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stop calling it "westfield"! it's so corporate it's cringeworthy.

the eagle centre in derby looks absolutely shocking. i am taken aback at the sight of those photos, dan. is this the same westfield doing broadmarsh? god i hope not. (i know it is really).

nothing positive to say about that at all - it's really, really grim. total lack of thought in the design, with no respect for the public, pedestrians, or the city of Derby itself. i pretty much never go to Derby, but when i do, i'll gob on the new eagle centre. that's about all it looks good for. makes you wonder if Westfield are aware of how awful Collin Street/ Broadmarsh really is....

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Derby Pics Post

Hi all,
Super Derby here (aka Chris) been reading Skyscraper for months now and decided to finally sign up and get posting. I will be posting in here alot as I have lived in Derby all my life and always have been intrested in the city's new developments and
in the city's history as well.
I've got thousands of pics of the city many of which I shall share on here.
Anyway heres a few pics to get you started.

Derby Uni being reglazed (Jan 09) and snowy Derby (last Monday)[email protected]/3261531888/[email protected]/3261532006/[email protected]/3261532136/[email protected]/3260704751/[email protected]/3260704311/[email protected]/3260702465/[email protected]/3260702553/[email protected]/3260702703/[email protected]/3260702843/[email protected]/3261530470/[email protected]/3261530624/[email protected]/3261530762/[email protected]/3260703323/[email protected]/3260703421/[email protected]/3260703549/[email protected]/3261531314/[email protected]/3260703825/[email protected]/3260703991/[email protected]/3260701589/[email protected]/3261529144/[email protected]/3260701799/[email protected]/3261529360/[email protected]/3260701995/[email protected]/3261529678/

Whilst in Alvaston Stocker Flats are being demolished (last Tuesday)[email protected]/3261529574/

and if that wasn't enough

Preparations for new paving in Market Place have begun[email protected]/3260704129/

and a couple of Riverlights (taken last Monday)[email protected]/3260702703/[email protected]/3260702843/

Hope you like the pics will post more pics soon.
Super Derby.

ps pics are only small as trying to post as many pics as possible
without going over flickr monthly limit lol.

Get posting your Derby pics, past and present now:):):):):):):)

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