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Digital House | Former William Smith Warehouse | 61-63 Norfolk Street | Creative Space/Digital Technology Hub/Cafe

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This thread is for the redevelopment of the derelict former William Smith warehouse on the corner of Norfolk Street and Simpson Street, along with an adjoining property on Simpson Street. The warehouse dates from the 19th Century, and has been in a severe state of disrepair for several decades. The warehouse and adjoining buildings were acquired by the Baltic Creative Community Interest Company in October 2017, from Liverpool City Council on a 125 year lease. The plans call for the full refurbishment of the buildings to create 17,000 sq. ft. of additional working space to accommodate Baltic Creative's continued expansion. The space will comprises studios along with collaborative breakout areas, meeting rooms and co-working space. There will also be a public cafe on the ground floor, and a green outdoor space. The architect is K2.

Planning Application
Application Number - 16F/1133
Site Address - 61-63 Norfolk Street Liverpool L1 0DH
Proposal - To renovate existing warehouse and erect first floor extension for use as work space for creative industries.
Applicant - Baltic Creative
From here -

The planning application was submitted on 12th May 2016 and approved on 28th June 2016. The plans call for a on-site date of November 2017, and a completion date of September 2018.

The Site
- These pictures were taken in 2015. Other than a few extra weeds, nothing much had changed by autumn 2017.

- Copyright to the copyright holder.

Site Progress
- By 20th November 2017 it looked like something was afoot -
- By 24th November, with a 40 week road closure in place around the site, its clear were underway -
Thanks to Liverpool1207 for the above photos.

Easily one of the smallest scale developments, but one of the most pleasing by some margin.
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With parts of the city's heritage rotting away or being demolished, this is very pleasing to see -

Looking forward to seeing this in a few months time -
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Bye Bye Babylon

Chris, cheers for the update :cheers:
This is going to be like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. It'll take a while, but it'll be stunning when it happens -

Almost fully encased in scaffolding. Just the gable end next to the self-storage place, and a bit of the top floor remains uncovered -
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Difficult to see much of what is going on, but progressing it is -

There are loads of these massive concrete blocks supporting the scaffolding on both elevations -

Bricks retained for future re-use -

The smaller section to Simpson Street now without a roof (not that it has much of one to begin with) -

From along the street -
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Not sure why, but another crane on site today...
DSC_2359 by R S, on Flickr
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"Internal strip out of 61-63 Norfolk St nearly complete so seeing the building from inside for the first time and it’s quite surreal !!"

pics -
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are these cranes big enough to be accounted for as well, chris?
are these cranes big enough to be accounted for as well, chris?
Mobile cranes, like the one working here, don't count. Although as in this case they can linger, they can also just as easily arrive and be gone in hours, making them impossible to accurately track.
Wrapped in scaffolding and mesh, this isn't the easiest thing to get updates on, but here's what I found.

Stripped right back along Norfolk Street -

Nice to see the detailed metalwork above the Norfolk Street goods entrance remains -

Light streaming through shows the roof is off -

Overall view -

New steelwork in the section to Simpson Street -

Looking through to the new steelwork -

Still a lot of work to do, but very pleasing progress nonetheless -
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Great little scheme, this one. More excited for their bigger, new build project with the housing assoc...can't wait to hear about that one.
Great little scheme, this one. More excited for their bigger, new build project with the housing assoc...can't wait to hear about that one.
Where’s this to be located?
Not heard of that myself? Can you elaborate buggedboy?
2-6 Jordan Street

Digital Tech Hub Phase 2
Baltic Creative CIC is working with a Registered Social Landlord
to see if we can redevelop an existing Baltic Creative site and provide a new 25,000 sq/ft Commercial digital tech space, 30 live-work spaces and new flats for rent and sale.
We are hoping this £20m scheme will transform thinking
around what residential space can be delivered in the Baltic
area. We are speaking to business owners about the idea that they can not only provide a place to work for their staff but also a place to live, with access to one of the fastest growing tech / creative clusters in Europe.

Our live-work space will give businesses the opportunity to
rent a bedroom in a purpose-designed environment, where
their staff will connect/live with other people from a vast
range of creative and digital industries and also connect with an established and growing network and community.
If you’re new to Liverpool in the CDI sector, where better to
live and work than the Baltic Triangle?
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