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Hey guys,

I'm a bit new to the build spotting thing. Is there somewhere I can find info proposed/approved projects? Just search through property news or does city council make the info available?
Have you got a link to the WCC project page? They re-did their site and I can't find anything useful. Not even a list of granted building consents, which I'm sure were on there before.
a minor update.

Looks like Munns has finally moved out of 22-26 Willis. So demolition might start soon. Not sure if the 1876 building next door is going too. It's still occupied, so maybe not.

It's a earthquake prone building, so they are just going to replace it with another 2 story. Maybe something bigger later on. Will probably be like the new bnz next shop over.
I completely forgot to post this before. As part of Fringe they were having walking tours of historical Cuba St. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it to any of the times but the blog from the same person is pretty good. Has posts on history and current building topics as well.
The next couple post will be a photo dump from my walk around the city today. Just wanted to get a baseline for further updates. Plus there are a couple small interesting projects.
Wellington Pier dive platform

The story goes that kids kept jumping off the ambulance kiosk. This being Wellington, the city decided to build them an official platform. Notice that it's almost the same height as the building and much easier to get up to.

No belly flops allowed, anything else goes.

That is, if you were actually allowed to swim in the water. First time I've seen this sign, so it might be temporary. btw, see those kids on the far left. Yeah they're jumping into the other opening in the pier. I guess the sign doesn't apply to water that's 10m away.

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Moore Wilson's apartment

Apparently, this is the apartment of the owner of Moore Wilson's. The story I hear is that he moved down from AKL and want to have a new place here. I guess it's cheaper to build a house above the parking lot of your own store. btw, notice that the huge wall mural is gone now.

Street view of before

120 Oriental Parade

Not sure if this will be anything special. Looks like another 4 level apartment building.

Site has a bit of history.

Looks like original developers went into liquidation and sold the property in late 2008 after they couldn't get consent for high end units. Not sure what the story is now.

Forte | 13 College St. |11 Levels

Not sure when this one was completed but it's a pretty new building. Not worth making a new thread for it since it's already done.

Official Site

Canvas | 307 Willis St

Got wind of another project.

It's a 3 level apartment block at 307 Willis. Archouse again. It's supposed to be finished March 2013, which is, um now. So will check it out this week and see what's there.

Official Site

Council flats up for architecture award

The Regent Park housing development in the Wellington suburb of Newtown has been shortlisted for an international award.

The redevelopment, begun in 2010, saw demolition of 1970s bedsits and one bedroom flats, replaced by 27 two-bedroom apartments and houses.

It has also been shortlisted for the New Zealand Institute of Architects national awards, to be decided in May.
Another Countdown for Wellington

more or less 210 Wakefield St.

Countdown to set up shop in central city - Dom Post 14/03/2013

Progressive Enterprises is understood to have secured a site for a new Countdown supermarket development in Wakefield St, on the site of a large carpark backing onto the Reading Courtenay cinema complex.

It is understood a lease with Reading has now been secured and discussions have been initiated with construction companies around who could be contracted to build the new store.

The Wakefield St site is barely 200m from the Chaffers New World supermarket.
You think that's bad. They're building another petrol station near Vivian/Cuba. Because what we really need to improve traffic flow on "SH1" is another place people are leaving and entering traffic.
Another supermarket? Boooooooooooooooring !!!

How many will that be between the Hospital and Thorndon? I count 6 New Worlds (Basin, Ghuznee, Chaffers, Willis, Railway & Thordon) and 2 Countdowns (Adelaide Rd & Wakefield).
Waterfront calls for fresh designs - Dom Post 15/03/2013

Waterfront Wellington is calling for developers to come up with new designs for its Kumutoto precinct.

New plans have to comply with a new Wellington City Council design brief.

This includes keeping one site opposite Whitmore St clear to protect view shafts through to the harbour.

The maximum height on site 10, at the northern end of the area, was reduced to 22 metres, while site 9's was lowered to 19m, and 16m at its south end.

New buildings in this area would have a range of uses and could include recreational, retail, commercial, residential and institutional uses. The uses needed to support a safe waterfront and 24-hour activity.

The brief said the character of North Kumutoto included a network of waterfront promenade and lanes connecting back to the CBD.

Any new buildings would have to be sympathetic to the scale of the surrounding heritage buildings including Shed 21 at the northern end, Sheds 11 and 13 at the southern end, the Former Eastbourne Ferry Building and the Harbour Board iron gates and raiilings.

Waterfront Wellington chief executive Ian Pike said requests for proposals had gone out to nine developers.
Ah, I forgot about that. Makes sense.
I'd say ripping up the fuel tanks of the old Shell station would have been too much bother, so they turned it into a Z station instead.
Canvas | 307 Willis St

update on previous post

went and got some photos of it.

For a bit of scale. Business on corner seems to be vacating, not sure what's going to happen to the building.

Front cladding is going up, looks like the design is prepainted(?) onto it

Some more "graffiti" on the side
New Countdown

Saw these guys drilling this morning. Probably doing soil analysis.

I wonder when renders will be out.

Sofitel on Bolton

Do you guys think we need a new thread for this. Not a new building, but they are adding 5 floors to an existing one.

Five-star hotel planned for Wellington
(13 Dec 2012)

"An estimated $35 million is being spent adding five or six floors to the top of the long-vacant old Enza head office in Bolton St and converting it into a 130-room hotel across the road from the five-star Bolton Hotel. It is scheduled to open in mid-2014."

It looks like the cranes are going up, so construction should start soon

Work closes central city road (26 Mar 2013)
That's what I was thinking. I'll probably start a thread once renders come up <-Edit: brain fart

I mean, I'll put up a new thread for the new Countdown when the renders go up. For the hotel, I'll grab some location photos and start a thread towards the end of the weekend.
Hint - it is easier to find photographs and details of a project when it has it's own thread .... it gets lost if you share it with other's ;)
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