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here are my pictures from my drive up from delaware to buffalo a couple weeks ago. also included are pictures on the drive back down. sorry if some pictures are blurred or crooked; i took many from my car as i drove and it's hard to get a good picture at 85 mph.

the drive itself was alright; it went by faster than it normally feels. i couldn't go too fast because most of the roads are partrolled by state troopers (u.s. route 15, i-86, i-390 are the heavily patrolled areas), and so i usually didn't get up over 85 mph.

here is my route for anyone that wants to know the way i drive:
state route 41 out of delaware to gap, pennsylvania
short-cut on state route 741 to strasburg
u.s. route 30 from the strasburg area to the route 30/route 283 split
state route 283 from the lancaster area to the harrisburg area
i-283 to u.s. route 322
u.s. route 322 north through harrisburg (partial overlap with i-81)
cross the susquehanna river on u.s. route 322
u.s. route 15 from the u.s. route 322 intersection all the way to painted post, new york
i-86 west from painted post, new york to the i-86/i-390 split
i-390 north to exit 7
state route 408 into mt. morris, new york
state route 36 north to perry road
quick short-cut: perry road, connecting state route 36 north with u.s. route 20a west
u.s. route 20a west to east aurora
state route 400 north to buffalo

here are my pictures from the drive up. that friday was a gloomy day, so the pictures are pretty depressing.

amish country along state route 741 east of strasburg. in my opinion, this is the best road in the country to experience the amish lifestyle.

the main intersection in the town of strasburg.

looking south down the susquehanna river from where u.s. route 322 crosses the river.

the town of liverpool, pennsylvania.

a drive-in theater near the intersection of u.s. route 15 and state route 54 about 10 or 15 miles south of williamsport, pennsylvania.

another picture of the drive-in theater. this theater still functions, and is open in the summer.

a picture from the scenic overlook at eagle pass (elevation 1083 ft), just southwest of williamsport. visibility was bad; i was driving in rain, fog, and low clouds the entire way.

another picture from eagle pass.

a mountain top near eagle pass.

part of downtown williamsport. i bypassed my exit to drive around in williamsport for a few minutes.

a shopping area in williamsport.

looking south across the susquehanna river at the mountains from the access road alongside u.s. route 15.

a mountain north of williamsport in lycoming county along route 15.

a moutnain near the town of tioga, in tioga county, pennsylvania.

a picture form a scenic overlook just south of exit 2 on interstate 390 in western new york.

another picture from the scenic overlook near exit 2 on i-390.

pictures from my drive back will come later. it was a beautiful clear day that day, so the pictures are much nicer.

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YOU TOTALLY TOOK THE SAME ROUTE WE DO!!! That shot of Liverpool is always a landmark on our drive up to Rochester, as is the not-pictured Wegmans in DT Williamsport (I really like that little city).

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here are the pictures from the drive back.

looking east towards the mountains near the town of wales.

a tree stump carving of an elephant at a farmhouse along u.s. route 20a. there are a lot of tree stump carvings along route 20a and in these rural areas of western new york.

looking east towards another mountain.

looking towards a valley near the intersection of u.s. route 20a and state route 98.

a road disappears into the woods in the township of orangeville.

another tree stump carving just west of warsaw, this one of a bear.

a view of the mountains just east of warsaw.

another picture of the view as u.s. route 20a approaches state route 39.

the view from i-390 southbound just south of mount morris.

another picture from i-290 just south of mount morris.

one more picture from i-390 just south of mount morris.

a picture from i-86 near the town of bath.

the new york-pennsylvania border on u.s. route 15 in the town of lawrenceville, pennsylvania. interstate 99 is being built nearby, so i won't be passing through this town for much longer.

building one side of future interstate 99 just north of the town of tioga. the road is currently u.s. route 15, and the future southbound lanes function as both directions for u.s. route 15.

the town of tioga from the welcome center on u.s. route 15.

a close-up of tioga.

looking a little south towards the hammond reservoir.

looking west into the mountains. the tioga river is in the foreground, tamed by the reservoir and levees.

looking up at the top of a mountain near tioga. some radio towers sit atop the mountain. my cell phone reception was terrible in the area, so those towers don't do too much good right now.

looking east towards the town of mansfield from u.s. route 15.

