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I visited the city of Detroit, Michigan from Canada quite a few times during the months of September and October and I will showcase my photo tours here.

The first phototour took place on a cool, dreary day in September. I came for a Tigers game and dinner, and a downtown tour, which I have not done for a few years... too bad the weather wasn't the greatest, but at least it was dry. Without further, downtown MOTOWN...

They were filming "Transformers" here, and I caught a few scenes of devastation/destruction here...

Took a tour down Washington Blvd. THANK GOD they took that pedestrian mall out.

Detail of one of the most amazing churches in the city, St. Aloysius, built in 1930

Looking up at the now-vacant David Stott Tower, built in 1929.

Comerica Tower and First National Building, built in 1930

Millender Center and Renaissance Center

Front Entrance to RenCen on Jefferson

GM Wintergarden, looking south to Windsor, Ontario

Looking through the glass at the top of the Ren Cen, it rises 221 meters (725 ft), making it the tallest all-hotel building in the Western Hemisphere, the tallest building in Michigan and the tallest between Chicago and Cleveland.

GM Wintergarden again

Looking up at the Marriott Hotel and Office Towers, through the glass...

GM World's Car Exhibit

Inside the Andiamo, very nice restaurant

Andiamo Riverfront Italian Restaurant, in the RenCen Wintergarden

Looking south to Windsor with a glass of wine to show...

Views of Windsor from the Andiamo Restaurant, wouldn't you just love a view like this, while eating your dinner here?

Looking up at the RenCen from outside...

Windsor, Ontario skyline

Andiamo Riverfront from Outside

Looking east along the Riverwalk, btw, there were a lot of weddings held downtown this day, saw same by the Fox Theatre and here near the RenCen

RenCen again and Windsor-Detroit Tunnel traffic

The Historic Mariners' Church greets Tunnel Traffic coming into downtown Detroit, built in 1849, moved to this location in 1955.

Millender Center

Financial District, 150 Jefferson and One Woodward with the Joe Louis fist statue in the foreground

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center

Spirit of Detroit and social religious gathering...

Looking up at Comerica Tower, built in 1991, second tallest building in Detroit

The Guardian Building, the crown jewel of downtown Detroit... built in 1929.

Inside the Guardian Building... one of the most beautifully historic building interiors you will EVER SEE!!!

Penobscot Building Annex, built in 1913

Buhl Building, built in 1925

First National Building and Vinton Building built in 1916.

Ford Building, built in 1909.

Base of the Penobscot Building...

Looking up @ the Penobscot Building, once the 8th tallest building in the world when constructed in 1928 and the tallest overall in the U.S. outside of Chicago and New York City.

Looking up @ the Penobscot

151 West Fort Street

211 West Fort Street, once home to the famed Detroit Bank and Trust, during the city's "richer" days.

Westin Book-Cadillac Hotel, built in 1924, restored in 2008...

Not quite sure what this building is...

Woodward Avenue, Merchant's Row

Woodward Avenue Detail, in the last almost 10 years, this part of downtown has been cleaned up very nicely... in many of these buildings, there is tremendous potential for residential lofts

Looking up at the Broderick Tower, built in 1928, has been rumoured to be remodeled into lofts, but no construction has started yet

Grand Circus Park, Detroit's famous beautiful urban park...

David Whitney Building, built in 1915

Fountain in Grand Circus Park

Broderick Tower and David Whitney from Grand Circus Park...

Comerica Park, btw, went to the Twins/Tigers game that night...

Brush Park, from Comerica Park

Best views of the skyline and ball park you will get from the upper deck!

Tigers coming out to the field...

After a disastrous 1st inning with Jeremy Bonderman giving up a run, then a grand slam, the Tigers clawing their way to the lead, 5-2 after 3.

First of three homeruns by the Tigers by Alex Avila, with a solo shot.

Then a three-run blast by Don Kelly...

The appreciative crowd of 34,129 went nuts after that, because it tied the game, 5-5! After being down 5-0!

Then Miguel Cabrera hit another two-run home run! Making it 7-5!

Cabrera touching home plate, being congratulated by Johnny Damon.

But then in the top of the fifth, the Tigers' lead was short lived as Bonderman's struggles continued... gave up two consecutive lead-off home runs to tie the game at 7, then Bonine gave up three more to make it 10-7.

But the Tigers clawed their way back, making it 10-9!

Then in the bottom of the sixth... another RBI making it 10-10!

The Tigers won the game in EXTRA INNINGS, 11-10, in the bottom of the 13th, had to listen to it on the radio as it was getting late.

Ernie Harwell statue, long-time announcer for the Tigers, God Bless you! R.I.P. Ernie!

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Here's the next part of my Autumn Photo Tours, this was from 1 1/2 weeks ago, when I went to a Red Wings game... toured Brush Park, Midtown, Foxtown, and others...

Looking up at the Renaissance Center, I stayed in the Marriott Hotel...

View of Windsor, Ontario from my room...

Watergarden dome

Tower 300 of the Renaissance Center

Most comfortable bed I have ever slept on in my life, period...

