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Looks like the Tower Building has Resource Consent ....

just waiting for someone to lease out the extension before Construction commences .....:cheers:


Full refurbishment of existing space - 4,307sqm available - DLA Phillips Fox and Tower committed (four floors)
Four new top floors - 4,290sqm
Resource consent received following consultation with Historic Places Trust
Naming rights available
Panoramic harbour views - 'A-grade' quality
Opportunity for single floor or multi-floor tenants
Large floors, atrium, 46 carparks
Environmentally sustainable design
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LOL Pedo Bear is so Cute ....

Thanks for Scanning that Adam , I guess the design could change a fair bit , depending on what the purchaser requires for the site ...I would imagine Mixed use :cheers:
Yes the Media /Travel Industry are Raving about Wellington .....

I have seen 2-3 Travel Reports lately in the Newspapers etc all Wetting themselves over Welly :banana:
Here ya go Sugarpops ...

Forgive my ignorance, but if there was anything on the Wellington Waterfront (I see the article above is) would this be where it was, or is there another whole thread on it?

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Maybe one of the locals can help you out a bit more Sugar .....

Here's an example of an Aussie Travel Report , from one of the local papers , about Welly :banana:,23483,21904615-27977,00.html
Ha Ha ya go !

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Ohhhhh yeah , lets hope so wellurban .....

If anyones Sources are reliable it would be yours :cheers:

OK, I know I've speculated about this before, but I now know from an inside source that Terry Serepisos' team has had a pre-application meeting with the council for an apartment building on Lambton Quay. This would indeed be Wellington's tallest building, but only if you include the mast that is part of the design.

I haven't seen any plans, but apparently it looks pretty good: much better than some had feared. It is indeed supposed to go just north of Cable Car Lane, and while it's hard to see where on earth you could fit in a skyscraper there, apparently there's some space tucked in behind Hallensteins House. That would make it a very narrow building, but of course that would just add to the slenderness and daring of the design.

I think I'm starting to get a bit excited about this! :)
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Are you sure thats all LOL Stan !

OMG you certainly made up for lost Time ..Thankyou ...bought back memories ..especially the Train ones , used those alot from Petone , whilst the Police searched for my Stolen Car :lol:
Thats a real dandy idea Guys!

I'll get to take photos of real live Aussie Bogans / Kath and Kims etc :lol:
Is this new for Welly ?

61 Molesworth Street :cheers:

or is it built :lol:
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Welcome Wellycane ....

Go The All Blacks:banana:
Ive read that these Soho Apartments ......

will be Marketed Shortly .....has anyone heard anything else ?:cheers:

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Gosh I just went through this site the other day ...

and missed that Verbal ! Thanx Sugar and Welcome :banana:

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Looks a bit like Maritime House .....

I admire any developer that proceeds with a Project this size , without any Pre-commitment :banana: Such confidence in Wellington :banana:

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Excellent Scoop Adam .......

I can see the day when Petone and the Hutt will their own Skylines :banana:

Hutt News - 24 July, 2007

Full size:

I think that the building actually looks quite nice :banana:
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I Love it !

Gees lets hope shes all go ......its all happening in Welly :banana:

...on the Merge Properties website. Interestingly, that's the same company that's planning "Te Aro Towers", and while 12 Daly isn't much more than a decent design, it looks like a work of genius compared to Te Aro Towers. Maybe our former mayor thinks that the Hutt deserves better design than Wellington central?
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Great Updates Deepred ......

Theres Plenty Happening in Welly :banana:
Thats a very good sign Moveax ....

Somebody is very serious about Building a Tower there !:banana:
Something being done at 22 Willis st. Appears to be drilling. Any ideas about what, if anything, is going to happen?

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I think Petone / Lower Hutt has huge, Potential .....

for a Fab new Skyline within the next 5 Years , tis exciting:banana:

IBM Building, Petone

"The property on which the new development forms a part is located on the south-western corner of The Esplanade and Victoria Street in Petone. The site is located approximately three kilometres from the Hutt CBD and six kilometres North of Wellington.

Petone is a well established commercial and industrial location with an increasing emphasis on the commercial range of uses including offices, bulk retail and showroom."

"The Esplanade is the major thoroughfare connecting Wellington to Lower Hutt’s Eastern suburbs. Jackson Street, the regions new Ponsonby, is located immediately to the North.

The site is a short walk from the Petone railway station and has a number of well utilised bus stops near the site."
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Thankyou Adam .......

and may many more follow:banana:

Dominion post - Thursday August 30th

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