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How good is that Kumutoto area looking - awesome.

Great shots NZman.

While I can think of plenty of other things I would have preferred on that site where the shed is, I can't wait till the Hilton is built. Will be the final piece in the jigsaw....
Yeah I know both places pretty well too. The thing i like about Wellington is the density downtown. Dont laugh me outta here but it resembles a mini Hong Kong in alot of ways. Love the buzz on Lambton Quay. Downtown Chch could do with some of that energy. And dont worry Mr Chippies, its all ok at the end of the day.
From a density point of view, you aren't a million miles away in the comparison with HK.

Some of those plans for Christchurch sounded great and I hope they all go ahead and that the future for the city is as promising as it sounds - its a nice place.

But honestly, some of those claims about rivalling Wellington in the near future were fanciful at best.....especially the skyline one. All development in the capital would have to stop for 10yrs before Christchurch would catch up.

To quote Bassborg on another forum: *dons fire-proof suit*
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A mini Hong Kong was stated :cheers:
Yeah, I got carried away there.

Apologies for the confusion.
Is Monument where the Warehouse was?

And Piermont - looking at the views from the balcony on their website, its near the Museum Hotel?
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They are both on the old warehouse site,

Piermont is on the Cable Street (Museum frontage), while Monument is on the "back" Wakefield street Corner
Cheers GreenWelly - all clear now.

I do like the sea-view apartments at Piermont - the park, the boats, the ocean and hills in the background. Its just that carpark.....not that appealing. I guess you can't have everything :)
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I posted a picture found on flickr of the models awhile back. It should give ya a better idea of the position of monument and piermont.

Help me out Tui....

Would that be the view looking from the front of the Museum Hotel, with Te Papa out of shot to the right?
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The viewpoint is from the corner of Wakefield & Tory where the apartment showroom is.

The carpark beside Te Papa has been earmarked for the UN Studio design job. No start date on that one yet, it seems to be on Wellington Waterfront's to-do list.
Ah - all the pieces are coming togther. Thanks.

I like that UN Stdio design. Will be a great addition (and view from the apartments) if approved.
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With Chews Lane, the proposed tower above New World and another next door - alongside the existing BNZ Centre at one end and Majestic Centre at the other - the bottom of Willis St should turn out to be quite dense. Excellent.
:cheers: If that goes ahead, along with the new supermarket on Tasman St, there will be quite alot going on in the area. Do the chow brothers have any development experience? All I can think of from them is strip clubs, just hotel and that takeout place on courtenay place.
They own a hotel, a takeaway joint AND a peeler place?

What a couple of legends....
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What a waste- that current building is powerful, solid and totally distinctive, and the replacement looks like a suburban cinema multiplex.

Update it sure- the street access and ground floor is rubbish- but keep the cool concrete! In the flesh that building is great! It will be a sad loss to be ripped down and replaced by Yet Another Glass Box (tm)

Big pic of the existing building:
Could not agree more. Leave the structure, improve the ground floor "experience".

I'm sure I read (although I could be wrong) that the new design adds little extra room than what the exisiting structure provides, at least for a $69m bill. Comments have also been made regarding the intention of the original design - that any expansion should be "up".

It looks tacky. Its trying too hard. Its trying to be the the literature world's version of Te Papa......stop it.
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that thing is heinous
While I agree it might not look like much in the photo, I always enjoyed strolling past it when I was in Wellington (well, from across the road, where you could fully take it in...).

It is a strong, powerful, almost majestic (don't laugh..) structure. I'm not saying it will go down in history as an architectural wonder, but it has presence. I have read that its design clearly contemplated expansion going "up". So much could have been done above and at ground level, while keeping the original structure.

I'm not against glass boxes per se, but do they need to be everywhere? and replacing everything? That doesn't seem to offer much architectural imagination to me......

And in terms of being a safehouse to store NZ's lirerary treasures for future generations, I do tend to think it is far more appropriate than some glasshouse.......
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I should point out....

I called the building "tacky" and "trying to hard" in a previous post, but that was in the context of it replacing the National Library.

I am not against the design for some other use - there are many aspects of it I like. I could see something like that down where the defunct Hilton Hotel was suppose to go on the outer T on the watrefront....

I just think to effectively demolish the exisiting Library to replace with that box - in that precinct - is a mistake.
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The end is nigh for Lyall Bay - lol

Anger at beachfront housing plans
MATT CALMAN - The Dominion Post | Wednesday, 02 July 2008

Bay residents are bristling at the suggestion of six- storey towers being erected along the waterfront.

