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Do you think Philadelphia's night lights could be improved/enhanced?

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Does anybody have any ideas on enhancing the Night skyline?

Does anyone think any great buildings flee the skyline when the sun goes down, and all the workers leave?

In your opinion, does the Bell Atlantic tower pull its weight from across the night horizon? Should it? What about the twins?

Did anybody feel that the green lighting theme a couple months back did Liberty One injustice, seeming hardly visible from South Philly at nighttime? What color theme would look best?

This is on my mind every time I go into the city. What do you prophessionals think?

Renderings, Anybody?
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I think what Philly could use is some sort of decorative lighting affixed to a few of the ground clutter towers put up back in the day. Most of the new towers have something going on up top, but hardly any old ones do. So, if like the twins got something done to them, then the skyline has poor balance, because basically all talls have lights, and basically all shorts don't.

So, maybe they can do something creative on the sides of a couple old moderist boxes, or maybe the PSFS building can have the top updated ro something...
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