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deranged GTC 200

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Country: Lithuania
City: Kretinga

- First, guess the country (1 point).
- Afterwards, guess the city (3 points).
- 3 guesses per post. You can post again, but only after I've replied to previous guesses.
- If you know the correct answer, go ahead and post it!

Good luck! :)

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Germany, Switzerland, France
Keep guessing...
beligium, luxembourg, latvia
slovakia, lithuania, russia
slovakia, lithuania, russia
1 point for you. :pepper:

Now for the city...
Palanga, Marijampole, Siauliai?
Panevezys, Birzai, Jonava?
Keep guessing...
Mazeikiai, Jurbarkas, Kedainiai
Alytus, Utena, Taurage?
Sorry, no.

Hint: in the western half of the country.
Telsiai, Silute, Kretinga?
Telsiai, Silute, Kretinga?
3 points for you... :banana2:
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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