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DISCUSS: Best South-Asian Skyline?

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I'm from South-Asia and all the states here are developing states which means most of them are somewhat on par with each other when it comes to infrastructural development. The four countries in this region that can boast skylines are Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Let's discuss as to which city has the best skyline and which has the potential to develop into the best.

Also, for reference, below is a list of cities in South Asia with the number of high-rise buildings (35m+) in them.

Mumbai - 2300
Delhi - 1805
Dhaka - 1521
Karachi - 1503
Lahore - 1185
Chittagong - 630
Kolkata - 627
Islamabad - 621
Chennai - 620
Pune - 555
Faisalabad - 521
Bangalore - 511
Hyderabad - 462
Gurgaon - 223
Multan - 196
Kochi - 139
Trivandrum - 138
Kanpur - 120
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from Mehfil e Pakistan

beautiful shot from avari
[QUOTE="m.sohaib98, post: 121266432, member: 1185605"][url=] [B]Muhammad Mohsin Siddiqui on instagram[/B][/url]

[B]creek vista[/B]

shahra e faisal

(khalid bin waleed road)


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I hate this thread.. so many low resolution low quality pictures being posted. :eek:hno:


Central Bombay By Night
by Aatif Sumar, on Flickr


Copyright - Ismael MJ

Copyright: Dhaval Motghare

Copyright: Dhaval Motghare
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Just a few random pics of Bombay aka Mumbai.

Photos copyright:
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Mumbai is the only skyline in South Asia whereas Karachi will be by 2020 but good to see u ppl started a thread hope it don't turn into an indo Pak war zone!!
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