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Hey guys, I didn't make a decent thread in a while and a photo thread in even longer. So now, since I feel like I owe the forumers some of my thousands of unshowcased photos, I put together this thread of November 2003 pics of some rarely seen parts of Manhattan - Garment District, Chelsea, and... well you saw the ESB before, nevermind.

Headin south from Port Authority Bus Terminal... most would head east to Midtown, but this time it's different

Here's the old gritty Garment District on 8th Avenue

Looking back at Westin on 42nd Street, the Times Square style tower that made it as far down as the 8th Avenue. As new towers come the area begins to look different, but a few years ago it was all grit.

The blue shit building and the art deco behind it are now gone as the ground is dug for New York Times Tower.

Navarre Building rising out of dark Garment District canyons

Probably the only angle from which this dumb building looks good

Old style grit one block to the north

Some real gritty stores right across from Madison Square Garden

ESB in the east

Damn, they should film Spiderman here

That New Yorker hotel

Moving south and west, the railyard that may lead to revitalization of the while neighborhood

This building stands on a platform above the railyard, just like the stadium is supposed to

Grit grit grit... old factories, abandoned High Line, etc. Time for the Jets Stadium redevelopment



The local heliport on the Hudson River

A really old but renovated warehouse or something

Right across the street is Starrett-Leigh Building, a skyscraper around which trucks drive around
Damn they knew how to build in those days

West 27th, still cobblestone

Just blocks away from Times Square's neon

Moving east, another reminder of the old days

The High Line running through the city blocks

Some major avenue to the east, forgot which one

I'll be very grateful if someone tells me which building this is

Damn this is cool

Under some building

One ugly and out of place motherfucker

Only urban grit fans like us will understand

Several blocks to the southeast, a flea market

Castles in the sky
One mile high
Built to shelter
The rich and greedy
Rows of eyes
In the window
Looking down
At the poor and the needy
- Grandmaster Flash

Moving down east, an even more exotic flea market

Getting closer to Madison Square area with its classic old office towers

Some nice Orthodox church

Ususlly our Orthodox churches look quite different, but hell, we ain't too picky around here

Finally here's Madison Square with a great but never completed WTB on the left and, IMO, the most half-assed WTB New York had on the right

Stairway to Heaven?

What kind of a Midtown South thread is it without Flatiron?

Park Avenue, my one and only (so far, at least) sold photo

One of the most original new buildings in town, Baruch College Academic Center


This one is too cool

Finally the East River. Queens on the other side

Our side, looking north


And to top it all off with a pic of the ESB at sunset
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