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Demande de renseignements

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Salut les Toulousains :)
Sur la section internationale Urban showcase, mexmatt, un forumeur mexicain qui doit venir jouer de la musique avec son groupe le 30 mai, me demande quelques renseignements.
Je n'ai pas de réponses à toutes ses questions. Si vous pouviez lui répondre en anglais ou en espagnol, ce serait cool ;)
Je vais le rediriger vers ce fil.

Merci !

Pistolero, I wonder if you could help me out: I am a member of a string quartet from Mexico City (Cuarteto de Bellas Artes) and we'll be playing a concert in Toulouse this coming May 30. I need some general information:

What do you think the climate will be like in the first week of June? Will light clothing be all right?

You say the city (being so far South) almost feels "Spanish". Does that mean that people won't have any problem understanding me if I speak "en español"? Ma fraçaise c'est une chose catastrophique! I would far prefer español ou anglais.
When I've been in Provence (Arles, etc.) I haven't had any problem with speaking Spanish, but I just wanted to make sure.

Also, the venue where we're scheduled to play our concert is called the Salle Capitulaire de Toulouse; Casa Universitaria Franco-Mexicana (or maybe that's Maison Universitaire Franco-Mexicain.) It almost sounds like a student residence to me, but I can't be sure. In the Google Earth photo, is it the University on the left side, or the one that's closer to the Cathedral? I haven't been able to find any photos of it, to have an idea of what the hall might look like, how big it is, or--especially--what kind of acoustics it might have. Do you know anything about it?

The hotel where they're putting us (just one night, unfortunately) is called the Albert Ier and it's on the Rue Rivals. I checked their website and it looks OK, but then sometimes it's hard to tell what a hotel is REALLY like from a commercial website. Is 31000 considered a good neighborhood, nice restaurants nearby, etc.?

I know these are a lot of questions but I'd really appreciate if you could answer them. And of course, consider this an open invitation to our concert on May 30 at 19 hrs.
Merci beaucoup!
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Hello mexmatt,

First the hostel : no problem, it is a very good neighborhood. you can find many very good restaurants nearby : try the "JGO" for example.
The "capitole" is the center of the city, like the Zocalo in mexico... but nicer for me ^^
The weather should be ok for light clothing, but this year the weather is not ok, many rains !

You should speak spanish and english ; not everybody speak well, but you will find !

Des informations pour les "francais" :

PS : i've visited Mexico city and Yucatan : big love !!! ^^
Thanks to the link provided by cebe, I found more information about the salle capitulaire (15 rue des lois) : it is the former chapter house of the Cordeliers convent, a franciscan convent destroyed in the 19th century.
I've found an old picture of this salle capitulaire, I have no idea of its acoustic:

And here is a google earth's map, where the green plot is your hotel and the red one the "salle capitulaire" where you will play :
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Thanks for all the information! Looks like the Salle Capitulaire might have a "loud" acoustic, with all those high columns and bricks. At least now I have an idea.

Once again: anyone in Toulouse who'd like to come to my concert (30 May, 19 hrs.) is very welcome! It will be a mixture of Mexican string quartet music of different eras (1889-1997!) with "international" pieces by Joaquín Turina and Nino Rota.
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