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great! It'll be good to have it up :)
A couple of photos I took today of buildings going up in Wellington

The new Countdown in Newtown:

Apartment building almost completed between Vivian and College Streets:
Also a photo I took of the new cafe/pizza place going up in Courtenay Place today... sorry it's not great quality, but starting to take shape!

Agreed! It should slot in quite nicely.
I'm a bit bored with glass boxes in NZ too, but I'm not so worried about them in this location. They contrast well with the round stadium and the heritage buildings nearby - railway station, the pub/hotel across the road and the wharf building that was converted into apartments. Then there is the variety of the BNZ building (at least the facade) and brute that is the IRD HQ down the road.

So, overall, there is quite a mix of buildings in Harbour Quays.
It may seem boring, but I've read somewhere on this site before that Wellington is actually under-served in terms of supermarkets per capita. And I'm sure we can all agree that having a Countdown near the biggest of those New Worlds you listed is good for our grocery budgets :)
Another supermarket? Boooooooooooooooring !!!

How many will that be between the Hospital and Thorndon? I count 6 New Worlds (Basin, Ghuznee, Chaffers, Willis, Railway & Thordon) and 2 Countdowns (Adelaide Rd & Wakefield).
Yeah, and Auckland being more underserved doesn't negate the need in Wellington, there's not really any connection there. Or maybe we just need more South East Asian Night Markets like tonight! I could quite happily go and buy halo-halo and bbq pork fresh off the bbq a few more nights of the year :)
Under-served you reckon? I think Auckland might win that one, at least in the central city. There's only 1 or 2 supermarkets in Aucklands cbd and nothing in the surrounding suburbs of Parnell, Kingsland, Newton or Ponsonby.

Anyway, I just think it's a waste of prime space. I take your point about competition though, Chaffers NW is pretty dam pricey.
Looks like that new apartment building on Wigan St is nearly at full height...
yep, it's a while away from looking like that though.
Yep, right here:
Is there much in the way of the street food/food truck craze in Wellington?

An indoor market with these, and a dining area (think Chelsea Markets, Gotham, even Singapore hawker centres but nicer) would work, as would an outdoor location.

And of course a big central food produce market like in Barcelona or Borough would be great also. Many of the establishments in there are smaller but semi-permanent.
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mmmm that would be amazing!
Will there be a Carl's Jr restaurant anytime soon in Wellington?
Yeah it's all finished, one's an ANZ and the other is vacant, I'll see if I can get some pics tomorrow.
Can someone pleeeease take some update pics of this one?
Something a bit different. Arise Church will be building a massive facility in Petone. 1200 seat auditorium plus function rooms and offices.

Countdown have their sign up on Lambton Quay. I see Fix have moved out next door, replaced by a shiny new Flight Centre with big screens to inspire travel fomo. Flight Centre must be on track to nearly overtake wishbone/subway as having the most stores in the city at this rate.

Looks like there's some demo happening behind the new Xero development. Can't remember what this site will be though. This corner will be unrecognisable in a couple of years!

Things are also happening at the site of the old Fairfax building.
And across the road seismic work is truly underway at the cathedral.

And there's some action round the corner as well!

1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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