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great video, they couldve worked a bit with it
and made this their official video, the aerial shot at the end is great,
too bad the resolution is so bad on it,
and there should have been better views of newyork from there,
and some shots from their pov wouldve been nice
but overall really, really makes me miss the twin towers,
i was up there on the roof in 1997,
thanks i didnt know that they did this video,
quite shocking, i feel old now :)

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Interesting. The official music video for this song was much better IMO, but this was pretty neat.

You can't really do much standing arounda promenade. They could've done more interesting angles of all the band members with cooler views of New York.

But most importantly, they could've chosen a nice Spring day to take instead of what looks like a hazy summer day. New York looks so hazy in that video.

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the song seems to convey the mood and feeling that the WTC twins convey to its immediate context. the WTC observation deck's a fitting place to stage a music video for it.
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