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Information, developments and discussion regarding Aarhus, Denmark.

Aarhus is Jutland's capital and a city of more than 300,000 inhabitants. It is the centre of "Greater Aarhus", which has a population of approx. 1.2 mill. people. Aarhus is also Denmark's fastest-growing city and leading growth centre.
AARHUS KOMMUNE "More about Aarhus"

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Web Logs:

By Jimmy J. Antonsen (aarhusforever)
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Nice projects!
Great initiative EDK_DK!!! :cheers:

You can probably find some better renderings of the Ketner building in the All Danish highrises thread if you want. And it would be GREAT if you could add the project for the new roof at Aros. That is going to be amazing!

Did the Nimbys have luck in stopping the plans for a high rise on Katrinebjerg?

BTW, I hope they make a better design for that Bestseller building :lol:
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Finally some interesting news from Aarhus. I've been there, it is lovely Danish city:)
Great initiative EDK_DK!!! :cheers:

You can probably find some better renderings of the Ketner building in the All Danish highrises thread if you want. And it would be GREAT if you could add the project for the new roof at Aros. That is going to be amazing!

Did the Nimbys have luck in stopping the plans for a high rise on Katrinebjerg?

BTW, I hope they make a better design for that Bestseller building :lol:
Thanks Blue Viking
Yes Århus deserve it's own thread.
I'll try to put some links into some of the project.. Otherwise mlm is doing a great job in the "All new Danish higrises thread" :cheers:
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Nine 10 floors approved between Søren Frichsvej and Aarhus Å.

The proposed Light House was also approved by the city council yesterday.:banana:
Hysterical interest for owner-occupied flats in new highrise
By Egon Rasmussen, Erhvervsbladet

Interest. In under two weeks between 250 - 300 persons have been added to the waiting list for a flat in the future high rise on Århus harbour, which with a height of 142 metres will become the tallest in the country.

The interest in being registered in the coming highrise at the tip of the docks has been "hysterically insane". That is the expression used by project development manager Jan Pedersen, Keops Development. Despite his 25 years in the business he cannot recall a similar level of interet in flats that will not be ready for use for another four years.

Since the winning project LightHouse was announced two weeks ago, 250 - 300 interested parties have been added to the waiting list for a new flat, says Jan Pedersen. But the LightHouse project consists of many other things than the highrise that reaches a height of 142 metres. It also comprises rental flats, a hotel, and office space in 6 - 9 stories. In total the project comprises 63.000 sq.m. that will be erected on parts of the old container terminal in the Århus docks. 33.000 sqm will be owner-occupied flats, 20.000 sqm will be for commercial use and 10.000 sqm will be rental flats that will be shared equally between the housing associations "Ringgaarden" and "AAB". Alle numbers are estimates because there is still a certain flexibility in the project, explains Jan Pedersen.

The high rise will contain 20.000 sqm of owner-occupied flats, which will be priced at 35.000 DKK/sqm at the bottom and rises to 50-60.000 DKK/sqm for the most expensive ones at the top. Size-wise the flats vary from 65 sqm to 200-300 sqm and the large majority will contain a balcony, says Jan Pedersen.

The "council housing" and the hotel will be completed mid-2010 and the high rise one year later.

Public Access
The City Council has decided that the public should have access to the high rise, which will have a restaurant at the top and directly below it a platform, from where the view can be enjoyed, while you eat a red sausage (sic). In other words: No penthouse flats for rich Århus-residents. The audience will use a seperate elevator directly to the top from where they will not be able to look down into the flats.

Jan Pedersen is of the opinion that public access to the high rise will contribute to creating life in the area where it will also be possible to visit cafés and restaurants. The permanent tenants will get their own elevator that requires an access card or key. Some of them will be able to enter their flat directly from the elevator. The hotel will get 130 - 140 rooms. An operator needs to be found and several parties have indicated their interest.

