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Detroit Lions

4x Champion:
1935, 1952, 1953, 1957

Home of the NFL's Detroit Lions


suite -

club -

concourse -

one of the best concourse areas ever that blends right into the bowl. Little known is the fact that it is made out of two 80 year old warehouses.

Great bowl design, IMO, to get the suites/boxes out of the way and letting lots of light in, though it is an indoor stadium. Not a bad seat in the house either.

great seating bowl
great concourse
noise of an indoor venue
sharp looking
all the technology that an NFL stadium should have
definitely one of the best even though I hate domes.
Should be a great Superbowl host.

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i've really like that stadium, though i've never seen it from the perspective that you've just shown. i like it even more now. Plus, Roy Williams, Cory Redding, and Shaun Rogers makes the product on the field worth watching too.

thanks for the pics. i give it a 8.0

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Quite the impressive stadium and new. Not to mention MASSIVE and should serve as a great venue for the 2006 Super Bowl and the 2005 MLB All-Star game. I saw Eminem in concert there once. IMO, excellent move to move the Lions downtown out of Pontiac, and it seems like a neater stadium.

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Michigan State has a pretty good program and Kentucky is a all time national and traditional powerhouse in college basketball. It's not that far from Michigan either and you would have crowds like that. Kentucky fans follow wherever the team is going and of course Michigan State isn't far from Detroit. College Basketball is huge in the midwest so this should come as no surprise.

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I'd give it either a 10, or a 6 or 7.

The 10 because it simply blew me away at first. Veeeeeery nice looking, although I don't like all those luxury suites and such. But other than that... Veeeeeery nice.

Then I changed my mind a bit. It kind of looks, as stated earlier in this thread, like a mall. The concourse especially.

The warehouse fact makes up for a good deal of the "mall" look though.

I'm going to give it a 9.5, because mall look or not, it looks damn good.

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I remembered that there was a proposal to put a 230-room hotel inside Ford Field.

p.s.: The facility hosted WrestleMania 23 in 2007
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