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Dntwn KCMO :: Quality Hill + Garment District

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I did something different for these. They are High Dynamic Range (HDR), but instead of taking three separate shots and overlaying them, I took one shot, then split the one image into three separate exposure values, and then I overlayed them. Please enjoy...

Monday April 30 2007.

Quality Hill...

Now on to the Garment District...

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Great pics. The Garment District really is one of KC's best areas if not my favorite.
Yeah, Quality Hill is probably one of my favorites. It's got this great little somewhat more relaxed urban neighborhood feel, yet it's right downtown. Those with views over the bluff into West Bottoms and Kansas side are pretty lucky too. This would probably the first urban neighborhood I would look into living in, should I deciede to pick up and move to KC.

I hope these great photo threads have at least shown that KC has some formadible urban areas. The place gets a bad rep because it is a very spread out metro, but few midwest cities outside of the mega metros can match this variety of living options that Tosspot has showed over the past few months.
Great pics, Toss. I have to agree with others...I really like Quality Hill. It's neat to have a quiet little neighborhood so close to the bustling downtown (during the day). I love the brick buildings too.
Wow... I never imagined such dense districts in Kansas City.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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