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GTC 15
Country: Singapore
City: Singapore

1. Guess the country first (3 guesses per post)- 1 point
2. Then guess the city (3 guesses per post)- 3 points
3. You cannot post again until I have posted
4. You are allowed to post both country and city at once, given that you know the exact location.
Check the points tally thread to see your standings

Heres an easy one...
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china (hong kong), singapore, usa
Told you it was easy.

Congrats, 4 points! :eek:kay:
Edit: that was clear

But why 4 points for a citystate???? That's too easy money ;)
It was an easy one, I know- whoever guessed it first would have that 4 points.

An update of the tally.

Deranged- 32
el_norte- 9
Kusel- 6
bestkub- 5
Jefferson2- 5
Ni3lS- 3
♣628.finst 1
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Well you should better say: whoever saw that thread first got the points :lol:
In a way :lol:

Maybe I got too overjoyed when imageshack started working well again :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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