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66 willis street

some additional renders of the NW metro tower in Willis street

I guess construction is dependent upon getting enough tenants

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Yeah, and it is still not big enough.:bash:

I mean, this is a hospital that is to provide services over the next 50 odd years, to an aging population, so you would haev thought a bit of out of the box future proofing could have gone on,

Like building foundations to allow for an addition two or 3 floors in the future, and if you have funding maybe even build one or two of them to the close-up stage(no internal wiring/plumbing/aircon/walls etc , but weather tight)

Then as the need rises (which it does with more elderly people), you spend some future funding to expand it every 20 years or so),
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Is Monument where the Warehouse was?

And Piermont - looking at the views from the balcony on their website, its near the Museum Hotel?
They are both on the old warehouse site,

Piermont is on the Cable Street (Museum frontage), while Monument is on the "back" Wakefield street Corner
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il Casino Appartmento

Is it just me or is every apartment block being marketed as "up market" these days :)

Il Casino Site To Become Up-Market Development
Thursday, 17 April 2008, 11:11 am

Press Release: Sorenson Group PR

Il Casino Site To Become Up-Market Development

Remiro Bresolin’s former Il Casino restaurant, which was known as Wellington’s ‘most Italian of restaurants’, is to be transformed into an up-market residential development to be called ‘Appartamento Il Casino’.

The development, on the corner of Tory and Jessie Streets, will have up to 31 apartments over nine floors. Occupying the ground floor there will be a specialist café and possibly a restaurant, and ample resident parking.

Stephen McDougall, director of leading architectural practice Studio of Pacific Architecture, has designed the development which will retain the well-known original Tory Streetfaçade of the restaurant. The development is being undertaken by award-winning Wellingtoncompany, Globe Holdings.

Globe Holdings director Andrew Fawcet says, “We sought permission to use the restaurant’s name and Remiro Bresolin graciously gave us his blessing before he passed away in March 2007. This has enabled the development to preserve a little of Wellington’s history and the memories associated with Remiro and his restaurant.”

The apartments, planned to rise above the façade, will comprise a mix of one bedroom and two bedroom dwellings, some with a study, and on the upper levels, three and four bedroom apartments with a study. The two bedroom and three bedroom apartments will have two bathrooms and generous balconies.

“Our desire was for a building with more personality and character than that found in other contemporary apartment blocks. The brief to our architects was to create a building that would continue as a landmark and contribute something to the City; time will tell whether we’ve succeeded, but we’re confident that this will be the best development that Globe has embarked upon to date,” Mr Fawcet said.

The apartments will be highly specified with chef’s kitchens, floor to ceiling windows, heated bathroom floors, timber decks and walk-in or built in wardrobes. The living and dining areas of each apartment will feature reverse cycle ceiling mounted air conditioning. Security features will include deadlocks on apartment entry doors, access care entry from street level with intercom access for visitors and video capability to an internal MATV system.

Car parking will be provided for by way of a state-of-the-art fully automated car stacker, with secure parking over 40 cars.

Two of Globe Holdings’ recent developments, The Summit Apartments on Molesworth Streetand the Courtyard houses which form part of The Waterfront Seatoun, have achieved recognition by winning the Wellington NZ Institute of Architects (NZIA) Resene Awards for Architecture in 2006. The Summit Apartments also won the NZIA 2006 Resene Colour Award.

Globe Holdings has previously been recognised by a Year of the Built Environment Award for The Waterfront Seatoun, the NZIA 2003 Wellington Urban Design Award for The Waterfront Seatoun’s masterplan, and an NZIA Resene Local Award for Architecture for its Croxley Mills development on Frederick Street, Wellington.

The Appartamento Il Casino development will be marketed by leading Wellingtonreal estate agency Tommy’s in conjunction with Globe Holdings.

“We envisage that Appartamento Il Casino will appeal to owner-occupiers who want to enjoy high quality inner-city living without compromise. The design provides great indoor/outdoor flow making the most of natural light and the city landscape while the security features enable owners to lock and leave their home without worry, while they are away on business or out of town. This will result in considerable interest from those who need a central Wellington residence during the week but might have a holiday home in the Wairarapa or further afield,” Mr Fawcet said.

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Yes, a huge expansion for that was on the cards, from the kowhai-loving Chow brothers. Shudder.
Although I suspect that finance company failures, "the downturn" and the international credit crunch will put pay to alot of projects by smaller players who cannot get funding.

