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Just a thought

Despite having a historic connection to the issue, I'm not that big into air stuff on this board, it does make a good read from time to time.

Anyway, observation from what I read on the posts:

-there seems to be more sustainability of new air routes for an airline when they are an 'extension' of the existing offering rather than a leap into the unknown eg

--new direct routes on city combinations already flown to
--different cities within existing countries, rather than new countries
--in the 'patch' of this planet the airline is already well known for, rather than embarking into new areas

Hence TT making a go of more capital city pairs, rather than regional routes. JQ going to known SE Asia ports like SIN or Thailand or Bali rather than out of the box places. DJ affiliates going to the Pacific and NZ.

Whereas the stabs in the dark like Jo'burg are less likely to get up.

I suspect this is the weight of marketing; but also the 'network effect' that Paul Mees wrote of in PT issues. Steady improvements to a 'network' make more sense than a series of unrelated routes.

Even where interchange is not encouraged, like TT, you still benefit from being seen to be a multidestination airline for a certain group of pax in certain markets, rather than a single route airline eg Strategic. I suspect they will struggle.

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I wish that VA would introduce JNB-MEL-BNE-NRT flight.

1. It would improve density on Joburg leg as it can carry both Melbourne and Brisbane traffic.
2. Brisbane-Narita can replace the flight that used to be operated by JAL. It will also handle Melbourne traffic.
3. First direct flight Melbourne-Narita (albeit via Brisbane)
4. MEL-BNE will carry both Tokyo and Jo'burg passengers.

For Qantas, the QF63/64 Jo'burg flight from Sydney I would extend to Auckland (using the B747 perhaps)
1. First direct flight AKL-JNB, via SYD
2. marketing oppotunities given that all three nations are rugby mad.
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