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Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to Århus, Denmark's 2nd largest city with over 300,000 inhabitants. It's also Denmark's youngest city, with over 40,000 students (13% of all of Denmarks students study in Århus).
It's also said that Århus could be Denmark's oldest city aswell; evidence has been found which shows that there has been viking settlement here as early as the 8th century).

Map of Århus/Denmark

My personal opinion: I was actually really surprised about how beautifully Århus is built up. The only thing that was a huge disappointment was their harbour... it looked like an enormous dump, full of nothing but containers..
Other than that, awesome city!

Here we have some shots taken from inside the train, on my way from Copenhagen Central Station to Århus Central Station (total train ride was 3½ hours).
Excuse the reflections in the windows... i couldn't do anything about that :)

The New Little Belt Bridge

Vejle was defidentally an eye-opener aswell. :) I'd really like to come back here and get a real tour of the city!

The 17-storey highrise in Vejle

I believe this is Skanderborg (small danish town in Jutland)

Finally... Århus Central Station

Their pedastrian street, almost just as crowded as Copenhagens during the day (i was surprised though, as soon as it started to get dark it was pretty damn quiet!)

Ahhh yeeeeeeah! :cool: That's my ride!

Århus City Hall :puke: I can't believe how ugly it looks on the outside.. and how horribly beautiful it looks on the inside! (unfortunately got no photos of the inside since it was closed)

More photos in next post...

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Århus has quite a lot of nice-looking architecture.. this for example i like A LOT more, than what we for eks. see a lot of in Copenhagen..

The great thing with Århus is you got the forrest very close :) Beautiful combo of nature and city (and good landscape after danish standards) Just my kinda city! :D

Here we see Århus Central Station again from a different angle, and Bruun's Galleri Shopping Center just beside it

and connected to the shopping center is the 68m tall KPMG building

SAS Scandinavian hotel & congress center

One of Århus's nicest parks (got a lot more photos from here... but im gonna try and keep this thread as urban as possible :))

Also in Århus is an open-air museum, consisting of a bunch of middle-aged buildings

Love this!! Old meets new, at it's best! :banana:

/\ It's the 63m tall "Prismet" by the way...

Some commies... every city has to have their commies...

And a bridge :)

From the bridge you got a nice view of the city

Beautiful :)

the 93m tall Århus Cathederal Church

Sun is getting down... i better head back home to Copenhagen...

Unfortunately i couldn't stay longer since i had to work horribly early the next morning :( So i left around 9pm'ish and got home around 1am :)

This was just a quick summary... i have tons more photos which i'm going to post later on :) So make sure to check back every once in a while!

Thanks for lookin!

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