Little tour of the RenCen]

Walked to the People Mover station, waiting for the train...

The People Mover arrives! Took it to Grand Circus Park

A few shots from around Grand Circus Park

The famous Fillmore Theatre, a popular concert venue

Fox Theatre

Hockeytown Cafe on Woodward Ave.

St. Johns Episcopal Church

New townhouses appear in the Brush Park Neighborhood, north of downtown and I-75.

Two bombed-out buildings... sadly something that is not uncommon in Detroit

Building in Cass Park slated for demolition

Detroit's Brush Park neighborhood... in this neighborhood, once home to prominent and beautiful Colonial and Victorian-style mansions, it has fallen on hard times, although is seeing some rejuvenation and life...

Unfortunately unkempt houses and burned-out houses like this still linger around Brush Park...

I believe this house is going to be restored...

Two more beauties...

A castle-like apartment building bombed out, however the trees add colour to it...

SO MUCH POTENTIAL! Being footsteps away from downtown, Comerica Park, Ford Field, Fox Theatre, and the People Mover!

Masonic Temple

Bonstelle Theatre, part of Wayne State University

Milner Arms Apartment Building

New Building on Woodward

Orchestra Hall

Professional Plaza

Harper Hospital and DMC

Buildings slated for renovation along Woodward Avenue

Another bombed-out building, slated for demolotion...

One of Detroit's Premier Entertainment Centers, Majestic Theatre and the Garden Bowl Lanes, built in 1919, it is the oldest continually-used bowling alley in the United States.

Inside the Garden Bowl...

Bowled a few games...

The last one was my best, 173!

Union Street Saloon, a fine dining restaurant across from the Majestic/Garden Bowl...

Nice decor, very saloon-like, the steak here was excellent...

Detroit School of Arts...

St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church

Two old former performing arts centers...

Addison Building

First Presbyterian Church


Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers

David Broderick Tower and David Whitney Building, near the People Mover station...

nited Artists building, owned by Mike Ilitch, may be soon-to-be renovated

Kales Building on the right and two other buildings vacant

After getting back to my hotel, on the PM again, made to the Joe Louis Arena for the game...

"Terrible" Ted Lindsay statue in the concourse

Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe statue

Concourse of the Joe

Sweet seats, right in the center...

Red Wings practising...

Opening faceoff...

Red Wings score early to make it 1-0 on the power play! Henrik Zetterberg with the goal!

Ducks took a two-goal lead after a goal to make it 3-1, they had to review it, but I thought it went win, unfortunately...

Face-off in the Red Wings zone in the second period...

Red Wings trailing 3-1...

But the Red Wings answer the call! THE MULE (Johan Franzen), makes it 3-2!

Then Tomas Holmstrom ties it at 3-3, after standing in front of the goalie and re-deflecting it in!

Zambonis clearing the ice for the 3rd Period...

Red Wings Bench...

Start of the 3rd period...

After Anaheim made it 4-3 with a five-hole goal by Teemu Selanne, the Red Wings tied it up on another goal by Henrik Zetterberg!

Crowd getting antsy...

Everybody stood the last few minutes of the game...

Less than five minutes in the game, Detroit pressing...

Red Wings continue to press...

While Jimmy Howard holds fort in the other end...

Pavel Datsyuk scores through a crowd over the goalie and wins the game with 11.4 seconds left in the third period!

Red Wings win!!! Congratulating Jimmy Howard!!!!

5-4 Detroit the final!

Pavel Datsyuk the second star of the game...

Henrik Zetterberg the first star of the game...

The Joe after the game...

Blurry shot of Windsor...

RenCen at night...

The Financial District area of Detroit, would have taken more night pictures...

but it started to rain heavily, argh!

Back in my room, watching game 6 of the NLCS between the Giants and Phillies... which the Phillies lost sadly

Looking across at Windsor from my room at night...

Tower 300 at night of the RenCen

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Awesome photo tour :cheers: I love such apocalyptic and deppressive cities.

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Without further ado, the second part of my Motor City weekend in October...

Dreary morning from my hotel room at the Marriott Renaissance Center looking at Windsor

RenCen Tower 300

The beautiful Detroit Institute of Arts, built in 1923, second-largest art gallery in the United States, housing one of the largest collections of art in the world.

The equally-beautiful Detroit Public Library, built in 1921

The Thinker statue

Looking south on Woodward Avenue, at the Wayne State University building

Inside the Detroit Institute of Arts...

After the DIA, looking north on Woodward towards the Fisher Building and Cadillac Place in midtown

Beautiful home on Ferry and Woodward

The Inn on Ferry Street

Robert Pauli Scherer house

Detroit Historical Museum

Kirby Apartment Building

Wayne State University Welcome Center

Old Main Building, Wayne State University

Thompson House

Hilberry Theatre

Mackenzie House

First Congregational Church

Woodward Avenue North Scenes

David Whitney House, home of one of Detroit's most exclusive restaurants, The Whitney

Hope you all enjoyed the second part of my October 2010 tour of the Motor City!!!
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