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Dhaka's Best Skyline View

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The thread title might be a bit confusing. What it basicallymeans is what do you guys think is the est place to view Dhaka's (or atlest one of them) skyline. If you have a picture from the viewpoint, it would be even better.

For me though places like Kawran Bazaar and Gulshan have sprung up recently, i still think Motijheel skyline is the best. I don't know where exactly this is from but so far this is the best Dhaka skyline pic i have seen.

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Its difficult to select one out of the many skylines that exist in Dhaka,but here are the two I really like..(unfortunately,I dont have good shots of these taken from a more elevated position)


Naya Paltan

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Karwan Bazar according to me is the best.
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