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01 - New Northern Spire Bridge | Sunderland | 190m / 140m | U/C
02 - SAFC Training Facility | South Tyneside | 1fl | Completed
03 - Sunderland Justice Centre | Sunderland | 4fl | Proposed
04 - Porterfield Plaza | Sunderland | 5fl | Dormant
05 - Vaux Site | Sunderland | Various | Preparation
06 - Sunderland Software City | Sunderland | Various | Completed
07 - Stadium Village & Hilton Garden Inn Hotel | Sunderland | Various | U/C
08 - New Student Village | Sunderland | Various | Dormant
09 - Durham Gate | Thinford, Co Durham | Various | U/C
10 - Holmeside Development Area | Sunderland | Various | Pre-planning
11 - Central Area Multi Storey Car Park | Sunderland | Completed
12 - Durham University Gateway| Durham City | Various | Completed
13 - Freemans Reach Office Development (Former Durham City Ice Rink Site) | Durham | 130,000 sq ft | U/C
14 - Gentoo Housing Developments | City of Sunderland | Various | Proposed
15 - Hahnemann Court | Southwick | 7fl | Demolition
16 - Sunderland Royal Hospital New Developments | Sunderland | Various | U/C
17 - Houghton 'Walk In' and Primary Care Health Centre | Houghton, Sunderland | 2fl | Completed
18 - Sainsbury (Riverside Rd, Southwick) | Sunderland | Completed
19 - Tesco Extra (Roker) | Sunderland | 2fl | Completed
20 - Deptford Terrace Development | Sunderland | 3 fl & 4 fl | Pre-planning
21 - Primark, new shop at The Bridges | Sunderland | 3fl | Completed
22 - The Cooper Rose | Sunderland | 2fl | Completed
23 - Ramside Hall Hotel and Golf Course Expansion | Durham | Various | Completed
24 - Hitachi Train Factory | Newton Aycliffe | 3fl | Approved
25 - Durham Police New Headquarters | Durham | 3fl | Completed
26 - New Ryhope Hospital | Sunderland | Various | Completed
27 - Travelodge Hotel, Sunniside | Sunderland | 4fl | Completed
28 - Crowtree Leisure Centre | Sunderland | Demolition
29 - Premier Inn Hotel, St Michael’s Way | Sunderland | 6fl | Completed
30 - Hylton Castle Renovation | Sunderland | 3fl | Approved
31 - New Washington Leisure Centre | Washington | 2fl | U/C
32 - KEEL SQUARE - A New Public Square for the City Centre | Sunderland | Completed
33 - A19 Ultra Low Carbon Enterprise Zone @Turbine Pk, Hilthorne Farm, proposed IAMP | Sunderland & South Tyneside | Proposed
34 - The Bridges Extension | Sunderland | 2fl | Proposed
35 - Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor Phase 3 | Sunderland | Proposed
36 - Sunderland Enterprise and Innovation Hub | Sunderland | 4fl | U/C
37 - Sunderland College 'City Centre Campus' | Sunderland | 3fl | U/C
38 - High Street West Improvements | Sunderland | Various | Approved
39 - Millburngate House Redevelopment, Framwelgate Waterside | Durham | Various | Proposed
40 - Gates Shopping Centre / "The Riverwalk" | Durham | Various | Approved
41 - Tombola New Headquarters Building | Sunderland | 3fl | Approved
42 - Old Fire Station: New Arts, Culture and Dance Centre | Sunderland | 3fl | Proposed
43 - Beacon of Light | Sunderland | 5fl | U/C
44 - Joplings Department Store - New HOTEL | Sunderland | 4fl | Approved
45 - Sunderland Civic Centre refurbishment or replacement | Sunderland | Proposed
46 - South Sunderland Growth Area (SSGA) Housing Developments | Sunderland | Various | Proposed
47 - Viaduct Court (ex County Hospital) Student Accommodation | Durham | Various | U/C
48 - Claypath (Nos.18-29) Student Accommodation | Durham | 4fl | U/C
49 - Angel House (aka Crown House) Redevelopment | Sunderland | 10fl | Proposed
50 - Aykley Heads Business Park (Strategic Development Site at current Durham County Hall) | Durham | Various | Proposed
51 - New Durham County Hall (Sands Car Park, opposite Freeman’s Quay Leisure Centre) | Durham | Proposed
52 - Sunderland Central Rail Station - Upgrade and/or replacement | Sunderland | Proposed
53 - Sunniside Development Area | Sunderland | Various | U/C


Click the LINK below each PROJECT TITLE, to take you directly to each specific PROJECT THREAD, for full details of the latest situation and all of the available news about that Project . . .

01 - New Northern Spire Bridge | Sunderland | 190m/140m | U/C

The centre of the bridge will be here:

Funding is £100m pledged by the government, which is the rough cost of a basic, no-frills bridge and work on approach roads, with two new junctions and feeder roads on the Pallion side and a reconfiguring of the roundabout at the Castletown end.

£30m will have to be found from local taxpayers, local funds (airport sale windfall) One North East, EU etc.

Recently, a new 'image' of the proposed bridge had been obtained on 28th September 2011, from

On 22nd April 2010, the Echo had reported . . .
Iconic bridge a step closer

PLANS for Wearside's new landmark bridge are set to get the green light. Supporters of the design dreamed up by architect Stephen Spence, say the structure over the Wear will cut congestion, attract investment and give Sunderland an internationally-renowned landmark. The bridge would be up to 190m tall at its highest point and cost more than £130million to build. Councillors will meet to consider final planning permission for the project next week, and are recommended to approve. In a report before the committee, planners say: "The elegant structure will be visible over a wide area and will be a genuinely-striking gateway into central Sunderland. "It is likely to be an attraction in itself as the tallest bridge in the country, providing the city with an impressive landmark."

Planning officers at Sunderland City Council say the bridge and road plans are in-line with national, regional and city planning policy to improve the strategic road network and ease congestion in the city. In their report, they said: "The scheme has the potential to act as a catalyst for further improvement to the quality of the area by improving access for the future redevelopment of industrial sites along the southern banks of the River Wear." There are no objections to the application from consultees such as the Environment Agency, Highways Agency or Natural England. However, sustainable transport charity Sustrans did submit an objection earlier in the year stating that the bridge was a waste of money which would be better spent on more environmentally-friendly modes of travel.

Once planning permission is granted the council will need to secure funding and deal with other issues before work can begin. Subject to all necessary permission, work on the bridge and its approach roads could start in 2012.

THEN, after a long delay, and the seeming loss of funding, in May 2015 a different design was finally approved . . .

14th May 2015.

Sunderland’s £100m bridge will cross Wear within three years – and it’ll be taller than Big Ben

SUNDERLAND’S new £100million-plus bridge will be a reality within three years.

Council bosses have put pen to paper on a deal to build the Wear crossing, which will link Wessington Way to Pallion. Contractors Farrans Construction and Victor Buyck Steel Construction have formed a new joint venture to carry out the work. It was named as the council’s preferred bidder at a cabinet meeting in January, and the decision has now been rubber-stamped by the Government.

The overall £117.6million budget includes all design, construction, management and land assembly costs for both the bridge and its approach roads, and will be made up of £35.079million from the city council and £82.521million of Government cash.

Read more

02 - SAFC Training Facility | South Tyneside | 1fl | Completed

On June 15th 2012, architect1976 provides us with the revised proposal which is approx two thirds the size of the original proposal . . .

On 8th December 2012, the COMPLETED Project is reported in the Echo . . .

Sunderland FC’s final piece of the jigsaw
Sunderland Echo, 8th December 2012

Sunderland Football Club's new Academy of Light Indoor Training Facility which was officially opened by Sir Trevor Brooking.

SUNDERLAND chief executive Margaret Byrne says the club’s new indoor training barn is the “final piece of the jigsaw” in bringing the next generation through the Black Cats’ ranks. The FA’s director of football Trevor Brooking joined Sunderland owner and chairman Ellis Short in officially opening the £3million indoor facility at the Academy of Light last night.

