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rehoboth beach got its beginning as a beach community in 1872 when rev robert todd went to cape may for an illness and came back healthy and vibrant. seeing how the salty ocean air helped sooth his illnesses, he planned on starting his own beach camp for the members of his church, st. paul methodist episcopal church in wilmington, and for methodists in general. in 1873, he bought land in the area and founded the "rehoboth camp meeting association". in 1881, the camp disbanded, and in 1891, delaware incorporated the town and named it "henlopen city". the town was later renamed rehoboth beach.

rehoboth beach is known as "the nation's summer capital" for various reasons. first is because rehoboth beach was considered to be the premier place to go to the beach on the east coast. the first beauty pageant was held in rehoboth beach, and the winner was crowned "miss united states". this beauty pageant later evolved into the miss america pageant. the second reason for rehoboth beach's distinction as "the nation's summer capital" is because of the large number of influential people from washington, dc that would come and still come to rehoboth beach to relax. senators and congressmen from several states have been known to spend weekends in the town, as well as lawyers, lobbyists, administrators, and government officials.

rehoboth beach is also known as a gay destination. six or seven years ago, rehoboth beach was named one of the "5 best gay desinations", along with san francisco, provincetown in massachusetts, greenwich village in new york city, and south beach in miami.

rehoboth beach is probably the main town of the beach towns in sussex county. many outlet malls are inland from the town, and the area functions much like a downtown for a city or metro area.

if you would like to see the boardwalk from the town webcam, click here.

some houses on grove street a little ways inland.

the boardwalk, near the terminus of rehoboth avenue (the main road in rehoboth beach). three delaware institutions are visible in this picture: grotto's pizza, candy kitchen (a fudge and salt-water taffy place), and dolle's (another fudge and salt-water taffy place).

the end of rehoboth avenue, where it intersects with the boardwalk. construction is going on now to make it look even nicer for the summer.

looking up the boardwalk from near rehoboth avenue. another grotto's pizza is in the foreground. one thing i found strange and funny is that there are three grotto's pizza restaurants within 100 feet of each other, all in the rehoboth avenue/boardwalk intersection area.

looking at some beachside hotels and condos from the beach.

a breakwater juts out from the beach, in an attempt to prevent beach erosion.

looking south down the boardwalk.

some shops on rehoboth avenue. included here is another grotto's pizza.

some stores along rehoboth avenue near the boardwalk.

some more stores on rehoboth avenue.

some stores on wilmington avenue, the next street over from rehoboth avenue.

penny lane mall, a small alleyway turned into a string of shops.

looking at the boardwalk from the beach. in the foreground is funland, a popular and famous arcade.

star of the sea, a high-rise on the beach.

looking north up the boardwalk from funland.

looking down penny lane at some shops.

the dogfish head brewery, on rehoboth avenue. dogfish head was won awards around the country for being the best microbrewery in the united states.

a bed & breakfast on lake avenue.

some little shops on lake avenue.

some beach houses inland on kent street.

more beach houses on kent street.

a replica of the cape henlopen lighthouse sits in the middle of a circle at rehoboth avenue and grove street.

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