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It was ordered in 1968 and went up in operation in 1974, and then it had some problems. SMUD's original plan was to build three nuclear plants in Sacramento.

Rancho Seco broke down in December of 1985. And it was a very serious incident that, if it had occurred later, could have ruptured the pressure vessel there and caused a catastrophic nuclear accident. SMUD tried to hide the extent of the damage, and made commitments that it would have the plant back operating in two years.

The plant ended up coming back on the line in 1988. But, if you'll recall, in April of 1986 Chernobyl happened, and so then people got out and gathered signatures and in about four weeks, [even though] it was the Christmas holidays, gathered 50,000 signatures to qualify under the initiative proportion a vote, yes or no, on operating Rancho Seco.

Since it was SMUD's property, the voters' property, the voters are sovereign, they can decide whether to use or not use their own property. It was different than any other nuclear election because in every other case it was a takings issue, something that's owned by a private party. And then there's also federal preemption on regulating nuclear safety.

They spent $400 million repairing the plant, let's give it a test drive. Don't just throw that money down the drain. It's ready to run, it's brand new.

The existing cooling towers at Rancho Seco are 426 feet high and about 325 feet in diameter.

From 20 miles to the south from El Dorado Hills, Hwy 50.

16 miles away looking east off Hwy. 99.

Thanks for checking them out :hi:
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