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deranged GTC 196

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Country: Russia
City: Kazan

- First, guess the country (1 point).
- Afterwards, guess the city (3 points).
- 3 guesses per post. You can post again, but only after I've replied to previous guesses.
- If you know the correct answer, go ahead and post it!

Good luck! :)

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Looks very Eastern/Northern European

Poland, Sweden, Ukraine
Keep guessing...

EDIT: posted a few seconds too late.
China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan?
1 point for you. :carrot:

EDIT: My mistake, this city is actually in RUSSIA.
I'm sorry, I've made a silly mistake. :bash: I mixed up the filenames and solutions for 2 images. This city is actually in Russia.

Belarus, Russia?
1 point for you. :carrot:

bestkub also keeps his 1 point.

Now for the city...

Hint: city population is above 500,000.
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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