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DLL presents>> The Open Air Museum: Old Denmark At Its Best

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Part I of II

It was hot. It was sunny. The sky was almost completely cloud-free. The trees are full of rich green, healthy leaves and some mixed with beautiful flowers.
There's no way I could keep myself locked inside.
I decided to take a trip to one of the largest and oldest open air museums in the world. It's located in the old town of Lyngby, approx. 20 km north of Copenhagen.

Eliza and I had loads of fun, and have decided now to share our adventure with the great folks here at S&B. :)

Hope you enjoy!

Here's a quick summary of the Open Air Museum:

The Open Air Museum north of Copenhagen is one of the largest and oldest in the world. Spread across 86 acres of land today the museum houses more than 50 farms, mills and houses from the period 1650-1950. Virtually every region in Denmark and the Faeroe Islands as well as the former Danish provinces of southern Sweden and northern Germany is represented so at the Open Air Museum you can travel the length and breadth of Denmark in a single afternoon - just a stone's throw from Copenhagen centre.

Looks like a good idea :)

Now to see the inside of one of the houses.

I guess people back in the 1600s weren't very tall:

Look at their beds (to the right):

The outside of that house:

The inside of the above house:

Part II will come soon...


Cheers! :cheers2:
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They had very stylish chairs in the old days! :D

This was really interresting.. thanks for showing. :)
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Nice photo tour...interesting to see how different all the buildings where back then

This old building actualy reminds of the farm where i grew up:D:
Awesome pics Danny - it's nice to see a bit of Jutland on Zealand ( as long as there's fences around ofcause! :D )

( j/k mates )

Actually I find it very interesting - especially the insides of the buildings ( we've come a looooong way :) )... life must have been hard back then - slaving in the fields all day - freezing your ass of in the winter... all sorts of bugs everywhere ( eeewww )and ofcause the typical small door scull busting from time to time....

Is this fungus or roof cancer???

Whatever it is it looks nasty! I say burn it... burn it all!!!!! :D

Anyway thanks for the pics - looking forward to Part II - so hurry up you slowmo! Dammit!
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It's been a long time since I was there. Thanks for these beautiful pictures and yes, people were a lot smaller back then.
When Blue Viking becomes the dictator in Denmark, all NIMBYs will be rounded up and sent to kz camps like this!

PS. Beautiful pictures by the way!!
Very nice. I must admidt I havent been there as a kid. Its one of those museums you are draged to in kindergarten and then completely forget about as an adult...Awesome....
I think some Olifant took a crap on it...
It kinda looks like a cake experiment gone wrong....horrebly wrong....:lol:
THX DLL (Once again)
Wonderful old thatched houses... Love it.:)

You can see a lot of them on the little island of Fanø (Not a museum..)ø+house&m=text
Thanks for comments! :)

Here's Part II

This was very normal back in the old days.. i guess.. to have open caskets in a room with dead people lying inside

People were also very religious back then

That's that! Thanks again for lookin!

Peace to the east,
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Looks very nice...maybe I'll go there later this summer...looks interesting...I've been living 1½ year in Lyngby and always thought that the old town would me MUCH smaler...:)
Great part two Danny - for some reason some of the pics remind me of Amager ( no offense :) )
Hmm thats quite interesting....We have similar museum here in the UK.Thanks for the photos theyre nice.

Danke for ze comments! :cheers2:

Mr.D> Amager, eh? hmm... i dont see it... first, there aint that much farmland anymore left on Amager.. and the lil bit that's left isn't really old.. compared to these buildings anyway.. :)
hot shit mr! you're gotsa lurve them halftimbered house and thatched roofs... we ain't got nothing of that where i live... older architecture feels more timeless where as modern is out of fashion in ten years...
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