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bethany beach is a coastal town just south of indian river inlet, a small opening connecting indian river bay and rehoboth bay with the atlantic ocean. bethany beach is one of thr more quiet beach towns in delaware, as compared to more popular and more hip towns like rehoboth beach and dewey beach.

bethany beach was founded by members of the christian church, also known as the disciples of christ. this church had members in the washington, dc area, as well as in pennsylvania. the town was founded not for the sake of having a town there, but to give a place for the disciples of christ to assemble and relax along the ocean.

if you would like to see the beach from the bethany beach web cam, CLICK HERE.

looking north up the beach from near maplewood street.

looking south from the beach near maplewood street. the seas colony, a set of high-rise condos next to the beach, are in the background.

looking south down atlantic avenue towards sea colony.

some small beach houses on maplewood street.

some beach houses on wellington parkway.

looking north up the boardwalk from near the southern end of the boardwalk, by oakwood street.

looking towards the central area of bethany beach from the beach.

looking at the center of bethany beach from the beach. garfield parkway is the center of the town, and is your typical beach town's main street.

some shops at the corner of atlantic avenue and garfield parkway. a beach fries shop is on the corner, with a salt water taffy shop to the right of it.

looking west down garfield parkway. most of the stores along garfield parkway sell typical beach stuff: fudge, hot dogs and beach fries, boogieboards, board shorts and bathing suits, etc.

bethany surf shop, a popular place to get board shorts and bathing suits.

some beach houses on central blvd.

looking north up atlantic avenue at beach houses.

beach houses along campbell place.

a beach house is nestled in the sand dunes on the beach.

looking north up the beach at the north end of the town.

some beach houses near the corner of 5th street and atlantic avenue.


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Sea Colony always seems way out of place for me, even though it sort of around the bend and out of town. Good pictures, I've seen most of those places before, though usually we 'station' in S. Bethany.
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