The local planning documents must be completed by the end of this year so the project can start in January 2008. However, the plot must first be cleared of lamps, concrete and asphalt. After that they will hammer spuns into the ground so the parking basement with room for 660 cars can be built. Half of the slots will be available to the public for a fee. During the autumn the clearing of the plot and the construction of the parking basement will be put up for tender. The project - estimated at 2 billion DKK - is financed by Keops Development, Copenhagen; Frederiksbjerg Properties, Århus and the two housing associations.

The architects 3XN, Århus; Gehl Architects ApS, Copenhagen and the Dutch architects UN Studio participate in the project along with entrepreneurs Carl Bro Grontmij.

Source: Erhvervsbladet.

Editors comment: I wonder if he meant to say hysterical or historical? Also I can't believe he talked about "red sausages". Who eats that kind of crap anymore except 50-something journalists? And finally, what's the big deal about elevators with keys for the residents? They never had that in Århus before? In Copenhagen it's been seen to exist even in 30 - 40 year old buildings.
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The light house got approved! That's great news! :D
/\ It's not actually approved yet, they just agreed that they want to continue. The final approvel can't be made before the local plan has been out for hearing in 8 weeks. From what I've read the localplan be ready by the end of this year, and then they can finally approve it afterwards.
^^Well, if it does take off, it surely deserves it own thread, right?
First Malmø and now Århus - what's next Putgarden? :(

Anyway don't mind me - congrets Århus and Jutland - that's some nice projects! :)
The reopening of Aarhus "creek/River" (From Immervad to Vester Allé 2005-2007)
A really nice improvement to the city...

From Flickr:
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The river through Århus is really nice...nothing better to sit at the stairs there and have a cold Ceres:)
I find that water and urban cityscape tend to go along well together. From this perspective the little canal in Århus is definitely an improvement! I wouldn't mind sitting there on a hot summer day slowly sipping a Raasted Pils. I could take a Ceres also, but I'm no big friend of enzymes (or watch the video).
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Nice thread with good info & projects! It's about time Denmark's 2nd largest city got it's own thread :)

First Malmø and now Århus - what's next Putgarden? :(
Lol, I'd rather doubt that, Mr. D! :lol:

But kidding aside, those are some mighty attractive projects for Århus! :banana:
Tallinn should also open up its old River... :( Härjapea...

That picture is taken pretty much in the City centre...

Sry for offtopic.
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Milliardprojekt for sport og kultur i Århus
En multihal med plads til 18.000, bygget under Jysk Væddeløbsbane, indgår i et nyt milliardprojekt. Bag sportscampus står det børsnoterede Århus Elite A/S.

Med arbejdstitlen sportscampus præsenterede Århus Elite A/S lørdag et ambitiøst projekt, der skal forene sportsaktiviteter, sportscollege, koncerter, hotel- og konferencevirksomhed omkring de eksisterende sportsarenaer i Marselisborgskoven i den sydlige del af Århus.

Planen til anslået omkring en milliard kroner med bygning af 60.000 kvadratmeter omfatter bl.a. en ny multihal, der har plads til 18.000 tilskuere til håndbold.

Underjordisk multihal
Mest bemærkelsesværdigt ved projektet, der er udarbejdet i samarbejde med arkitektfirmaet Schmidt, Hammer og Lassen, er, at multihallen bygges under den eksisterende ridebane på Jysk Væddeløbsbane - nabo til byens fodboldarena NRGi Park.

Væddeløbsbanen er rede til at indgå i projektet.

Ifølge direktør Lars Windfeld fra Århus Elite, der bl.a. rummer AGF, Århus GF og Bakken Bears samt Atletion, er planen at skabe bl.a. en udendørs koncertplads på væddeløbsbanen med plads til 80.000 mennesker.

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^^ Building a multihall underground would be another glorious victory for Danish nimbyism. Shame on the architects that made that proposal. What next - underground skyscrapers!!?!
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