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I decided to repost some of my photps from around Danish cities, since most people here probably never visits the Scandinavian & Baltic section (where I spend most of my time here;) ). Some of the threads have also been deleted in the mainwhile. I'll show you 4 Danish cities/towns I have photographed. I've keep descriptions from old threads, and tried to adjust them, but maybe a few are outdated. The last part about "Herning" doesn't have any descriptions, so feel free to ask if you have any questions:)

Let's get started:


Population: Approx: 500.000 in city, 1.800.000 in metro.

Starting in "Nyhavn", like always packed with people when the sun is shining:

"Vor Frelsers Kirke":

The new Opera House (soon to be completed at the time of the photo). This is the same architect as the Ferring Building:

"Control Tower" from Knippelsbro:

"Christians Kirke":

"Vor Frelsers Kirke" again. It turned out that this one is open to the public (I've never known that), but unfortunately we came 20 minutes after they closed :bash: Will surely have to go there next time I'm in Copenhagen:

Radisson Scandinavia, 2nd tallest in the city:

The Black Diamond, with the spires of Christiansborg and Nicolejs Kirke in the back:

"Europa Huset", currently empty, soon to be conveted into a youth hostel (used to be offices):

Nykredit Building, with the Europa Huset reflecting in the facade:

New modern office building close to the Radisson Scandinavia:

The Ferring building:

And finally futher back, a new highrise under construction close to the Ferring Building (getting a bit dark):

Some photos from an earlier trip:

Hilton Hotel close to the airport:

The Ferring building in Ørestaden:

Converted silo in the harbour:

The City Hall square:

The main train station:


Population: Approx: 292.000

Looking north towards the harbour from Marselisborg Marina:

Marselisborg Marina (urfortunately it's a little bit early to get any sailing boat photos):

Looking north towards the harbour (yack:rant: ) on the way back to the city:

Buildings on Strandvejen:

Close-up view of the soon to be completed KPMG Huset (next to Bruun's Galleri shoping center)

The top of "Vor Frue" church:

The chuch itself with the city hall tower in the background:

The newly renovated "Clemensborg" on Clemens Torv. The old building was torn down except the facade whcih was used i the new building. Today it's a small shopping center:

View towars the Magasin store:

King Christian X in front of the cathedral:

Top of the cathedral (96 m.):

The cathedral tower:

The backside of the cathedral:

View towards Store Torv:

Love this next one, the top of Århus Theater:) :

Sign in front of a restaurent/small brwery:

Back close to the harbour, here's the buildings that face the northern part of it:

One of the huge Maersk container ships (Århus is the largest container port in Denmark):

Looking towards the city from a pier:

More harbourfront buildings:

Moving back into the city towards the university, looking back down "Nørrebrogade":

And finally Skt. Johannes Kirke behind the Municipality Hospital, I've never seen this building before, heh:

(Originally part two of the århus tour):

First a "bonus" photo taking while I was waiting for the bus. This is not a part of the "tour". It's more to the west than you can see on the map. It's another shopping center with about 70 shops (located a few hundred meters from where I used to live):

Let's get going with the tour, first we have Prismet as most of you have probably seen before:

Walking towards Mølleparken along Århus Å:


Lion in front of the Department of Justice:

Top of the same building:

And the building itself:

The new artmuseum ARoS, it's opened on April 7th 2004:

A statue in the pedestrian street:


More Clemensborg photos, first we have 3 exteriour photos:

Moving inside, appearently there's still some construction going on in there:

Moving outside again, here's a few of the café's next to "Åen"

Old houses at Klostergade:

The old firestation at Ny Munkegade (still in use):

A closer view of the tower:

Looking back down Ny/Gammel Munkegade:

Next 3 photos shows typical buildings of the northern part of the innner city:

Finally reacing the Botanical Garden and Den Gamle By (The old Town), a outdoor historical museum:

Old Windmill in the park surrounding the museum:

A funny Garbage frog:)


Population: Approx: 63.000

And now the photos, first we have Koldinghus:

And some views from the tower:

Some highrises in the lower right corner. The tallest of these had a fire the other day. One died:

Inside Koldinghus:

Chuch in central Kolding, and then some random places:

Herning (Where I live now)

Population: Approx: 59.000

That's it for now, hope it wasn't too long. There are some Denmark related links in my signature should you be interested. :)

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Thanks for all the pics and captions. It's a much more thorough view of the country than the usual close skyline pics we see of most places.

I was surprised by how rural much of the country seemed. Very clean and pristine looking with an interesting mix of the old and the modern.

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As usual, awesome pictures mlm :applause:
Even though I've seen most of these pictures before, I still cant get enough of them :)
BTW, Herning looks like an awesome city ... beautiful nature.. and lots of trees.. i like that! :)

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Thanx for all the nice words guys. :)

Urban Dave said:
Mikael! Great shots!!!!!! Wich lenses are you using with your 300D???
Most of these shots are with my Canon 28-135 IS and my Sigma 18-50, and a few with my Sigma 70-300 APO. The 18-50 isn't exactly the sharpest lens on earth, but it'll have to do until can afford something better. Congratz with your new camera yourself. :)
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