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We invite you to a journey of unbridled joy and beauty. From the mountains of the Himalayas and the Karakorum, to the rich hospitality of Lahore and the breathtakingly stark beauty of the Thar Desert. Pakistan offers you a spectrum of experiences that will leave you breathless.
Our rich culture emanates from the ancient Indus and Gandhara civilizations while our traditions can be traced back to Muslim, Buddhist and Central Asian influences.
Immerse yourself in the colours of our country’s illustrious heritage! There is great pride in our handicrafts which hark back to the beginning of civilization for inspiration. Each region of the country has an art of its own, alluding to the richness of our history.
This year, embrace the true essence of beauty and experience adventure like never before. From white water rafting in the mighty Indus, and mountaineering in the highest mountains of the world to desert safaris through the Thar and Cholistan deserts, Pakistan takes adventure to the extreme.
The rich hospitality of our heartland will take your culinary experience to another level. Pakistan’s love for food is unparalleled and its ethnic cuisine a sumptuously delicate blend of flavours and spices.


Musharraf Ka Danda!
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This year, be apart of the grandeur and romance that inhabit this illustrious nation - we call Pakistan. A nation that is so rich and diverse that it will leave you an experience, to treasure forever. Come and explore, as we celebrate its existence, through a series of events, which are guaranteed to reveal the true colours of Pakistan.
Pakistan is a country of vibrant festivals and exciting activities. From its traditional "Mela's" to diversified festivals like, the Thar Desert Festival, the Festival of Performing Arts, the Kara Film Festival, Pakistan is equipped with all the right ingredients. These exciting and innovative landscapes of festivals and events will leave you mesmerized.
In 2007, paint yourself with the colours of Pakistan, and immerse yourself in its royal traditions.

December 2006

15th December; Inaugural Ceremony, Islamabad with Cultural show
January 2007

14th; Lahore Marathon
An exciting sporting experience, in the historic city of the great Mughal Emperors
15th - 21st; Pakistan Tourism Fair, Lahore
Learn more about Pakistan
17th - 18th; Competition of Brass Band by Pakistan Armed Forces
Experience Music in the Military Style, Lahore
February 2007

4th - 5th; Sibi Mela
An event portraying the rich Baluch culture
10th - 15th; National Skiing Championship, Malam Jabba
One of the best Ski-resorts in South Asia
16th - 18th; Thar Desert Festival (and marathon) with cultural programme at Umarkot Fort, Sindh.
A celebration among the dunes
18th - 23rd; Jashan-e-Baharan (Spring Festival)
March 2007

2nd - 12th; International Extreme Skiing [ Free Ride ] Competition at Naran
8th - 10th; 3rd Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally with cultural event
Explore the breathtaking desert panorama of Cholistan, on 4-wheels
8th - 9th; Channan Pir Festival (Including Camel Safari)
15th; Mehrgarh Conference, QuettaDiscover the connection with a 9,000 year old settlement
15th - 20th; Spring Blossom Festival, Northern Areas Nature at as best enroote to K-2
23th - 25st; Tour of Islamabad - Cycle Race
A thrilling cycle race
26th - 31st Gandhara Week with Sound and Light show at Taxila
Historical Review of the Buddhist Civilization Sound & Light Show Taxila
April 2007

1st - 10th; International Youth Performing Arts Festival at Lahore
11th - 14th; Baisakhi (Hasan Abdal)
A spring festival of the sikh Community
12th - 13th; Baisakhi Mela (Festival Sakhi Sarwar)
13th - 20th; International Mystic Music Festival, Lahore
25th - 27th; 49th meeting of UN WTO, CSA and CAP
27th - 29th; Train Safari - Khewra Salt Mines with a Cultural Program
A railway journey through the incredible Salt Mines
May 2007

11th-15th; Chitral and Kalash Festival
A culture mix of celebrations
16th-21st; White Water Rafting, Azad Kashmir
A gripping experience

25th - 27th; SAARC Tourism Mart, Karachi
June 2007

9th; Golden Jubilee Celebrations of First Ascent of Board Peak (8047m)
15th June - 15th July; Pakistan Women Kushek Training/Expedition, Hunza
Building the spirits and exploring exotic destinations
15th June - 30th August; Pakistan Board Peak Golden Jubilee Expedition
Be apart of the celebrations for the completion of the 50 years of climbing the Board Peak in 1956-7
22th - 29th; Shogran Festival
A colourful cultural event in the lap of Himalayas
25th - 27th; Hunza Festival & The Tourism Convention
July 2007

7th - 9th; Shandur Polo Festival (Chitral - Gilgit) with Festival at Kalash
Polo at the roof of the world
10th - 15th; Karakorum Car Rally
Adventure at its Peak
15th - 17th; Broghil Festival
23rd - 28th; Mountain Marathon (AJK - Kaghan)
August 2007

12th - 14th; Freedom Jeep Rally, Gaddani Beach, Baluchistan
14th; 60th Independence Day Celebrations
23th - 24th; Mahodand Mountain Jeep Safari to the source of river Swat (9000m above sea level)
September 2007

1st - 6th; Silk Road Festival, Northern Areas
Set foot on the everlasting and famous road link between Pakistan and China
1st - 3rd; International Mountain Marathon, Hunza
The ecstasy of adventure, amongst the snow-capped mountains
3rd - 6th; Sufi Festival at Sehwan Sharif
At the Shrine of the great sufi Saint Lal Shahbaz Qalandar
7th - 9th; International Mountain Bike Race, Kaghan
An enthralling sense of competition
10th - 11th; International Mountain Tourism Conference, Islamabad
10th - 12th; Karakorum International Film Festival (KIFF), Islamabad
20th - 24th; Painted Truck Caravan Karachi to Khyber
The fabulous exhibition of Art on Wheels
27th; World Tourism Day Celebrations, Peshawar (Ramazan Celebrations in NWFP)
October 2007

9th - 14th; Hot Air Ballooning Competition, Islamabad
Scaling new heights
15th - 20th; Jashn-e-Sahil (Balochistan Coastal Area), Gawadar
Pakistan Navy
21st - 28th; Journey through Time, Sound and Light Show with a Cultural Event at Moenjodaro
Discover Mohenjodaro, a 5500 year old civilization and visit Makli, the largest necropolis of the world
November 2007

1st - 13th; Discover the Trail of Alexander the Great from Nawagai in the North to Balochistan Coastal Area in the SouthStep on the trail of Alexander the Great through Pakistan
1st; Jashn-e-Azadi Gilgit Celebrations
2nd - 11th; Birthday Celebrations of Guru Nanak at Lahore, Hasan Abdal and Nankana Sahib
10th - 19th; International Paragliding competition at Islamabad, Swat and Azad Kashmir
(Pakistan Association of Free flying (PAFF)) Competition in the sky
24th; World Buddhist Congress Festival of Asian Arts and Crafts at Islamabad
21st - 27th; International Festival of Performing Arts, Lahore
Add a bit of fun, a rewarding experience with international performances

December 2007

1st - 9th; 28th Champions Trophy Hockey Tournament at National Hockey Stadium, Lahore
1st - 20th; Pakistan Cultural Train Safari, (Peshawar to Karachi)
24th; Christmas Celebrations, Lahore
Santa Claus, where you least expected him
30th; Tourism Convention and Closing Ceremony at Islamabad with cultural show
The Finale

Musharraf Ka Danda!
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We will start with Northern Pakistan!

This is a very safe area that I travelled to a few months back!:)

Shimshal lake
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