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Every year, the Winterthur Country Home & Estate hosts a Point-to-Point race, a type of horse race that takes place for hunting horses. The Point-to-Point is a big draw, and Delaware's cultural elite come out in force to see and be seen. There is usually a national celebrity on hand as a guest of one of the millionaires. "Commoners" also come out in big crowds, to tailgate, bring their families, and watch some old-time horse racing.

This year's Point-to-Point was held on Sunday, May 7. I tailgated with some friends on the onlooker's hill. The tailgating spot cost around $3,000 and there ended up being around 20 of us. I had to leave before the 5th and final race, but I took pictures while I was there.

The day is not all about horses. On a hill is a display of Rolls Royces and Bentleys that are owned by the elite of Delaware and by a couple elite from nearby areas in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The first event of the day was the stick horse races for the kids to compete in.

The crowd starts to grow as the events begin in the late morning.

The pony races are the first real races of the day. The ponies are ridden by kids who horseback ride for sport. This kid won the first pony race.

Another pony race.

The lead ponies come around the bend.

Racing down a straight-away.

Racing up the hill.

Between the pony races and the horse races is the parade of carriages. These carriages are owned by the elite of Delaware and the surrounding area, and members dress up to show off their ride. Whenever a celebrity is on hand for Point-to-Point, they usually ride on one of the carriages.

The first horse race is getting ready to start. The horses walk around before the race.

Getting ready.

One of the

The Winner's Circle.

The horses are racing on the other side of the hill.

The horses crest the hill.

The horses come down the hill.

The horses come around the bend.

Past the Winner's Circle.

Up the hill.

On the other side of the hill.

The horses come down the hill.

'Round the bend.

Past the crowd.

More horses come onto the track for a later race.

The horses have their pregame parade circle.

Getting ready for the race.

Lining up.

They're off.

The horses race on as the crowd watches from the hill.

Before I left, I went to the Winterthur gardens for some nature photos. Here are scenes from the gardens.

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