Sunderland have been looking to build a training barn since the plans for the academy were first put in place more than 10 years ago, and with the facility now shielding the youngsters on Sunderland’s books from the inclement winter weather, Byrne believes it can play a key role in the development of the club’s prospects.

He said: “It’s such a great day for the club, it’s the final piece of the jigsaw in everything we’re trying to do for youth development and bringing players through to the first-team. I’m massively proud that we’ve made it and we’re eventually here.

Read More -

03 - Sunderland Justice Centre | Sunderland | 4fl | Proposed

No-one on this forum had ever seen any drawings or renders as to what this proposed Court Building was going to look like, until 2nd September 2010 . . .

The below are from the John McAslan Website (the 2nd LINK, above) obtained 2nd September 2010 . . .

The 'new' title would appear to be The Sunderland Justice Centre (see details below from the John McAslan Website) . . .

Sunderland Justice Centre is to house the combined functions of the Crown Court, Magistrates’ Court and County Court on a prominent brownfield site overlooking the River Wear in the centre of Sunderland. The building will house 20 courts and be a significant new public building for the city of Sunderland and forms a key component of the city centre regeneration.

The brief specified a clear division between the criminal and civil functions of the building, with their public court halls being completely segregated. The civil and criminal elements of the building are separated by a shared spine of judicial accommodation within a private central atrium space.

Previous report . . .

The benefits of such a large legal facility could be huge, and my hope is that one or more larger legal firms may be drawn into locating in the new office buildings on the Vaux site. I also think that it will benefit the Sunniside area of the city, where lots of small-medium size business accommodation is proposed, particularly in the streets east of Norfolk Street where comprehensive development is proposed and planning permission has been granted for new mixed use leisure and office buildings. I think the historic Sunniside environment would suit legal practices perfectly.

With regards to this development specifically, the application for a screening opinion is


There is very little information in terms of the physical development so far, but here is what I have picked out so far:
- Building height of 4 to 5 storeys
- Development located on the most southerly half of the entire site, with the strip along the river frontage being developed separately
- The actual building will be closest to Silksworth Row, with car parking to the north

I have also read that smaller courthouses within the city such as Houghton Magistrates Court will close, which I see as good news (from a selfish point of view). The City of Sunderland needs to have more of a centralised core focus, which has been its main downfall in the last 20 years, particularly in locating its core employment in non-core locations (such as Doxford Park). This will be a big step in further establishing the City Centre as the core of the City's employment.

04 - Porterfield Plaza | Sunderland | 5fl | Dormant

Someone from gentoo said that the site was about to be mothballed, and a year on unfortunately it's still in the same state, visible as the orange frame in this map . .,+sr1&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=Press+Ln,+Sunderland+SR1+1&gl=uk&ei=tl_vSrK9Lc6OjAfN34TFDQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CAwQ8gEwAA

Hopefully the economic upturn will boost this development once gentoo gets some money in from sales elsewhere in the city and region.

NEW photo taken by denm in January 2012 - nothing has changed . . .

05 - Vaux Site | Sunderland | Various | Preparation

Above is the full approved masterplan for the site.

Planning permission was granted for Sunderland arc's scheme by the Secretary of State in 2007. Before this, the appointed independent government inspector had recommended that the planning permission be refused based on a couple of things.

One reason was that the housing provision in the scheme was seen as excessive and the other was that the Environmental Assessment (covering road traffic impact and the impact of the buildings in physical terms) was not comprehensive enough.

Following the report by the inspector, the SoS did not refuse the planning permission, but requested further information from Sunderland arc regarding the above concerns. SArc then produced a 'Consolidated Masterplan', which basically forms a detailed physical masterplan addressing the concerns raised by the inspector. Planning permission for the scheme was then granted based on this consolidated masterplan.

The SoS gave planning permission based on a range of conditions:

Most notably, the 'reserved matters' (i.e. detailed design work) for the first phase of development had to be submitted within 3 years of the date when planning permission was granted (i.e. by 28th March 2010).

Work on site should begin within 3 years of the date that the last of the reserved matters for the first phase of development have been approved by the local planning authority.

Also, another condition is that the housing mix on the site must be agreed by the local planning authority in accordance with housing need guidelines and 'affordable housing' strategy, and must not exceed 1000 dwellings. In my opinion, this is likely to mean that the housing element would be substantially less than 1000 dwellings.

So, in summary, the developer is unlikely to resubmit a whole new planning application as it would cost countless time and money to do so, as well as another saga with the Secretary of State (as is required with a development this size). Therefore, the existing planning permission will be used and building massing, types, heights, uses, etc will be maintained.

06 - Sunderland Software City | Sunderland | Various | Completed

Sunderland Software City is a new initiative, based in the North East of England, designed to inspire and encourage the growth of the Software Industry in the region, and to make the area an attractive location of choice for software businesses.

Phone: 0845 872 8575
International:+44 (0) 191 516 6088
Email: [email protected]
Mail:Sunderland Software City
Enterprise Park East
United Kingdom

the Jupiter Centre . . .


Also . .
Sunderland City Council Cabinet meeting agenda for the 10th March 2010 reports that the City Council is proposing to procure, build and operate a new Centre of Excellence for Software based businesses, hoping to provide 140 new jobs.

Tavistock Place car park has been earmarked for the development. Funding of approx £10m has come from the City Council, ERDF and One North East for the project. It is hoped that the 140 jobs will be created over 20 new businesses located in the Centre, and that the total building floorspace will be 50,000 sqft.

THEN - in October 2010 . . .

Initial designs for the proposed £10m development at Tavistock Place. aiming to create up to 140 hi-tech jobs, have been unveiled. The state-of-the-art development is-planned for Tavistock Place, near Mowbray Park, in the city's Sunniside Quarter. It is designed to be a centrepiece for Sunderland Software City, the regional initiative inspiring and supporting the growth of the local software industry.

The 53,000 sq ft development would include space for 60 cutting-edge businesses, as well as exhibition space, showing visitors in a fun and interactive way the role software plays in their lives. Construction firm BAM – which has previously worked on developments such as Johannesburg Soccer City, the venue of the recent World Cup Final - has been appointed to build the centre.

Janet Snaith, Head of Business Investment, Sunderland City Council, said: "I am delighted that we are moving into the planning stages for this landmark building. "The Software City Initiative has already proven to be a huge success and new businesses have moved into the council's Evolve centre at Rainton Bridge Business Park. "I am sure that this building will prove equally successful in generating new businesses and jobs in this exciting new hi-tech sector."

Representatives of constructors BAM will be at the Tavistock site on Friday 8 October and Saturday 9 October to give people and businesses more information about the development. Subject to planning permissions, work on the building could begin early next year and be completed in early 2012.

On 14th April 2011 - 'Construction now under way' (new photo by denm) . . .

On 13th November 2011 - "Scaffolding Down" (a new photo from brettred) . . .

May 2012, a "completed" photo - posted by Sup.sup . . .

07 - Stadium Village & Hilton Garden Inn Hotel | Sunderland | Various | U/C

More news about this planned development from the Echo, is reproduced BELOW . .

Stadium Village will have real snow ski slope.
2nd October 2009, by Tim Booler, Sunderland Echo

A giant indoor ski centre – with real snow – looks set to be built in Sunderland. The multimillion-pound development next to the Stadium of Light could also house an ice rink and other leisure facilities, specialist sports shops, bars and restaurants. It would be a first for the North East and the only facility of its kind between Leeds and Glasgow.

There has already been "strong interest" from leisure operators, and a 15-year blueprint for facilities at the riverside site – to be known as Stadium Village – has been prepared.

"The football stadium and Sunderland Aquatic Centre already draw in hundreds of thousands of people a year to this regenerated part of the city," said Sunderland Council leader Paul Watson. "A unique facility like an indoor ski slope with snow would enhance the great sporting venues already on offer, and play a huge part in boosting the city's role as a visitor destination."

