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deranged GTC 214

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Country: Australia
City: ???

- First, guess the country (1 point).
- Afterwards, guess the city (3 points).
- 3 guesses per post. You can post again, but only after I've replied to previous guesses.
- If you know the correct answer, go ahead and post it!

Good luck! :)

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Why is there already the Country? I don't think it's MX anyway :)

Italy, France, Portugal
Sorry, I was copying the first post text from an existing thread into this new thread and forgot to change it back to question marks. ;)

Anyway, it's not Mexico, and keep guessing...
I see... last guesses, then I have to leave. Guests coming and I have to cook :)

Switzerland (we used to love this Neogothic architecture), USA, Canada
^^ Sorry, no. And :goodbye:

(Edit: what a terrible "goodbye" smiley!)
India, Turkey, S. Korea?
australia, nz, uk?
australia, nz, uk?
1 point for you. :cucumber:

Now for the city...
Cairns, Canberra, Perth?

Hint: in the eastern half of Australia.
Maryborough, Newcastle, Brisbane?
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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