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i'm taking ex-ithacan's idea of pennsylvania towns. by the way, when are you going to do new york towns, ex-ithacan? i would like to see pictures from some of the towns in the new york countryside, such as batavia, cooperstown, geneva, cortland, watertown, etc.

port penn

port penn was founded in 1763 by david stewart. stewart imagined that port penn would rival philadelphia in size, due to the location for a good harbor, which was sheltered and deep water. port penn grew with it's seasonal hunting. waterfowl were unted in the fall, herring in the spring, sturgeon fishing in the summer, and muskrat hunting in the winter.

here's a picture from the reedy point bridge. you can see the delaware river and new jersey on the other side of the river.

another picture from the bridge. you can see reedy point on the delaware side of the river, and right next to that is the eastern end of the chesapeake & delaware canal. the c&d canal was supposed to make for faster travel between baltimore & washington and wilmington & philadelphia. the canal was originally like the erie canal, with mules pulling little barges. the canal was widened to accomodate for ships, and went obsolete when ships got too big to fit in them. now, the canal is pretty much just for pleasure.

market street, the main road in port penn. infact, it's almost the only road in port penn. port penn is pretty much just a collection of houses where state route 9 make a couple turns. there are a few side roads, but that's it. this picture is taken at one of the intersections where route 9 turns.

port penn is located right next to augustine wildlife refuge. from the refuge, and from many places along the river, you can see the nuclear plant located near salem, new jersey.

a picture from augustine wildlife refuge. you can see reedy island out in the delaware river. augustine wildlife refuge is a pretty nice place. i saw a variety of birds and other animals, such as herons, sea gulls, orioles, hummingbirds, box turtles, frogs, and watersnakes.

looking at port penn down market street in the other direction. state route 9 turns right (on the left side of the picture), out of port penn.

the hubbs house. the hubbs house was a mail-order house, pruchased from sear, roebuck, & co's mail order catalog. the parts were shipped to delaware city, then taken by wagons to port penn. it was constructed in 1915.

the cleaver house is in the middle of the picture. the cleavers were a wealthy merchant family located in port penn.

a clear picture of the nuclear plant in new jersey.

the stewart house on stewart street in port penn. i'm guessing this is where david stewart lived. looks like the house needs to be restored.

a picture of the marshland near the reedy point bridge. you can really see a blue heron in the middle of the picture. it's a little blurry because my camera focused on all the damn bugs that were flying around.

another blue heron. you can easily see where it is this time.

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