A zone of beachfront land from Maranui Surf Club to Kingsford Smith St, on Wellington's south coast, is one of 11 areas identified by Wellington City Council as suitable for intensive development to accommodate projected population growth of 44,000 by 2051.

The council says three- to six- storey apartments could make room for 250 dwellings and an extra 400 people. Other suggested development areas include the town centres of Tawa, Johnsonville and Kilbirnie. Some areas have been recommended for character protection, including parts of Mt Victoria, and most of the south coast.

At a public meeting this week to discuss the possible development of Lyall Bay, Katherine Smyth was upset the area had been "singled out" as unworthy of character protection.

"How dare someone dictate that? I used to feel it was one of Wellington's best-kept secrets [but] more and more it's become loved."

Opening the prime beachfront property to developers would be dangerous and would risk leaving a "cheap tacky version of Surfers Paradise that never came off", she said.

Stevo O'Rourke, who lives and works in Lyall Bay, said it would be irresponsible to allow intensive development after surface flooding, storm surges and extreme rainfall in recent years had placed strain on existing buildings. He would welcome improvements to the area but said anything taller than two storeys would cast shadows over the beach and block existing views of the hills.

Councillor Andy Foster said Lyall Bay was not considered for character protection because the quality of the buildings along the waterfront was poor. The council was trying to respond to population growth in a sustainable way by encouraging development close to town centres and public transport and each area could have rules tailored to protect character. "We're not trying to ruin the city, we're trying to make it better."

Local surfer Ruckus O'Rourke said developers must be "rubbing their hands together" at the council's plans for Lyall Bay.

"I reckon it's a jewel in the crown for Wellington. It's a fabulous beach and part of that is the community down there. Even though someone's home is not the idea of a beautiful house, those people make the area."

Council urban development and transport director Ernst Zollner said the six-storey scenario was unlikely to happen, but change in Lyall Bay was inevitable.

"I don't know where six storeys came from. The six-storey thing is just bizarre. But we need a vision for Lyall Bay."

Council officers unveiled their proposals at six public meetings around the city during June. People have till July 14 to make submissions on the plans.
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The good folk at Eye Of The fish have a piece on the cost blow-out for Supreme Court in Wellington, and included are a couple of progress shots.
1 Featherston St (couldn't see a separate thread)

This a photo posted by Culwulla on a different thread. Among other things, it shows the progress of 1 Featherston St (I think):

And a previous render and details posted by mtb_nz here:

By my reckoning, once topped out, it will be almost twice as high as it is in this shot. And judging by its footprint in the render, its a beast
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thanks mate
No worries.

Any of the (current) locals know whats going on the corner, where this shot is taken from?
Bland. Boring. Total absence of appeal.

I think I prefer the original render - and that was hardly earth-shattering
The suggestion by Kerry P that "the timing means we can also provide a bit of a shot in the arm to the local construction industry" is a bit silly IMHO. There are better stimulus options for $50m than spending it all in one go on a sports centre.
Yeah? Personally, I'm a 100% supporter of this type of investment in infrastructure in the current climate.

Its not just the $50m spent to provide a great, needed facility for the community, its the money-multiplier effect of putting cash in the pockets of builders, contractors, suppliers etc at a time when residential and commercial property owners aren't.

It might be the time for households to watch the purse strings a little, but not local and central government. I'm not saying go out and blow the reserves, but if government stops spending along with households, everything screeches to a halt.

What did you have in mind in terms of alternative stimulus options?
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Oh, and please tell me that hideous, soulless block is not the final design.....
When the customs building is finished this will result in a reasonable group of new buildings (with the required people) in that area, hopefully the Harbour Keys people can be convinced to do some work on the proposed harbour edge walkway between the BNZ and Stats buildings, otherwise the only way people can move around will be the new "cruise ship" footpath next to waterloo quay.
Agreed. When I was back in Wellington recently I was a little disappointed with this building, but I think that had more to do with the current surroundings - its pretty much a big block amongst a construction site. With some footpaths, lansdcaping, other buildings - and most importantly, people - should come up a treat, and just fill the space in that area.

Just down the road is the new IRD building that someone took a picture of above. Now thats a monster. Shame the design couldn't have been better for such a prominent spot, but we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

Nevertheless, to compliment what looks like a refurbished Waterloo Hotel, the addition of the new IRD building, the supreme court upgrade and additions, the Holiday Inn round the back, and the development at Harbour Quays, its all getting very dense round there :)
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