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Do you get the urge to travel?

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I have been away from home pretty frequently in the last couple of years, both working and travelling...

This year I had to scap my springbreak vacation, because I started on a new job, and didn't think it would be fair to go on vacation two weeks after :)

Anyway, now I'm really starting to feel strange about it - it's like the body is telling me to go see things and get away from the daily stuff...

Unfortunatly that's not going to happen ( other than day/weekend trips ) until June... :sleepy:

I was just wondering if it was only me who felt like this, or what?
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Yeah. I get this feeling that I HAVE to see the world before I die.
In such a small place like HK definitely I would like to travel! I'm actually in abroad right now :D
The world is a big place. YEAH i'd love to travel. :D
Yes I have the feeling all the time. If it was up to me, I would do nothing else than travelling 365 days a year, but unfortunately that's not going to happen anytime soon unless I win the lottery.
I get the urge, but hardly ever travel far away.
I feel the same Mr. Denmark :( . I plan to go on vacation only in the beginning of July cause of uni :( .

But I already live away from home :). Hopefully will visit Scandinavia this summer. A friend of mine invited me to Sweden and I think we will visit Oslo and of course Copenhagen :eek:kay: . I am excited, can't wait :)
At the moment no, I just got back from Canada a month ago (why do my clauses always rhyme?). But by May, when I finish my spring semester classes, I will definately have the urge to travel more considering two weeks later, I'll start the long hours summer semester.
I always get the feeling that I should just take off to New York for a weekend, it's pretty close .
Not really. I've only really traveled because my family has made me. Most of the vacations were pretty fun, but I never really feel like leaving home.
WANCH said:
I'm actually in abroad right now :D
How was she ;)
dmg1mn said:
How was she ;)

Travelling is the mating call.
YES! And I wanna travel as much as I can. Actually I wanna do something in winter vacations (July), but I can't find anyone to go with me! :(
I would love to travel more, but I don't have the time or the money. Blame education for both! :bash:
I've always had itchy feet to begin with - on top of that, I work at a map store. It's hard to fight the urge to travel when you're surrounded by maps, globes, guides, and atlases 40 hours a week....
I love travelling.

My first trip alone (without my parents) was aged 9 from London to Nairobi (8hr flight), and I loved it :D

Now I can't spend a weekend without going to central London, and I can't have a summer or winter without going to Africa, Dubai or the United States of America!
i'd love to...if only i have the time...i wish i have more money too!
It depends! :) I will travel next week, than in the middle of June, than in July
Everyone does, but the wallet would pull you down!
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