The plan for the site, prepared by the council and regeneration company Sunderland arc, suggests the area between Hay Street and the St Peter's Metro station as the location for the complex.

"Stadium Village is a prime location for an indoor ski slope and would position Sunderland as a major sporting venue for the region," said arc chief executive David Walker.

A first draft of the scheme went to public consultation earlier this year and received "overwhelming support", according to the arc and council – while car parking issues in the area are being kept "under review."

The council's decision-making cabinet will consider the blueprint, and set out how Stadium Village should be developed over the next 15 years, when it meets on Wednesday, November 4. The document could then be put to further public consultation

08 - Sunderland and Durham Area STUDENT ACCOMMODATION - Developments

NOTE - This "New Student Village" Project has stalled and so the thread has been renamed as "Sunderland and Durham Area STUDENT ACCOMMODATION - Developments", and is no longer a Project Thread. This entry in the Development Summary has been left for historical purposes and in case the project is resurrected.

University to build green student village

The University of Sunderland today (November 17) announced the launch of a new Student Village. With over 550 rooms and new facilities including a bar, shopping and social space, the university will create a unique, green, secure home for students, and support hundreds of jobs in the north's construction industry. The university has joined forces with Carlisle-based student accommodation provider to create The Forge - U Student Village, based at the current Forge student accommodation site in Pallion.

Work begins immediately on the site with the first phase, incorporating the 249 bed Marr House, ready for occupancy in September 2010and the second phase, the 303 bed Jobling House, will begin redevelopment in August 2010 with a September 2011 opening.

Ian Gray, director of estates and facilities at the university, says: "The university is delighted to have secured this private sector investment in The Forge - U Student village. This will add to the existing range of student residential accommodation choices on offer from the university. Our partnership with has already demonstrated a high level of commitment from both organisations to provide great living facilities that meet the modern day expectations of our students. The energy and enthusiasm of Martyn Boak and his team at U-Student has been instrumental in making this happen and the university is looking forward to the partnership delivering a great student experience leading to future success for both organisations."

The aim of the multi-million pound project is to create a secure, fully refurbished, modern and energy efficient Student Village, which will be quite unique in the North East. Onsite facilities will include a bar, café and a social space to meet and relax. There will also be a small convenience store offering the daily essentials for student life.

Martyn Boak, Managing Director of, said "We are delighted to have been chosen to work with the University of Sunderland in developing The Forge - U Student Village. Having worked in Sunderland for several years now we recognise fully that the university and the city have a lot to offer, and now together we will be able to offer high quality, clean, warm, secure and very appealing choice of student accommodation."

Construction work will be carried out by Carlisle-based Northern Developments Ltd, using sub contractors from Carlisle and Sunderland.

The Forge - U Student Village is the latest major development activity of the University and compliments the £75m campus development masterplan, which in the last year has seen the opening of the iconic £12m CitySpace sports and social facility, a £1.75m revamp of the Prospect Building and £1.5m invested in upgrading the technical facilities at the David Puttnam Media Centre. 2010 will see a major redevelopment of the Sciences Complex and landscaping at the back of Edinburgh Building, creating a true City Campus in the heart of Sunderland

09 - Durham Gate | Thinford, Co Durham | Various | U/C

Durham Gate is a £200m development for the former Black and Decker site at Thinford near Spennymoor to the South of Durham just off the A167. The development is by Carillion Arlington Spennymoor Trust (CAST), a joint venture by Carillion and Arlington of Hartlepool. I think there have been proposals for a while but recently there seems to be more activity.

The current proposal is for:
440,000 sq ft of offices from 25,000 sq ft to 100,000 sq ft
Hotel and family pub
20,000 sq ft of restaurants
9,500 sq ft of retail space
376 houses
£8m of road improvements including a larger roundabout at Thinford with a fifth exit and traffic lights

Updated information from 'JetStreak', on 15th October 2010 . . .

There's more information on the redesigned website:

Latest news article on the website:

1st July 2011 - Progress photos from JetStreak . . .

10 - Holmeside Development Area | Sunderland | Various | Pre-planning

Soaring 33 storeys high, this staggering structure could put Sunderland firmly on the map by giving it the North East's highest building.

The Spirit of Sunderland tower is the brainchild of developer Thornfield Properties, which wants to build the tower as part of its £147million plans for the regeneration of the Holmeside area of the city centre.

Shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, 150 apartments and other leisure facilities would be housed in the tower and covered square, and 1,800 jobs would be created.

If plans get the go-ahead, Spirit of Sunderland would be the tallest building north of the Beetham Tower, Manchester, and outstrip anything being built or planned in Edinburgh or Glasgow.

A cocktail bar is planned for the 24th floor, which the developer says will become an essential stop for anyone visiting the North East.

Spirit of Sunderland's architect, Page and Park, said Wearside had a number of tall buildings, and high-rise housing in the city was already popular. The tower blocks at Church Street and Dock Street in Roker, newly refurbished, are seen as some of the best successes in the country.

The plans are aimed at breathing new life into Holmeside. A series of acquisitions means three quarters of the three hectare site is owned by the arc's partners, English Partnerships and One NorthEast.

On a clear day, the upper floors of the tower will boast views south to the North Yorkshire Moors, west to the North Pennines, north to the Cheviots and eastwards out to sea.

11 - Central Area Multi-storey Car Park | Sunderland | Completed

Work has begun to dismantle the condemned multi-storey car park above Sunderland's Jacky White's Market.

The city council was forced to close the Central Area Multi-Storey building in December 2008 after fears it could collapse.

The 391-space car park, opened in 1966, was closed within hours of a engineer's survey which deemed the building unsafe.

Traders at Jacky White's feared for their livelihoods when plans to move the market were uncovered by the Echo in January last year, but council chiefs put forward a £2.9million plan to save the historic market hall and keep it open while the work is done overhead.

Officials say repair and refurbishment of the structure will cost about £6million and the work will take almost a year to complete. The bill for temporary propping measures and consultants' fees already stands at £200,000 and will be met from the existing budget.

Contractors began putting temporary measures in place this week which will allow work on the car park to proceed safely while the market remains open underneath. Demolition work will remove the unstable top levels of the structure and leave and repair the bottom two-tiers of the car park.

Lib Dem councillor Paul Dixon, of Millfield, who campaigned on behalf of market traders and residents who rely on the car park said it was good news work had begun. He said: "Hopefully at the end of it all the council will provide parking for the residents of the town centre flats. "The two remaining levels had been earmarked for that purpose but the council now says it has not made its mind up yet."

Consultants said both lifts have been decommissioned as are "beyond economic repair".

Stephen Pickering, Deputy Executive Director of City Services, said: "The work is being undertaken outside of the market opening hours to minimise disruption and will continue for two months. "The work is being carried out in advance of the forthcoming demolition of the multi-storey car park. "The demolition is planned to commence in May and to continue until December.

"No decision has yet been made regarding the future of the roof top area above Jacky White's Market."

14th November 2010 - progress photo from Talisker . . .

12 - Durham University Gateway | Durham City | Various | Completed

Aerial view . .

Site Plan . .

Stockton Road looking westwards . .

View from Highwood Terrace, showing the clear thoroughfare between the Gateway Building on the left and the library extension on the right . .

Projected elevation along Stockton Road . .

View of the proposed library extension, south facade

Proposed view along Stockton Road from the Whinney Hill / Hallgarth Street roundabout

A massive £48million university development in Durham City has been given the go-ahead despite fears it will dwarf neighbouring houses.
Durham county councillors voted 9-1 to approve Durham University's Gateway project at the Science Site in Stockton Road.

The plan will see many of the university's "student facing" operations centralised on the site. Staff will transfer from several city centre buildings, including Shire Hall in Old Elvet, which could become a hotel. Other university buildings around Palace Green will be developed as a visitor centre for the castle and cathedral. An exhibition space created in one of the buildings could house the Lindisfarne Gospels, if, as expected, a long-running campaign to secure a loan deal with the British Library succeeds.

