since they're an independent (cough!) country they should have a degree of separation from the other threads concerning Romania.
I think nr 2 for now...but if the section attracts a crowd, then we can rename it to "Romania and Moldova"
My proposal is to leave the title as it is but make a subtitle in Romanian language and it should say "Discussion in Romanian language". That way Moldovans should feel welcome, but Romania & Moldova is a bit too much especially now when there is no Moldovan forumers.
As Sbz2ifc pointed out, that would contradict our decision to use mainly English on this forum (see sticky poll). So yeah, it's is an option, but it's not the best option we have.
Well another idea is to name the forum Romania and have "Romania and Moldova" in the subtitle.
The problem I see with this proposal is that I think we do/can not contribute sufficiently for Moldova to have it's own section. As it is now, the thread attracts contributions not only from Romanians, but also from the Russian forumers and others. If we bring it into the Romanian subforum, I fear that everybody else will lose interest in the Moldova thread.

On the other hand, I feel that by bringing Moldova here and creating it's own section may generate more activity on this new section from the part of Romanians here.

So, in conclusion, if anybody here feels she/he can contribute enough to keep a Moldova subsection in the Romanian section live and active with posts at least at a weekly rate, then I think it's good to make a Moldova subsection here. If not, I think we should leave things as they are now.

The bottomline question is whether we can contribute enough? I vote after we can answer this question.

My answer is that I cannot contribute enough.
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I didn't contribute to those Moldova threads on EE/Balkans, so I can't contribute now either. I don't have the info, time or interest for contributing in regards to Moldova.

But I know some here have the info and interest to contribute.
Is it that much of a problem to have one or two threads about Moldova here? Really? Are you people so cold-hearted? :D
Giving them a section is just useless, as much make one for Luxembourg (who, btw, I have no idea where they should be, perhaps the belgian part as benelux?

Besides, it is not because the forum title is "In Romanian" that you will be forced to write in the language, sheesh, what is this mania to write only in english around all the new forums? It wont' kill nobody if people wrote in their native tongue, and we won't kick anyone just for writing in english, nobody will really care. The point of this section is that people will be free to write in any of the two languages. We forced you to write in english in the EE. If it's to have all of you continue to do so, as well delete all the 6 new forums and get everybody together again
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Is it that much of a problem to have one or two threads about Moldova here? Really? Are you people so cold-hearted? :D
Not a problem with me, though I'd still prefer having their section just for the sake of better organization.

what is this mania to write only in english around all the new forums?
What is this mania to write in our native tongue?:lol: We've decided to use mainly English, but anybody can use Romanian if they want. I don't see the problem with not embracing Romanian here or using bilingual titles and as long as we're not breaking any SSC rules, this is the way it's gonna stay.:cheers:
I vote for the Romania and Moldova option. (or at least a Moldova section within this forum and "Romania and Moldova" written in the Romania big threads' description)
I am OK with the current Moldova thread within the Romanian section, but I do not understand why the Chisinau [Projects and Construction] thread does not go in the appropriate subsection, together with the othher cities' threads? :cheers:
Sorry, Le Clerk, I missed that thread. Probably been recently moved here. I've fixed it - it's in P&C.:cheers: was just a bit confusing to me. Now, we should really post some stuff in those Moldova threads. :cheers:
Well since Moldova is part of Romania, we should just leave it. Now, Bessarabia is another matter lol. Just joking, lets just go with option number 1. If more Moldovan forumers pop up, then we can leave it to them whether to join us or leave (no political connotations lol). I would advice against the Romanian option (#3) though, cuz it would alienate many non-Romanian forumers who are interested in Romania. It's a pity how Romanians are divided becuase of stupid politics :(
Well since Moldova is part of Romania, we should just leave it.
I missed a part of the story it seems
You missed tonight's news, man! We've just invaded Moldova!:rock:
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