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Has anyone else noticed the development going on in the site of the long proposed memorial park on Buckle St/bypass?
In the last month a horrible industrial shed has gone up with a large fence (towards Basin end). And outside the war memorial there seems to be a lot of ground excavations going on - with the removal of the cycle path, grass verge and removal of both larger and smaller Pohuntakawa.

From the looks of it they are planning on making an industrial park with numerous crappy tin sheds.
Whose complete lack of vision?:eek:hno::eek:hno:
Totally agree, but I guess anything's better than the wasteland that's there at the moment.
Walked past 'TATOO' on Abel Smith Street today. Still under construction but looking great. Will try to get some pics.
I think its fine, I love how the colours really pop against the grey. Not sure if its grey paint or bare concrete, but based on the render I think they are painting a lot of it red. Either way, it's a massive improvement to what was there before. I think the older apartment building opposite it is undergoing some construction as well, does anyone have any info on this?

Great to see that the inner suburbs like Te Aro are starting to gentrify a bit more. There is actually quite a bit of construction going on and everywhere you look there are houses/buildings being repainted or refurbished. Upper Cuba St a few years ago was a complete sh*thole but now there are some fantastic little restaurants and shops there. Hopefully projects like these are the start of a real transformation of the inner city!
^^ Went to Arthurs on Friday. Such a cozy little place, especially on a chilly night.
^^ Funnily enough, the rear of that building (which faces Victoria St) looks a lot more appealing/modern than the front. Does anyone have any snaps of the back?
1 - 7 of 1223 Posts
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