I note that the sales office for republic 2 has closed up at the cnr of Tory and Wakefield, has any heard if they got the required sales to warrant its construction
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Developers sometimes wrap the columns in kevlar and epoxy blankets, just like the motorway columns, and the building is good for another few floors.
Nice recycling, if that's whats going on here.

By the way Red, you might want to update the previous pic from Century City - Wellington Construction have abandoned the project (note the sign removal) and Serepisos' boys are trying to finish it themselves.
Word is it won't be finished before Christmas if not March..
Century City is turning into one of those projects from H*ll, I mean how many of the back block have actually got occupants/tenants, let alone the glacial progress on the "hotel" at the front.
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'Cept that Capetown is 33S ie North of Sydney, and Wellington is 41S, or south of Melbourne :), 8% of latitude does tend to alter the temperatures a bit :)
Anyone know why Lyall Bay (the suburb) and parts of Kilbirnie are so treeless? Is it to do with the airport?
Most likely due to them both being low lying swampland/Tidal channel until the 1855 quake made them into dry land, Trees generally don't like salt water, and I suspect that the soil remains quite sandy and saline through to today,
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Cassels willis street devt get tenants

Looks like construction is set to start once the permits and things are sorted

dom post link

Green giant HQ for Telecom

PAUL MULROONEY - The Dominion Post | Wednesday, 16 July 2008

A $100 million "green" building to house Telecom is being billed as the "most significant" of its kind for central Wellington.

The telecommunications giant has been named as the anchor tenant for what will be known as Willis Central - 12 levels of office buildings and retail outlets spreading from Willis St to Boulcott St. The site is opposite the recently opened Chews Lane precinct.

Apartments in Boulcott St, perched on pillars above a car park, would be moved. They are owned by the developer, Ian Cassels' the Wellington Company.

Buildings in Boulcott and Willis streets would be linked by a central glass atrium, creating a campus-style development. It will cover 19,000 of the available 26,000 square metres.

About 1700 Telecom staff, now spread over six leased properties around central Wellington, would be housed in the development, which has been leased for 12 years from mid-2011.

It will be a five-green-star- rated building, meaning it will use the latest in environmental design, including energy-efficient lighting, solar panels and possibly wind turbines.

Mr Cassels, who redeveloped the former Mid City movie theatre complex into New Zealand's first five-green- star-rated building, now home to the Conservation Department, said his latest project could eclipse it in significance.

It could also help allay growing economic uncertainty in the business sector.

"In the middle of a year that's pretty uninspiring in terms of woes and troubles, it's really quite a major step for Wellington," he said.

Wellington City Council had yet to receive a resource consent application but the project was within the 95- metre height limit. Construction is set to start this year.
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There is a note in the Dom (31st July pA3) that AMP properties and Parliament have settled their dispute over the Bowen state building redevelopment, and that after some modifications to the plan, Parliament will withdraw their appeal.

So it sounds like the commercial building boys will still have plenty of work for a while,

I also saw on this week that the car park (to be the new Customs Building) in front of the Statistics building in Harbour Quays has signs up stating that there will be no parking or pedestrian access after 1 August, so I guess construction is due to start there soon too.
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7 Boulcott street resource consent

In todays Dom ( 7 August 2008) , there is a WCC notice of an application for a resource consent for 7 boulcott street (the current car park behind the St George).

No Renders or anything, but it notes that a consent is required due to building height and wind, so I might have to trot down to the council and have a butchers at what is planned.
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I suspect this one will be given a hard time by the church parishioners so if you support this development it might be worth getting a submission in.

I hope there are some renders from other angles to give an idea of how it'll impact on the view of the church from the willis-boulcott corner.
Although looking at that render, it is set back from the road, and I assume this is to allow the church viewshaft to be preserved,
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There's an article in last week's CityLife freebie about the derelict Thorndon Tavern site. After the Tavern closed down in the mid-90s, the Thai Govt bought the site to build a new embassy, but things went quiet after Bangkok put the project on hold following the Asian financial flu.

The site hasn't changed hands, but the article pointed out Bangkok is still to unfreeze the funding, and the site is still costing them six-figure rates each year.
I had wondered what was up (or not) with that site,

While they may be paying a six figure Rates Bill, they will be getting it reimbursed by MFAT, as overseas missions are not subject to taxes and levies and can claim it back, (just ask the Brits and the trouble they are having getting some Embassies to pay the congestion charge)
Article 23
1.The sending State and the head of the mission shall be exempt from all national, regional or municipal dues and taxes in respect of the premises of the mission, whether owned or leased, other than such as represent payment for specific services rendered.
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New companion for Maritime tower on Customhouse quay

From this Morning's Dom.