Gateway symbolises an important development for the University and the City, which would see an under-utilised and disjointed brown-field façade on a key University site redeveloped with an environmentally sustainable build of the highest standard.

The new development, which will be positioned at the edge of the University's Science Site along Stockton Road, will house a major library extension, a new Law School bringing together staff currently on two different sites, and a student services building which brings into one building all the student facing services currently dotted around the City. This is not an expansion of the University, but involves bringing together activities in a more coherent fashion and into fit-for purpose buildings. It will enable space to be vacated on Palace Green for the development of a visitor centre, and the creation of designated public exhibition space in Palace Green Library. It will also enable the University to vacate Old Shire Hall and properties along Old Elvet, returning these listed buildings to alternative economic use for the benefit of the City.

Gateway also links in with other complementary developments on the Science Site, including pedestrianisation and greening of the area, a comprehensive overhaul of University signage, and a commitment to implementing a Green Travel Plan for the City in partnership with Durham County Council.

5th July 2011 - Some new 'Renders' posted by _spaceArchTech . . .

1st July 2011 - Construction Update photos from JetStreak


13 - Freemans Reach Office Development (ex Durham City Ice Rink) | Durham City | 130,000 sq ft | U/C

View of the former Ice Rink on the site

DURHAM city's former ice rink is to be redeveloped as part of a 130,000sq ft office scheme and the site will be offered to the market with a potential pre-let for the 40,000sq ft first phase. The project is being led by Durham City Vision which has produced a masterplan and design brief for the Freemans Reach site with its partners, Durham City Council and One North East.

David Furniss, head of BNP Paribas’s Newcastle office, and development consultant to Durham City Vision and One North East, says developers are being targeted to bring the scheme to completion. He said: “Because of the confines of the River Wear and the steeply rising river banks up to the cathedral and castle, large development sites are non-existent in Durham. “The former ice rink site is one of only two in the centre that offers the potential to bring the office space into a central location.”

Initial plans drawn up for the site by architects EDAW show three interlinked office blocks providing about 130,000sq ft in blocks from around 25,000sq ft to 45,000sq ft with on-site car parking for 143 vehicles. The site would also be relandscaped to provide new public space to maximise its west-facing position alongside the River Wear.

Then, in May/June 2014 . . .

Had another pass out of the "Newcastle Metro" area on Friday 09/05/14 so on a visit to Durham City here are some pictures (over 3 posts) of the Freemans Reach, new development for NS&I etc (former Ice Rink site) taken in the period approx 1245 - 1415


14 - Gentoo Housing Developments | City of Sunderland | Various | Proposed

Gentoo, one of the UK's largest social housing landlords, has announced a new phase in their building plans for a number of key sites across the City of Sunderland.

The main thrust of the new development, made possible by the funding from the government's Kick Start scheme, will see 515 new units constructed at:

Doxford Park
Chilton Moor
Racecourse Estate, Houghton

This is a masterplan of the CASTLETOWN proposals, only . . .

Here is a local newspaper report on the Gentoo development plans . . .

New homes to be built on £1.4m allotment site

Much-needed homes are set to be built on the run-down allotments which raked in £1.4million for a group of retired miners and shipyard workers.
Housing firm gentoo has put in a planning application to build 145 homes on the bulldozed allotment site in Castletown, Sunderland, as part of a sweeping transformation of the area.

Gentoo bought the land from the 49 members of the Castletown Allotment Holders' Association in October 2007 after the smallholdings had become a blight on the village, regularly targeted by arsonists and vandals.

The company had originally announced the Grace House children's hospice could be built as part of a development on the site but has since decided to build it elsewhere. Locations are now being considered.

Gentoo announced it was in lin<script id="gpt-impl-0.21980070609770486" src=""></script>e for a multimillion-pound Government handout in August. The cash, which is coming from the Homes and Communities Agency's, will help build 515 new homes over the next 18 months.

As well as Castletown, gentoo developments in Southwick, Doxford Park, and Chilton MoorHoughton's Racecourse estate are among the other areas earmarked for funding.

15 - Hahnemann Court | Southwick | 7fl | Demolition

The site to be demolished, was built in the 1960s. Approved in 1964 and built over 18 months by John Laing Construction for Sunderland Borough Council at a cost of £763,915, it consists of four interlinked deck-access slab blocks, each containing six floors of flats and an entrance floor at ground level.

Hahnemann Court comprises 208 flats in total.

Uniquely for the North East region, the construction involved the use of the Sectra industrialised building system. Access to the units is via external balconies on the second and fifth levels.

The site, which was previously modernised in the mid 1990s, has been earmarked for redevelopment, with a retirement village planned as the next phase of the comprehensive regeneration of High Southwick.

Residents are presently in the process of being moved elsewhere, with many moving to the City Green development in the Park Lane area of Sunderland, and others opting for flats and houses on the new Leafields development, just several hundred yards west of Hahnemann Court.

Update on 15th January 2011 . .

Bulldozers move in to mark end of era at Sunderland flats

DEMOLITION work has started on a landmark 1960s tower block. Bulldozers have moved in to knock down Hahnemann Court, in Southwick, after gentoo abandoned its ambitious regeneration plans for the site.

In 2009, the company announced it was scrapping its £16million project to build a hi-spec replacement next door after it was hit by a slump in the global property market.

Update by 'architect1976' on 5th May 2011

Crushing end for Sunderland’s Hahnemann Court flats . .

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16 - Sunderland Royal Hospital New Developments | Sunderland | Various | U/C

The Royal Sunderland Hospital, City of Sunderlands NHS Trust
Contract Value: £15,500,000, Project Size: 9000m²
Modules: 104, Storeys: 5
Cladding: Render and Timber

A 138 bed ward extension is to be built at Royal Sunderland Hospital.

When completed in 2010, it will increase patient capacity from 970 to 1108, providing much needed additional care facilities for the busy hospital.

The state of the art integrated critical care unit will segregate theatre staff and nursing staff to eliminate the chances of infection spreading between the two departments. This is a new scheme being implemented by the NHS Foundation Trust across the UK, with Sunderland being one of the first in the country to recognise and utilise the new initiative. The complex design of the new hospital wards and facilities will see Britspace expand their experienced and highly skilled design and technical teams to deliver the bespoke building to the NHS Trust.

Due to break soil on 13th July 2009, the 9,000m² project will be manufactured offsite in the state of the art Yorkshire based factory whilst the Britspace construction team prepare the ground at the hospital.

Installation of the first modules is scheduled for December 2009 And a fast-track overall programme of 45 weeks means the hospital will be operational and ready to occupy by May 2010, a programme that would not be possible with traditional construction methods.

Milestone for hospital project
17 April 2010, by Marissa Carruthers,
Sunderland Echo

Workmen arrive to dismantle the crane at Sunderland Royal Hospital now that the last block of the new wing has been put in place.

The last block of a new £30million wing at Sunderland Royal Hospital has been put in place. The giant crane, which has become a familiar sight on the city's skyline, lowered in the final unit of one of Britian's biggest modular buildings, after it was pre-built 100 miles away.

Work on the wing was launched in March, when the 800 tonne machine was erected at the hospital to put together the five-storey structure.

A total of eight modules – which are 18.5 x 3.9 metres – have been delivered and lifted into position, forming the main body of the new wing, which will house three 40-bed wards and an Integrated Critical Care Unit. In total, the building is made up of 108 modules contracted by Britspace Modular Buildings in a factory near Scunthorpe.

Work still needs to be carried out on the wing, and the next phase will see the new curved roof built to blend in with the adjacent hospital buildings. The wards will be made up of 12 single rooms and seven four-bed bays, each incoporating a nursing station.

UPDATE on 26th January 2011 . .

A couple of PHOTOS the new Hospital Wing:

New Proposals for an A&E extension - November 2013 . .

Sunderland Royal Hospital announces expansion plans to tackle A&E crisis

PLANS have been revealed for a new multi-million-pound emergency department at Sunderland Royal Hospital. When built, the proposed A&E will be one of the most advanced emergency departments in the region and boost staff numbers by 35.

