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DETROIT - Ford Field (65,000)

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Detroit Lions

4x Champion:
1935, 1952, 1953, 1957

Home of the NFL's Detroit Lions


suite -

club -

concourse -

one of the best concourse areas ever that blends right into the bowl. Little known is the fact that it is made out of two 80 year old warehouses.

Great bowl design, IMO, to get the suites/boxes out of the way and letting lots of light in, though it is an indoor stadium. Not a bad seat in the house either.

great seating bowl
great concourse
noise of an indoor venue
sharp looking
all the technology that an NFL stadium should have
definitely one of the best even though I hate domes.
Should be a great Superbowl host.
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Lions = Longhorns north. As much as I want DJ for a Texas team, Detroit would be the next place I'd like to see him.
is there a Final Four scheduled for Ford? I wonder if they would use that same setup if there is.
^Barry Sanders memories?
It is hosting this season's Superbowl. Either they will fill in the gap with temp seats, or The NFL gave them a waiver in favor of their new stadium Superbowl promises.
Ford Field is great;

1.) Its an adaptive reuse

2.) Greatest concourse ever

3.) Suites are all bunched together on one side, leaving great sightlines for everyone else

4.) Its downtown

5.) It has huge skylights making it very airy for a dome. Perhaps the most light filled dome/arena ever

6.) video boards are huge, yet out of the way.

7.) Lots of character between the warehouses, the concourse gap and the rotunda. Doesn't have to be modern to be special

Only thing bad is the team that plays there.
well, you were going to either have the tower of suites(some here hate) like this, or a tall upper deck(some here hate). Given the larger capacity if they went with the tower, it would still be taller than this, so what ya gonna do? there's simply too much corporate demand in DFW to ignore making that money given its one of the only revenue sources not subject to being shared.
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