Looks rather nice, would be good to see what ballance St/Featherton street view is like.

$90m plan for new waterfront tower

Plans to build a $90 million building near Wellington's waterfront could lead to one of the largest demolition projects the central city has seen.

The current buildings on the Featherston St site would take 10 months to demolish, and the new building three years to build.

AMP Capital, which owns a property portfolio worth $1.9 billion, wants to knock over its $33.2 million 1970s building, known as the Gen-i Building, to build the 30,000-square-metre complex.

A 19-storey tower would front Featherston and Waring Taylor streets, a 10-storey wing would face Featherston and Ballance streets and a 15-storey wing would face Customhouse Quay. The budget for the project would be more than $90 million.

An AMP spokesman said the company had asked the council to make the application fully notified, meaning any member of the public can write in support of or oppose the plans.

"It's going to be a very prominent building. We do want a very open, transparent and robust consultation."

If granted consent, the new building will wrap around the Maritime Tower on Customhouse Quay and occupy the rest of the city block.

The building owners surrounding the site, including Sir Robert Jones, have already been notified, as have the tenants in the Gen-i Building. "There's been no feedback at this stage," the spokesman said. "The chance for formal feedback will come through the resource consent process."

Athfield Architects director John Hardwick-Smith said the biggest challenge would be building the "unusual" glass facade facing the waterfront.

"Externally the building has a striking and vibrant form. It's a building that we think contributes a lot to the city."

Public submissions to Wellington City Council can be made from today and close on November 7.

Council spokesman Richard MacLean said it was unlikely that the resource consent hearing would happen before Christmas.
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Nope, Caltex is on a seperate block to the North, this is the older low rises on both side of the new green Maritime house, ( and the tower on Waring Taylor/Featherston)

At 19 floors, its probably about the same height as Vodafone on the Park, State insurance (nee BNZ), is 28/29 stories. significantly taller
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Well, I would hope it gets refused. The council will want/need to protect it's high paying commercial ratepayers in the CBD.

Not even mentioning that I personally don't want or like large suburban malls, of course I don't live in the northern suburbs, but let's keep Wellington lively and condensed.

As for Johsonville itself, do they reallly want to end up like Porirua or Lower Hutt? Those places are awful.
Firstly, I would rather stab myself in the eye with a rusty fork than go mall shopping but,
I think It will probably get through, a)There is already a mall there, and b) its northern suburbs location is more likely to take custom from Porirua that downtown,

The current "town centre" in johnsonville has been haphazard since its inception in the 70's and the expansion of the mall in the 80s and again in the 90s, along with the foodbarn that is woolworths, have all led to a mess,

BUT.. For this to be approved, the Train and bus interchange needs to be integral to the whole development, i.e you have platform flow into one of the entrances, Not simply tacked on one end in a ghetto down a long passage

HOWEVER, It will be interesting to see if it does actually proceed , given the no doubt tightening of finance funding for such developments, and the ongoing recession and retailing downturn,
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I agree, now is not the time for a sports centre.
It will be an interesting test for the council,

they will LIKELY rely on bond funding for the capital to pay for this building, and it sounds like the retail bond market is drying up, why give your money to a council, when you can put it in the bank with a Government Guarantee,- it will certainly add to the price ( in terms of interest and funding costs)
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But this Retail Centre seems to be in such a prime position , its a shame it wasn't a Mixed Use Development with Apartments on upper levels over looking the Water :)
'cept for the noisy 4 lane dual carriageway State highway between you and the water + not to mention the high windrun in both directions :)
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Republic on Tennyson

Walking home tonight I notice a great big Yellow excavator and a whole pile of security fencing at the Republic Site on Tennyson, looks like demolition of the remaining building on the site and ripping up the concrete may be about to start

EDIT: 22 October, Yes, there is demolition work commencing on the site, ripping up the concrete pad, and looks like the YKK and Excel buildings are next to bite the big one,
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New crane up on the Customhouse site on the waterfront, and Dompost is reporting tower one of the republic Duo in Tennyson is about to get underway,

Still nothing on the watermark site though....
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