City Hospitals Sunderland have applied for planning permission from Sunderland City Council for the proposed five-storey A&E department. If given the go-ahead, work will start in the spring, with the new department expected to open in 2016. The existing A&E department, which dates back to 1978, is said to be no-longer be fit for purpose.

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17 - Houghton 'Walk In' Primary Care Health Centre | Sunderland | 2fl | Completed

The 'NHS North East' proposal (dated 16th July 2009) entitled "The Single Stage Full Business Case for Houghton le Spring Primary Care Centre explains that the "HOUGHTON PRIMARY CARE CENTRE" is planned to contain . .

• Walk-in Centre / Minor Injuries Unit
• Planned care accommodation
• Diagnostic services
• 24 bed rehabilitation unit (see image below)
• Administration & support accommodation for staff
• Rehabilitation / Physiotherapy suite
• Wellness studio shared with Sunderland City Council
• Shared community facilities
• Café including extensive catering facilities

In other words, though often referred to as "The Houghton Walk-In Health Centre", it actually contains a great deal more than just that.


Plans and visualisations . . .

17th May 2010 - progess photo taken by Denm . . .

Project completed August 2011, completion photo supplied by 'Denm', via Sunderland Echo, on 7th Sept 2011 . .

PHOTOS of completed project, taken and posted by 'Denm', 11th October 2011 . .

18 - Sainsbury (Riverside Rd, Southwick) | Sunderland | Completed

A £10million major supermarket and shopping development is expected to create 150 jobs on the site of a former car dealership.
Developers have unveiled plans to transform the former Jennings Motor Group site in North Hylton Road, Sunderland, into an "exciting district centre."

The move has delighted some residents, but traders and some others living in the area say it will kill existing local businesses and cause noise and traffic problems.

Liverpool-based development company Nil Statis Nisi says proposals for the 169,000sq ft site will include a "major international supermarket retailer" as its main tenant for the site.

The as-yet unnamed supermarket chain is expected to close the deal in the next month.

Plans include a restaurant or fast food outlet, office accommodation and nine other stores, which developers say could house a mix of national chains and smaller businesses.

Roy Kenny, project manager at Nil Satis Nisi, said: "This is an exciting project for this area and aside from the obvious regeneration benefits, the district centre is expected to create around 150 jobs for the immediate local community, including Hylton Castle, Castletown, Red House, Southwick, Town End Farm and Downhill.

"The supporting tenant mix is aiming to incorporate an additional discount operator, a newsagent, card shop, bookmaker and baker to give a real 'district centre' feel for the local community."

The North Hylton Road site has sat vacant since Jennings moved into its new purpose-built "supersite" in Riverside Road, which opened in 2006.
Southwick councillor Rosalind Copeland welcomes the supermarket plans, which she said were much needed, but said it must not harm local businesses.

LATER . . .

I think it is worth being clear about this, as I didn't realise there were TWO separate supermarket proposals for the area until now:

1. The former Jennings showroom site is for a currently unnamed supermarket operator, being led by developer Nil Satis Nisi.

2. The current Jennings showroom site is the site proposed for the new Sainsburys, being led by the developer Terrace Hill.

Shown here . .

THEN . . .

AN 'artists impression' of the proposed Sainsbury Store, from the Echo of October 12th 2010 . . .

19 - Tesco Extra (Roker) | Sunderland | 2fl | Completed

Sunderland City Council has approval an application for a Tesco Extra store, with car parking facilities below and several other retail units at the southern end of the site.

Ground Floor Plan (showing the car parking UNDERNEATH the store)

First Floor Plan

ON 31st July 2012 Sup.sup post photos of the first steelwork going up!

20 - Deptford Terrace Development| Sunderland | 3 fl & 4 fl | Pre-planning

Deptford Terrace is a riverside development at the gateway entrance to Sunderland City Centre.

The site is currently occupied by a 260,000 sq ft warehouse on a 16-acre site.

Plans are currently being worked up to create a space that allows for a mixture of complimentary mid-urban uses.

With plans to tie the space in with its riverside park and increase the lifestyle integration with the River Wear.

The plans allow for a scheme that would accommodate up to 750,000 sq ft, including offices, hotel, health club, restaurants and housing.

The concept embraces the wider site and looks to opportunities beyond the site boundary – much of which is owned by Sunderland City Council, particularly towards the river.

The core of the concept is a new major access road from Pallion New Road, leading to a central ‘spine road’ and a new public square that opens towards the river, with pedestrian routes down to the waterside. Larger commercial and mixed-uses could be sited along the southern side – to take advantage of the change in level for undercroft parking and to benefit from highly visible frontages (hotel, leisure, offices).

The northern part of the site offers opportunities for mixed residential development, taking advantage of the river views and the existing riverside park.

21 - Primark, new shop at The Bridges | Sunderland | 3fl | Completed

Shopping centre set for £15m expansion

A NEW £15million development in Sunderland city centre looks set to create more than 150 jobs. Land Securities, owner of the Bridges shopping centre, has announced its intentions to build a three-story, 60,000 sq ft Primark store at the High Street West and Walworth Way entrance to the retail space.

Plans will be submitted for consultation next month and the company is hoping work on the expansion will begin in 2011. Jonathan Buckle, portfolio manager for the Bridges, said he was delighted to be bringing good news to Sunderland.

Speaking to the Echo he said: “This is a significant investment programme which demonstrates Land Securities’ commitment and confidence in Sunderland.

“Our objectives are to enhance the shopping experience we provide for the 21million customers who visit the centre each year by ensuring more of their favourite high street fashion brands are located within the Bridges and to enhance the centre’s reputation as one of the best shopping and fashion destinations in the North East.

Proposed Entrance View

“Primark has outgrown its existing store, located on Fawcett Street, and is very keen to remain in the city. “The Bridges is fast becoming a fashion hub and with the likes of Bank, H&M, New Look, Top Shop, River Island and Schuh already part of the retail offer, we are confident that this is the right location for the brand new Primark store.”

Photo Update posted by 'architect1976' on 2nd February 2012 . .

Photo Update posted by 'architect1976' on 16th March 2012 . .

22 - The Cooper Rose | Sunderland | 2fl | Completed

This thread is intended for discussion of the project currently ongoing to transform the old Durham Book Centre (latterly Beach and Blu Bambu nightclub) into Sunderland's latest Wetherspoons pub, a Lloyds No 1 to be known as The Cooper Rose.

It will be the third Wetherspoons pub in Sunderland city centre, after the William Jameson on Fawcett Street (opened April 1997) and the Lambton Worm on Low Row (opened April 2003).

The project is scheduled to be complete, for opening, on Tuesday 15th March.

Photograph of the site, coutesy of emdjt42 on Flickr:

Project was completed, and opened, in March 2011 . .

23 - Ramside Hall Hotel and Golf Course Expansion | Durham | Various | Completed

There are plans to expand the Ramside Hall Hotel and increase the size of the golf course to 36 holes. The hotel already has planning permission for the hotel expansion and are currently seeking planning permission to build a small number of Executive Homes on the edge of the golf course to finance the hotel expansion.

The plans for the hotel include:
  • 40 new rooms with views of the golf course
  • Spa with swimming pool, treatment rooms and hydrotheraphy pools
  • 1000 seat conference centre/banqueting suite
  • Increasing the size of the golf course to 36 holes
The plan is to finance the expansion by building homes on two of the existing holes and converting nearby disused Hill Top Farm into housing. The executive housing proposed is exactly what is needed in Durham, especially if the City is to realise the potential of attracting top companies from the private sector to sites like the Ice Rink and Aykley Heads.

The plans for this are currently up for consideration by Durham County Council and can be viewed here: Planning Docs here:

The land is classed as greenbelt and there is currently a greenbelt consultation ongoing which is considering greenbelt land that could be used for new housing - the Ramside site is included. The greenbelt consultation can be found here:

In my opinion some of the proposals are a bit much but some, such as the Ramside proposal, are suitable. I'd encourage people to respond to the planning application and the greenbelt study as a balance of views is important, especially as the typical Durham view seems to be let's regress to the Stoneage.