the moutains south of mansfield, near the town of liberty.

a view of the mountains from route 15.

another view of the scenery, this just north of williamsport.

bowman field in williamsport, home of the williamsport crosscutters. bowman field is one of the oldest stadiums in professional baseball, dating back to 1926.

a coal plant of factory or something in the town of shamokin dam. this plant is located near a mcdonald's in the town along route 15, and so as a kid while driving up to buffalo, we knew it was time for a bathroom break, a quick breakfast snack, and a chance to play on the jungle gym at the mcdonald's for a while.

some mountains in central pennsylvania south of the town of selinsgrove.

more mountains along the susquehanna river.

looking north from u.s. route 322 as it crosses the susquehanna river.

farmland just east of harrisburg along state route 283.

farmland near the town of elizabethtown along state route 283.

farmland as state route 283 approaches lancaster.

dutch wonderland, an amusement park for small kids on u.s. route 30 on the fringes of lancaster. i remember going here many times as a kid.

farmland along state route 896 just north of the town of strasburg.

a nice little house in the town of strasburg.

farmland along state route 741. route 741, in my opinion, is the absolute best road for experiencing amish country. almost all of the farms along the road are amish farms, and you see a lot of amish stuff, like one-room schoolhouses, tobacco leaves drying in barns, roadside stands were amish women sell produce and quilts, horse buggies, kids riding scooters as transportation, horses and mules plowing fields, etc.

a farm on state route 741 east of strasburg.

more farmland along state route 741. at the right, you can kind fo make out an amish farmer plowing his field with mules.

an amish buggy along the road. when the coast is clear, you can go around them just like you would a bicyclist or jogger.

more farmland along route 741.

more farmland. this might be an outhouse in the picture. either that, or some type of school bus stop for a non-amish family.

more farmland along state route 741.

the gap town clock in the town of gap. the town of gap is at the intersection of state route 41 and u.s. route 30. route 41 is known as the newport-gap pike in delaware and the gap-newport pike in pennsylvania, because the old toll road has connected the two towns since it was created almost two hundred years ago. also in the town of gap is the start of state route 741, which is a little detour my family takes when driving to buffalo, lancaster, or anywhere in that northwest direction.

a muchroom farm near the delaware border south of the town of avondale.


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Molo said:
95% of the country looks like this.
There's no need to ever (and I do mean ever) post pictures like this again. Pheh
stfu. if you think this is a stupid thread, you shouldn't have bumped it to the top by posting a reply.

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BuffCity said:
if you don't like the countryside, you need to get out of the street and into the park....CHUMP. :eek2:
Agreed, its always nice to see wide, open areas of pristene coutryside and wilderness that aren't cluttered up with Wal-mart's, McMansions, and other man-made crap with the exception of a few modest houses; just how god intended it to be. Very nice pictures from a beautiful part of the country :)

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^^AMEN. And personaly; I think that Upstate NY and Western/Central PA has some of the most beautiful countryside you can find; especialy in Summer and Fall.

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^ I concur with that all the way. I remember my long 280 mile bicycle trip from Stratford to Rochester, it's beautiful! The NE states, including Pennsylvania and New York, is beautiful, I'd love to live there myself, I think it would be quite enjoyable, having great cities not too far away. The I-79 trip south to Pittsburgh from Erie is quite nice. I like the countryside here better than Ontario's, it's been around longer, the trees are more mature, more historic homes and neighborhoods. I could have easily got Western NY confused with the Muskoka region of Ontario, and a lot more peaceful, too.

Great pics and a great tour, xzmattzx!

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Oh yeah, that's right, I'm here to see skyscrapers of corn.
Maybe the great architecture of endless fields of crab grass?
The development of wheat is fascinating?

And Buff, I do like the countryside when its sold to developers.
My comments were made jokingly hockenberry.
How about getting over yourself, it was a jokey opinion, satire if you will.

Also, jmancuso, I guess "kiss my honey ass" is inviting, since you didn't reply to that. Jeeezowheeez.

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Jaybird said:
The I-79 trip south to Pittsburgh from Erie is quite nice.
I thought it was boring BUT (disclaimer) it was about 4-6am Erie-Pitt and 6-8pm Pitt-Erie in the winter, so of course I wouldn't see anything. Nice, quick drive though.

Good thread.
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