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dewey beach is a small town just south of rehoboth beach, and just north of delaware seashore state park and the indian river inlet.

dewey beach is the "hippest" of the beach towns in delaware. many teenagers and college kids prefer to lifeguard here over other towns, and dewey beach is generally more bustling with young people than the other beach communities. in short, dewey beach is the biggest party town on delaware's coast.

dewey beach is considered to be one of the best sites on the entire east coast for skimboarding. many skimboarders list only florida beaches as better skimboarding sites on the atlantic seaboard.

some condos on bellevue street, just 25 yards from the beach.

a condo with some small palm trees in front, sitting a few feet from the sand dunes.

looking north up the beach. rehoboth beach can be seen in the distance.

bottle & cork bar, called "the greatest rock and roll bar in the world". many world-class musicians have done shows for patrons, including many free shows. artists who have come to bottle & cork include

looking east down new orleans street from state route 1. dewey beach is a small town; it's only 2 blocks wide, with one block on each side of th main road, which is state route 1.

the starboard, another famous bar in dewey beach. men's journal recently named the starboard one of the 25 best bars in the united states, and the starboard has been named to top 25 national lists in the past. the starboard is only 1 block up the main road from world-famous bottle & cork and only a couple of blocks away from other famous bars, making dewey beach an absolutely great place to bar crawl.

looking west down new orleans street towards rehoboth bay from state route 1. state route 1 is the only north/south road in dewey beach.

i believe this is a community building for rehoboth-by-the-sea, sitting at the split between state route 1 and state route 1b. rehoboth-by-the-sea is a small neighborhood connecting dewey beach and rehoboth beach.

a beach house on west street.

a beach house a block inland, located on cullen street.

a couple beach houses on cullen street.

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