Related links:
Google Maps link to the location

24 - Hitachi Train Factory | Newton Aycliffe | 3fl | Approved

Newton Aycliffe Hitachi train factory signed and sealed
by Brian Nicholls, The Journal, January 19th 2012

THE £4.5 billion contract for the proposed Hitachi train factory at Newton Aycliffe is now 99% signed and sealed, the manufacturer said yesterday, as the Government confirmed the deal would finally be rubber-stamped within a matter of weeks.

Plans for the vast factory, which is likely to create up to 700 jobs and pump millions of pounds into the regional economy, were given the initial go-ahead last March. The final signing-off of the financial contract between the Department of Transport and Hitachi had been expected by the end of 2011. However, due to the complexity of the deal, it is now expected in the next two to three months, according to Hitachi.

“The contract is very large and complex and we are working towards finalising it within the first half of the year,” a Hitachi spokesperson said. Chancellor George Osborne, meanwhile, talked up the huge benefits the plant will bring to the North East and wider UK economy during a trade visit to Japan yesterday.

Speaking from the carriage of a Hitachi-built high-speed bullet train in Tokyo, he confirmed that the first trains would roll off the production line in 2016, with construction likely to begin later this year or in early 2013.

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25 - Durham Police New Headquarters | Durham | 3fl | Completed

Durham Police Headquarters to be demolished
by Neil McKay, The Journal, February 4th 2012

A CRUMBLING police headquarters is to be demolished after more than 40 years, with executive housing expected to be built on the site, and Durham Police Authority is now seeking planning permission for a smaller, “greener” replacement HQ next to its current Aykley Heads site, which would cost an estimated £14m to build.

If the go-ahead is given by county council planners, it is hoped that building work will start in the autumn. The work is envisaged to be an 18-month contract, with completion due in the spring of 2014. A decision on the developer will be subject to tender.

Peter Thompson, chair of Durham Police Authority, said: “This is an exciting project for the police authority and the constabulary. “We’re looking forward to working with the county council to produce a development which is both worthy of, and sympathetic to, the site. The new premises should generate substantial savings and enable the constabulary to deliver an even better policing service to the people of County Durham and Darlington.”

The present HQ dates back to 1969, when the first phase was opened by James Callaghan, then Home Secretary and later Prime Minister.

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26 - New Ryhope Hospital | Sunderland | Various | Completed

Works starts on new £68million Sunderland hospital

Cutting the first sod for the new mental health hospital at Ryhope, Norman Hildrew

Saturday 30 June 2012

WORK on a new £68million Sunderland hospital for patients with mental health problems is under way. A turf-cutting ceremony took place as construction began on the former Ryhope Hospital site this week.

The new multimillion-pound facility will replace the old and outdated accommodation at Cherry Knowle Hospital and Palmer Hospital in Jarrow, South Tyneside. The 122-bed mental health development facility is being built by Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust could be open to patients two years from now.

27 - Travelodge Hotel, Sunniside | Sunderland | 4fl | Completed

Wednesday 9 November 2011 . . .

PLANS have been approved for a £6million Travelodge Hotel in Sunderland City Centre.

Developers have been granted planning permission to build a four-storey building in Sunniside, housing an 82-bedroom hotel with a mix of commercial premises on the ground floor.

The Travelodge development in High Street West is expected to create 12 part-time and six full-time jobs and be open in late Autumn 2012. The ground-floor development is expected to create about 30 jobs.

Hendon councillor Michael Mordey said: “We need more hotels, a lot more hotels in the city. I’m really pleased to see this one come forward and hopefully once it’s on site it will drag in others.”

City leaders say Sunderland is in desperate need of more hotels if it is to best capitalise on events taking place in the city.

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23rd June 2012 by architect1976 - Travelodge Construction Update, photo taken 23/06/2012 by me . . .

28 - Crowtree Leisure Centre | Sunderland | Demolition

Crowtree demolition plans approved
Sunderland Echo, 14th March 2013

COUNCILLORS have given the go-ahead to demolish Crowtree Leisure Centre and the 40-year-old venue is set to be knocked down in the coming months as part of plans to free up land in Sunderland city centre for development.

Yesterday, members of Sunderland City Council’s cabinet voted on a report which outlined the process to appoint contractors, landscaping plans and the disposal of the site. Work could now start as early as May and be completed by the end of the year.

The meeting heard how the site would create a “development opportunity” for retailers and businesses, part of ongoing plans to boost the city centre as outlined in an Economic Masterplan. Members also pointed out that the council had invested £60million in leisure facilities.


Demolition work starts at Sunderland’s Crowtree Leisure Centre
Sunderland Echo, 16th April 2013

IT is the beginning of the end. Work has begun to demolish Crowtree Leisure Centre. Facebook campaigns to save the city centre building have failed and most of it will soon be razed to the ground.

Contractor Willmott Dixon has started removing materials from inside the centre, before the roof and walls can be pulled down. As there will be little exterior evidence of the work until September, Sunderland City Council said it thought the walkway between City Park and The Bridges could remain open during this phase of the work, but tests have confirmed that it is not safe to keep the walkway open, so it will close until further notice from tomorrow.


29 - Premier Inn Hotel, St Michael’s Way | Sunderland | 6fl | Completed

August 4th 2012 . . .
Some images from the Hotel Planning Application . . .

Sunderland Premier Inn hotel construction to start in November
By Robert Gibson - 18th October 2013

Building work on a multi-million pound hotel in Sunderland city centre will begin in November, developer GB Group has announced. The contemporary five-storey Premier Inn, on St Michael’s Way, will comprise 125 guestrooms, a restaurant, bar and meetings rooms, and will form a key gateway in the city. The University of Sunderland and Sunderland City Council have worked in close partnership with GB Group to support the delivery of the project.

Phil Marsh, director of estates and facilities at the university, said: “The University continues to be hugely supportive of this partnership development which will see further private sector investment made into the city centre, creating jobs and supporting growth. “The hotel will provide further scope for growth in the university’s events and conference business, UniSpace, and is a welcome addition to Sunderland’s leisure and business tourism offer.”

Also included in the £6m scheme will be repairs to and remodelling of the Grade II-listed former Gas Board building, which houses The Art Studio, The development, due for completion by February 2015, has been designed by architects Faulkner Brown with Mills & Reeve LLP acting as legal advisors to GB Group.

30 - Hylton Castle Renovation | Sunderland | 3fl | Approved

Sunderland City Council approves £250,000+ to begin redevelopment of historic Hylton Castle
by Petra Silfverskiold, Sundeland Echo

A MAJOR cash injection is set to launch the multimillion-pound transformation of one of Sunderland’s oldest and most significant buildings. Sunderland City Council’s cabinet yesterday approved allocating the £276,000 design costs for the redevelopment of the Grade I-listed Hylton Castle and its chapel.

The cash, from the council and the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), will see a design team appointed. Interviews for a project manager will take place later this month. It is hoped this initial stage of the redevelopment will lead to the creation of a community-based heritage facility, offering education and social function facilities and promoting the site as a major attraction.

The design team will begin development work in accordance with HLF rules, leading the way to an application for a further stage two grant of £2,919,400. The budget for the project as a whole has been set at £3,859,205.

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31 - New Washington Leisure Centre | Washington | 2fl | U/C

Washington is a step closer to its new Sports Centre
103.4 Sun FM News, 21st February 2014

Work is underway on the building of Washington's new multi-milion pound sports complex. Later this afternoon is the official cutting of the sod of the next phase of the new leisure centre.

The new centre will feature two hydro-slides together with a 6 lane 25 metre pool and learner pool. It will also feature five-a-side football pitches and it is hoped to be completed by the summer of 2015.

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32 - KEEL SQUARE - A New Public Square for the City Centre | Sunderland | Completed

Images of Sunderland’s new £11.8million square

This is the new £11.8million square that aims to breathe new life into Sunderland City Centre.

