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the following comes to mind ...
St.Peters cathedral in vatican
St.Paul Cathedral in London
Notre Dame in Paris and Reims
Sagrada Familia in Barca
Cologne Cathedral
Florence Duomo
Milan Cathedral
York Minister
Hagia Sophia in istanbul
st.basils in moscow
st.issacs in st.petersburg
angkor wat in angkor
Nakhon Pathom near bangkok
potala palace in lhasa
Temple of heaven in Beijing
Kinkakuji and kyomizuji in kyoto

and many many more

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WOW!! Amritsar's Golden Temple is unbelievably gorgeous!! I believe it is the Sikhs' holiest shrine, but what is its significance.

The Meenakshi Temple is gorgeous too.

I don't think this is a subject we should be having a contest on, because each place is the most beautiful to different people. To me, anyone who devotes his life's work to creating such beautiful places that we have seen here and elsewhere and is devoted to loving his fellow man has a beautiful piece of all these buildings in his soul.

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For me:

Kölner Dom
Ankor Wat (but I think it was of mixed use, isn't it?)
Hagia Sophia
Sagrada Familia (if once finnished ;))
and lots of gotic cathedrals in England and France as York, Lincoln, Canterbury, Notre Dame, Reimes....

Joi Bangla
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I have to say Haram Shareef in Mecca. I mean being the centre of worship for 1.5 billion people has to count for something. And its not just like the vatican which is the most important in its religion. The 1.5 billion people actually have to face towards it while praying.
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