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Do you support hezbollah

  • Hate them

    Votes: 28 68.3%
  • Don't hate them but don't support them

    Votes: 6 14.6%
  • Support them

    Votes: 7 17.1%

Do YOU support Hizballah?

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I've noticed that there seems to be a lot of dispute about whether or not lebanese people support hezbollah, so I thought this should be a thread.
Do you support Hezbollah or not.
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Nop ... what respect I had for them went 6 feet under on march 8, 2005, and then again in july of 2006 and further deeper in may of 2008
NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!! NO !!!!!!!!
:tongue: No i hate them thas for sure
most people here hate hezbollah.
thats because those who do support hezbollah are either busy fighting on the streets right now.
I been here lol i check everyday, but sumtimes dont have the time to comment, was busy in Lebanon untill a month ago, was meant to be goin back in two months bass hezbelshaytan seem to be ruining my plans as usual:bash:
How often do you go to Lebanon dont you have Uni ?
Well long long story lol, im gonna be doing a coarse in Lebanon because if i do the coarse i wanna do i was promised work through someone i kno to cut a long story short and basically i dont start till August, but now that depends on the political situation, so at the moment no my uni in Aus is stopped, im just working
lol @ hizbulshaytan ... el 7amdilla 3al saleme n welcome back!
btw, this should have been an open poll so we know how many LEBANESE support hizbulla!
lol thnks, well it seems 1 out of 6 so far which seems really promising hehe, probably that brainwashed suren person lol
btw, i cant bring my self to say hezballah because allah ma 3ando hezb w kamein ma b7eb 2oul allah w f**K in the same sentence
Hope they all go to HELL or worse than hell if this place exists
^^ u're a traitor to the lebanese nation !
I certainly HATE them, as would anyone who respects freedom.

This poll will not be fair because there will be non-Lebanese voting...
^Crap..sorry, I didn't think it would be exclusively Lebanese when I voted...

I certainly do not support Hezbollah however since I consider myself neutral to anything relating to the wider issue of Lebanon-Israel-Palestine I have no hatred towards anyone... Nor do I want to cause any offence to my fellow forumers here...

I'm curious... One thing I do wonder, Hezbollah are representing mainly a considerable proportion of the Shi'ia population... With the destruction of Hezbollah or rather the eradication that such hatred will bring about what will happen to the Shi'ia population. Are there any proposals or fall back representative parties in the Lebanese government to replace Hezbollah's representation of the interests of the Shi'ia community? Or will they be pushed into the shadows by the 'Tyranny of the Majority' as J.S Mills put it...
1 - 20 of 47 Posts
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