The public square, currently under construction as part of the realignment of St Mary’s Way, will act as a meeting place for public events and gatherings. The new space will also feature artwork that celebrates the city’s industrial heritage and specifically the Wearside’s workers and their role in establishing Sunderland’s reputation for shipbuilding supremacy.

Water features, landscaping, street furniture and space for cafe culture-style entertainment all aim to transform the site into a thriving hub of activity. It is also hoped the completed work will be the first step towards the eventual transformation of the neighbouring Vaux site. The focus of the square will be two artworks named Propellers of the City and The Keel Line.

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33 - A19 Ultra Low Carbon Enterprise Zone @Turbine Pk, Hilthorne Farm, proposed IAMP | Sunderland & South Tyneside | Proposed

Heres a planning app from Vantec/hitachi for part of phase 3 of enterprise park's surrounding Nissan this is going to be located off the A1290 at Hillthorne Farm on plots 4+5. Here's the planning app with maps and proposed site layout below:

15/00039/FU4 | Erection of a new 40,500sqm B8 warehouse facility with 475sqm first floor offices, together with associated ancillary buildings, external yard and parking areas, hard and soft landscaping, perimeter fencing, utility diversions, site set up compounds and temporary haul road with associated access on to A1290. | Land At Hillthorn Farm Washington

As you can see there's also a subsiquent spine road to be built on the land by the council backed with funding. You can find the app for that here:

15/00052/LAP | Construction of a new spine road and formation of new access on to the A1290 Washington Road and associated infrastructure; the erection of temporary access on to the A1290, haul road and construction compound. | Land At Hillthorne Farm Washington

34 - The Bridges Extension | Sunderland | 2fl | Proposed

First glimpse at the 'Bridges Extension' plans for the former Crowtree Site

Artist's impression of the new Bridges extension

Kevin Clark - [email protected]

13:42Thursday 15 October 2015

Here it is - a first glimpse of the future of Sunderland’s Bridges shopping centre.

Shoppers will get a first look at the expansion plans this weekend, with an exhibition of the proposed development going on display in the centre.

35 - Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor Phase 3 | Sunderland | Proposed

This is going to be a mammoth project I thought it would be worthwhile creating a Project Thread for it now, as we are going to begin to hear (and see) more and more about it.

The below info was extracted from the councils site:

Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor Phase 3

The Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor is a dual carriageway link between the A19 and the Port of Sunderland.
Phase 3 (SSTC 3) is the critical link in completing the continuous dual carriageway between the A19 and the city centre.

The completion of SSTC 3 is vital to:

Maximise the benefits of Phase 1 - St Mary's Boulevard, which has been completed
Maximise the benefits of Phase 2 - new Wear crossing, construction now starting
Fully open up the opportunities for development in Pallion, Deptford, Farringdon Row and other sites to the south of the river

A provisional allocation of £40.5m funding for the project has been made through North East Local Enterprise Partnership's Strategic Economic Plan and Local Growth Deal allocation. A further £5m will be contributed by the City Council.

Benefits of the scheme:
It improves opportunities for regenerating key riverside sites including Pallion, Deptford and Farringdon Row
Alongside the new Wear crossing, it will reduce congestion
It will improve access to the city centre and other key employment sites
It will improve the city's public and sustainable transport network

Key Milestones
May 2016 Confirmation of final route
2016 Planning approval
2017 Contractor announced
2017 Works start
2019 Open to traffic

Project update - June 2015
Topographical and ecological surveys along the route were completed in May 2015
A review of the scheme outline and junction arrangements in the Trimdon Street area is in progress
The route skirts above the large retaining wall next to Pallion Engineering, and a preliminary assessment of that structure is underway
The scheme will be the subject of a planning application in 2016. Work is in hand to identify the scope of the associated Environmental Impact Assessment

From -

36 -Sunderland Enterprise and Innovation Hub | Sunderland | 4fl | U/C

Plans for the "Sunderland Enterprise and Innovation Hub", next to the Premier Inn

The SITE . . .

37 - Sunderland College 'City Centre Campus' | Sunderland | 3fl | U/C

38 - High Street West Improvements | Sunderland | Various | Approved

Plans to revamp Sunderland’s High Street West . . .

Draft plans for improving the look and feel of Sunderland’s High Street West can be seen this week.

They follow a consultation exercise in February where the public and businesses gave their thoughts to the city council.

Read More

Useful Idiot on January 18th 2016 . . .

As this is a big scheme over the next 10 months starting this week. here is the 'Schedule Plan' of the works . . . Street West and Bridge Street works - project phasing plan.PDF

AND, here is another 'Artists Impression' . . .


39 - Millburngate House Redevelopment, Framwelgate Waterside | Durham | Various | Proposed

This from the Northern Echo, --

Plans unveiled to replace Millburngate House in Durham City
By Mark Tallentire, Northern Echo, Friday 4th November 2011

A LANDMARK office block, said to be a blot on a city’s landscape, could be replaced with another building more than 100ft high, under blueprints being considered. Sixties-built Milburngate House, home to the Passport Office and National Savings and Investments (NS&I), is set to be demolished under a major revamp of Durham City’s Framwelgate Waterside area. Consultants Taylor Young (TY) have proposed three options for its replacement – a shopping and leisure development, houses, and also apartments. Both residential options include some retail and leisure facilities.

“It’s extremely important the site is not over-developed" said Roberta Blackman-Woods MP, while many residents simply want to see Milburngate demolished, believing it to be an eyesore. However, a newly-published Design and Development Brief reveals Taylor Young believe the site could accommodate new units of seven storeys, or 85ft, with a “signature building” of up to 111ft.

Read More -
A formal planning application has been submitted for the £150m regeneration of Milburngate House in Durham City.

The development consortium, consisting of Carillion, Arlington Real Estate and Richardsons Capital LLP, has made the application to Durham County Council for a premium, mixed-used development that will create 400 new homes on the city’s riverside. The submission follows the announcement that Milburngate has been selected to be the location of the first Everyman boutique cinema in the North East after contracts were exchanged between the developers and the cinema operator.

Forming the cornerstone of Milburngate’s leisure offering, Everyman Cinema will be joined by a collection of premium restaurant and bar operators with whom the consortium are in advanced talks. Alongside the leisure offering will be high-specification apartments, the majority of which will be available for long-term rental with the remainder available for private sale thereafter. [/I]


40 - Gates Shopping Centre / "The Riverwalk" | Durham | Various | Approved

November 25th 2014.

This from the Sunderland Echo,--

£30m plan to transform The Gates Shopping Centre in Durham City unveiled

A £30MILLION scheme to transform a Durham City shopping centre has been unveiled. The project will see 'The Gates' redeveloped to feature a multi-screen cinema, riverside promenade, restaurants, cafes, student flats and parade of shops. The development will support 195 construction jobs during building, as well an estimated 120-plus jobs when open.

Read more
June 1st 2016.

Extracts of the scheme from the Durham County Council Planning Portal:-


Redevelopment of The Gates shopping centre consisting of part retention of existing and part demolition and rebuild for a mix of retail, financial service, restaurant, bar and multiplex cinema uses (Use Classes A1, A2, A3, A4 and D2) and student residential units (total 253 beds) and associated works and landscaping

The Gates Millburngate Durham DH1 4SL - Application Received - Tue 26 May 2015

Decision - Approved subject to S106. Decision Issued Date - Thu 19 Nov 2015


41 - Tombola New Headquarters Building | Sunderland | 3fl | Approved

Newcastle's Ryder Architecture has designed the building which tombola want to be the best office campus around

How Tombola's new HQ, designed by Ryder Architecture, will look

Gaming giant tombola has announced plans to build a new £5m headquarters in the North East with the potential to create a significant number of new jobs.

The firm – Europe’s biggest online bingo company – is currently working with Newcastle architecture practice Ryder on proposals to build a new company HQ next to its current base at Wylam Wharf.

tombola, which creates and develops original bingo software and online games, has ambitious plans to create the best office campus in the region – and while job numbers have yet to be finalised, there is scope to add a significant number to the firm’s 300-plus workforce.

