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DISCUSS: Best South-Asian Skyline?

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I'm from South-Asia and all the states here are developing states which means most of them are somewhat on par with each other when it comes to infrastructural development. The four countries in this region that can boast skylines are Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Let's discuss as to which city has the best skyline and which has the potential to develop into the best.

Also, for reference, below is a list of cities in South Asia with the number of high-rise buildings (35m+) in them.

Mumbai - 2300
Delhi - 1805
Dhaka - 1521
Karachi - 1503
Lahore - 1185
Chittagong - 630
Kolkata - 627
Islamabad - 621
Chennai - 620
Pune - 555
Faisalabad - 521
Bangalore - 511
Hyderabad - 462
Gurgaon - 223
Multan - 196
Kochi - 139
Trivandrum - 138
Kanpur - 120
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So here's my ranking.

1. Bangalore:
Yes, it may not be the densest skyline but it's the most eye-catching in the lot. Even though the tallest building in the city is just 128m high, it makes for a nice skyline. All the buildings are iconic and don't clash too much with the environment.

2. Colombo:
Considering how less than 200 buildings in this city are above 200m, this city's skyline is amazing. With the twin towers as the most iconic towers in the city, Colombo shows serious potential.

3. Mumbai:
The financial and commercial capital of South-Asia's skyline is quite similar to Hong Kong in the 80s. About a decade ago, it's skyline was full of concrete eyesores but it's come a long way since then. With 2 supertalls under construction and several unique skyscrapers already dominating it's dense skyline, Mumbai truly has potential to become one of the world's best skylines.

4. Islamabad:
You may say that i'm biased towards my own city and you're partially correct but hear me out. Islamabad didn't have any buildings above 100m up until 2013. Now it has 4 with several others approved. It also has a few 200m+ towers proposed and under construction. Taking into account that it's the least populated city in the lot (just shy of a million people), Islamabad's doing well. It can even break into the top 3 and make a name for itself if it keeps this up.

5. Gurgaon:
I was having this mental battle between Noida and Gurgaon. I chose Gurgaon because of it's iconic towers. The DLF Tower certainly is iconic. Considering this city's been developed recently, i'm impressed. It has potential to compete with many skylines across the world.

6. Karachi
Karachi has the potential to be right up there on the top but the only problem is it just doesn't have a distinct skyline. The city barely has a handful of towers above 100m with the tallest being 120m tall. Now this is the 2nd largest city in the world so one should expect a bit more from it. If it can develop a distinguishable CBD with high rises and two or three supertalls, I don't see why it can't be one of the best in the world.

7. Noida:
The difference between Noida and Gurgaon is that Noida doesn't have any distinct towers to identify itself. It's a cluster of identical residential/commercial buildings.

8. Dhaka:
I was planning on putting Dhaka in the top 5 but it's problem is similar to that of Karachi's. The only difference is that Karachi has a mix of old and new towers to identify itself. Dhaka lacks that.

9. Delhi:
Technically, Gurgaon and Noida are part of Delhi's metropolitan area but they're considered different so I count them as such.
Delhi doesn't have many tall buildings. Period. But the view in Connaught Place does show that it has potential. Hopefully, we'll see some more of it in the future.

10. Kolkata:
Bottom of the list and rightly so. Kolkata has potential but lacks both density and aesthetics. All the towers there look dilapidated and downright ugly. Could do with a CBD makeover.
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I wish tall buildings were allowed in and around Connaught Place.
I agree. Although, they could extend the height limit to a maximum of 100m. That would be enough. It's already a very nice view to look at.
^^ Nice picrures. Hyderabad looks nice. The rest still have that 80s mumbai feel to them.
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