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This article cracked me up, soo i really wanted to share it with everybody..!!


You must understand, Bahrain University is our national public university.... Its over-crowded, and the vast vast majority of female students are covered... A large percentage coveres their face even...And thats not how Bahrain generally is, but the University of Bahrain happens to be like this, it attracts those sorts of people.... Private Universities attract moderate people (didn't really want to use the word liberal).... Also, when i went to the campus in Sakhir last week for the first time (there are two campuses), i noticed, to my surprise, that there were a good few male students with the thobe (traditional white dress), but its was the short kind, and they had longish beards... It has become a sort of trend or something there... (I think thats how very religious Wahhabis like to dress, right??)... A student told me its always the Islamists who win seats on the student council there... Cuz there are some secular candidates, and candidates that are members of political societies (parties) that have a very liberal communist background, but those apparently always lose..!

So here's the article...!


SEXUAL favours, vote-rigging and other dirty tricks marred the Student Council elections at Bahrain University, monitors alleged yesterday.

One woman offered a candidate sex if he stayed in the running, rather than step down, says the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR).

More than 4,000 of just over 10,000 students eligible to vote turned out for Thursday's polls, to elect 15 people to the council.

But it was far from a clean fight, says the BYSHR, which monitored the election and has defied what it claimed was an order from university officials not to publish its report.

Various "violations" were committed during the campaigning leading up to elections, as well as during actual voting, says the report.

The report has been submitted to the university's Student Development Centre based on a prior agreement, said BYSHR president Mohammed Al Maskati.

"The report is not a criticism of the university but aims to clarify aspects of the elections to students," he says in the opening statement.

"Based on the views of some students, the Student Council does not have enough jurisdiction to support students in the academic life and this is due to a flaw in democratic representation at Bahrain University.

"The university tried to stop certain candidates from running in elections by controlling the list of candidates, based on political or religious affiliation."

Article 35 regulating the Student Council, prohibits candidates from running for elections under one party and including party slogans on publicity material.

But the university was unable to stop such practices and the following parties were represented in elections: Students First, founded by the Bahrain Youth Centre affiliated to Al Wefaq National Islamic Society (which won six seats); Students Unity, formed by Bahrain Shabeeba Society (which failed to win any seats); Al Esala bloc (two seats), Al Eslah bloc (three seats) and Students Alliance Society, formed by the Bahrain Youth Centre with a group of independents (four seats).

"The media centre, under the Higher Elections Committee, refused to print a poster carrying the phrase 'Our Goal Is to Serve the Students First' for a candidate, because it was a slogan for the Students First bloc," says the report.

"However, the centre approved the printing of a poster from another candidate stating 'Our United Students', which campaigned for the Students Unity Block."

One candidate has claimed that a supporter for one of his opponents attempted to seduce him into dropping plans to withdraw, says the report.

The business college Students First candidate claimed he was dropping out of elections in order to divert his votes to the two other Students First candidates.

He claims a female supporter of the Students Unity block offered to have sex with him if he stayed in the running, in an attempt to dilute the vote.

Allegations also included the deliberate removal of campaign publicity.

"Several candidates said their campaign posters had been torn down and that they were defamed on various university Internet forums," says the report.

"Observers claimed those responsible for tearing down posters did so between 3.30 and 4.30 in the afternoon, when there were almost no students on campus and that a group of five representatives at one college replaced torn down posters with publicity for their candidate."

Observers also saw students allowing others to fill their in voting cards for them, it is alleged.

Bahrain University officials were unavailable for comment yesterday.

Public affairs director Ahmed Al Khalaqi has said previously that the BYSHR report would not be accepted because it did not follow the rules of the university's electoral process.

An extensive monitoring system for student council elections already exists and implemented by faculty members from the College of Law, he told the GDN.

:lol: Bahrain can be surprising and hilarious at times :hilarious:
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