A planning application has already been submitted to Sunderland City Council and, if given the go-ahead, the building could be completed by September or October next year.

“We want to create the best working environment for our team and hope to build the best office campus in the region,” explained tombola chief executive Phil Cronin.


“The design incorporates a transparent east façade which reinforces the building’s connection with the riverside and adjacent Rose Line building, and a ground floor dedicated to social and support accommodation including a bistro, gym and a large central atrium.”

Full article on

42 - Old Fire Station: New Arts, Culture and Dance Centre | Sunderland | 3fl | Proposed

Here’s the first look at Sunderland’s £8.2million arts and entertainment complex which will form the centrepiece of a new cultural quarter.

Work has already begun on the £3million transformation of the Old Fire Station off High Street West into a restaurant, cafe, heritage centre and dance and drama studio due to open next autumn.

Paul Callaghan, from the MAC Trust, said: “The bid document was very detailed and included a full year of programming at the venue as well as future budgets.”Speaking about the proposed 450-seat venue, which will have retractable seating and will also be able to host more than 700 people standing,

Paul said: “It will be a landmark venue of which the city can be proud, presenting local, regional, national and international artists to local audiences.”

Read More -

43 - Beacon of Light | Sunderland | 5fl | U/C

Tolent wins £15m Sunderland Beacon of Light

Sunderland AFC’s charitable arm, the Foundation of Light, has selected Tolent Construction to build a £15m sports centre next to the Stadium of Light.

The Beacon of Light building will provide a mix of both indoor sports hall and outdoor soccer pitches, alongside zones for education, introducing young people to the world of work, and health and wellbeing.
Architecture practice Faulkner Browns came up with the striking cube design, which will rise to six storeys, just below the football stadium eaves.

The entire development will provide 120,000 of accommodation on the 12 acre site.

Read more

44 - Joplings Department Store - New HOTEL | Sunderland | 4fl | Approved

£10million hotel plan for former Joplings site in Sunderland

By Fiona Thompson, Sunderland Echo, 22nd January 2016

Proposals to turn Sunderland’s Joplings site into a £10million hotel have been lodged with planners. The former Department Store on John Street, has stood empty since it shut in June 2010 and had been subject to a previous plan by the Hilton group.

The planning permission granted for that project expired last summer, leading Sanguine Hospitality Limited to launch its own scheme for the site. It wants to create a 122-bed hotel covering the first, second and third floors of the five-storey building, with shop space to remain on the ground floor for other ventures to occupy.

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April 5th 2016.

Just been reading online that this hotel will be a Holiday Inn Express as we all guessed. Looking forward to this getting started.

45 - Sunderland Civic Centre refurbishment or replacement | Sunderland | Proposed

As part of the Sunderland Capital Proposals for 2017/18 is this:

* Civic Centre Options £0.250m in 2017/2018

It is proposed to progress with an options appraisal for either a new or refurbished Civic Centre. The respective option progressed will be informed by the outcome of cost estimates for both, currently in progress and to be completed spring 2017.

Ultimately the benefits of a replacement or modernised civic centre will reduce maintenance and running costs.

I'd be amazed if they had the cash to relocate so it would point towards a refurb of the civic centre, what's people's thoughts?

Would people prefer a overhaul of the current building or a full replacement? I for one don't want to see them anywhere near the Vaux site!

46 - South Sunderland Growth Area (SSGA) Housing Developments | Sunderland | Various | Proposed

The "SSGA" comprises of the following sites:

Chapelgarth -860 homes proposed
Land North of Burdon Lane -955 homes proposed
Cherry Knowle - 770 homes proposed
South Ryhope - 450 homes proposed

An overview of the sites:

I've extracted the above and following images covering the sites above from the South Sunderland Growth Area delivery plan:

As spoken about there is a load of access roads and link roads not competed which will be required, the below is an overview of the infrastructure already implemented and those required for the sites:

The following image is a listing of developers contributions required for developing the site:

47 - Viaduct Court (ex County Hospital) Student Accommodation| Durham | Various | U/C

County Hospital to become £31m Student Accommodation

A £31 MILLION student accommodation development, comprising 363 beds, has finally been given the go-ahead.

Planning inspector Yvonne Wright today (Monday, March 7) granted Peveril Securities planning permission to convert the former County Hospital site, off North Road, Durham. The original Victorian mental hospital will be converted into 82 student studios, while later extensions will be demolished to make way for two new blocks comprising 281 flats.

The decision effectively ends a three-year battle by residents concerned at the spread of student accommodation in Durham to block the project.

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48 - Claypath (Nos.18-29) Student Accommodation | Durham | 4fl | U/C

Demolition of buildings and redevelopment to provide student accommodation (445 bedrooms), associated offices & A1 retail unit at ground floor

18 - 29 Claypath Durham DH1 1RH

Decision - Approved subject to S106

Decision Issued Date - Mon 13 Jul 2015[/I]

Site with proposed layout on

Design & Access Statement

Pictures from 04/08/16 approx 1200 - 1215 showing state of the project at that time

By February 2018 . .

49 - Angel House (aka Crown House) Redevelopment | Sunderland | 10fl | Proposed

17/01127/PCJ | Change of use from offices (Class B1 (a)) to 154 apartments (Class C3). | Angel House Borough Road Sunderland SR1 1EH

Proposed elevation:

Source -

As it looks now, before work starts:

50 - Aykley Heads Business Park (at current Durham County Hall) | Durham | Various | Proposed

6,000-jobs to be created with plan for Aykley Heads site in Durham

Council HQ will be demolished to make room for a business park that will bring £400m into the local economy

CGIs of potential new developments at Aykley Heads in Durham (Image: Durham County Council)

A 'once in a generation' scheme that could create 6,000 new jobs and deliver a £400m boost to the local economy has been outlined.

Durham County Council plans to demolish its headquarters at Aykley Heads and develop the site as a centre for high-tech and high-paying jobs.

The council would invest up to £50m in a new headquarters in Durham City and is also drawing up plans for a history centre that would house the county’s extensive archives.

The plans for Aykley Heads aim to build on the success the council has had in recent years in attracting big name companies like Hitachi and Atom Bank to invest in the county, creating hundreds of high quality jobs.

It is hoped that a 20-year plan for Aykley Heads would create 6,000 jobs in ICT, fintech and professional services that will provide more opportunities for young people in the county - and graduates from Durham University - to pursue high quality careers without having move to other parts of the country.

Map of potential new developments at Aykley Heads in Durham (Image: Durham County Council)

The 56-hectare site would be developed in three stages over 20 years, with the first phase at the northern end of Aykley Heads - around Northumbria House, Salvus House and Riverside Green - creating around 1,000 jobs.

The second stage of the plan would involve the demolition of the council HQ and the development of office accommodation to provide around 2,700 jobs.

A third phase - partly on current Green Belt land - would create around 2,300 jobs but would only be started when demand was shown by the first two parts of the scheme being 85% occupied.

Full article on

51 - New Durham County Hall (Sands Car Park, opposite Freeman’s Quay Leisure Centre) | Durham | Proposed

The proposed new Durham County Hall, at the Sands car park, opposite Freeman’s Quay Leisure Centre, Durham . . .

Marked up on screen print of Google Maps image showing the area in question - Yellow "X"

Photo by myself from Tuesday 20/02/18 approx 1215 showing views across the car park

Images hosted on Photobucket

52 - Sunderland Central Rail Station - Upgrade and/or replacement | Sunderland | Proposed

Redevelopment of Sunderland railway station could start in 2019

Sunderland City Council’s (SCC) Economic Prosperity Scrutiny Committee is due to discuss the scheme, which has been in limbo for years due to lack of funds, at a meeting at Sunderland Civic Centre on Tuesday.

SCC and public transport operator Nexus have committed more than £7m between them – about half the £13-15m construction is expected to cost.

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53 - Sunniside Development Area | Sunderland | Various | U/C


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