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Do you want a sticky thread in the projects section for low-rise development in Dubai

Do you want a sticky thread for low-rise developments in Dubai?

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Vote thread started by DUBAI GUYS

To all Forumers:

This is poll is to decide whether or not we should allow threads of lowrise building of seven floors or less to be posted on SSC. We have already done this with the following buildings:

Completed: Azure, 5F Res (Dubai Marina)

Completed: Marina Pearl, 5F Res+Com (Dubai Marina)

Completed: Marina Park, 6F Res (Dubai Marina)

Completed: Westside Dubai Marina, 7F Res (Dubai Marina)

Completed: Villa Rotana, 5F Hotel (Al Wasl)

Completed: The Belvedere, 6F Res (Dubai Marina)

Recently, a thread of mine was deleted because apparently it was too short. It had four floors and is going to be the HQ for the Armada Group and is located in the Dubai Internet City. I was told that no one would be interested in this building and that the threads in the Dubai Marina Section were allowed to stay because "of the interest in them... a lot of our forumers have invested in these buildings" and that "they are a part of Dubai's greatest residential project to date... the marina." I dont mind there being buildings that are short. Just because they are located in the Marina does not mean that they have a greater priority over buildings in the Dubai Internet City or Dubai Media City.

True the Dubai Marina is one of Dubai's first residential projects, but the Dubai Internet City and the Dubai Media City have great economic importance for the success of our economy. So I say vote yes on low rise building threads!

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well should have been just yes and no. You are trying to sway the vote in one direction.

^^ Trust me I have nothing against low-rise threads. As a matter of fact, I voted yes!
I voted yes but that doesn't mean every lowrise should be posted otherwise there'd be thousands of threads. If one is interesting though then post it

Edit, shit I didn't read it properly. :D
A thread for lowrises would be good.
You need to set a minimum number of floors Krazy, i suggest 5. Otherwise its a pointless exercise. Also, correctly, the interest in the development needs to be taken into account...if its an isolated building then its of no real interest to anyone but if its part of a larger development like the Marina, JLT, etc, then I vote yes...but with the above conditions.
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Krazy said:
^^ Trust me I have nothing against low-rise threads. As a matter of fact, I voted yes!
well then thanks.:cheers: :)

nooooooo more stickies!

we have far toooo many!

how about a subfolder in the 'projects' section?
then we can keep individual threads for all of them, and it will be neat.

Remember SSC is about urbanity, not just towers.

so buildings under 8 floors [height needed to become a skyscraper according to most sources] need to be covered as well.
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agree , no more stickies, nothing more i am fine.

let's make threads for lowrise in the marina or DIFC so that they don't get lost in the masterplans but that's it.

i mean lowrises in Dubai who the heck is going to keep up with them popping up like every hour without ANY announcement...

lowrise sucks :bash:

btw i like the thrad optins :D

but i prefer just to put nice lowrises in the sections they belong to.
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^^their arent enough options.
Put a 3rd option on their Krazy - "Not all low-rises, but significant ones, in prominent developments and projects (e.g. Marina).
Low rises within any of the existing developments should be allowed. No random low rises in the middle of no where should be allowed.

The number of floors should be of no significance at all. As long as the structure has some sort of connection with threads on existing projects/developments/areas (like the Metro thread, for example), it should be allowed. Oh and it if it is a single or double storey structure, it should be pretty impressive to warrant a thread.

Hence, i vote, yes. :)
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dubaiflo said:

the forum is a mess, yes, maybe the stickies need to be re arranged???

Lots of useless ones on the main page....

IMO, apart from the sticky for the rights of workers, the rest need to be unloacked and allowed to slide down the list and be brought back when needed.
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hmmm........ my yes vote was only to say that I think THREADS for low rises should be allowed, provided they agree with the guidelines i mentioned in my post. A sticky might be a little too chaotic.

ALLOW THREADS FOR LOW RISES in existing developments/areas/projects.
there is too much crap on the frount page.

th forum needs to go one of two ways.

either we get rid of the main page, and put its content in a news folder, making the forum more like the UK and NA sections.

if we do this we can get rid of the 'tower' folder and place the individual tower forums on the front page [like the uk forum if you want a look]

it would make it all much more accesable.

or if we dont do that we put everything on the main forum thingy again
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I don't really like the UK section as well.

we would need a mix between the UK and UAE section,... still can't think of a solution but it is definetly not the best thing now.

the first sticky to be moved is the Dubai Roads thread.
it could be moved in the projects section.

next thing, let's unstick the Aviation and Investments thread.

Next thing, the threads in the tower forum, on the bottom of the page, have to go, they are unnecessary. let's delete old one, move serious proposals in the respective section. and only the All towers APP and UC and the 300+ should remain, they need to be updates anyway.

then, why do we have a Business Bay projects thread, and a section for BB , let's move the BB project thread on top of the BB section (sticky) and rename it to 'General Business Bay discussion'

Same with the Palms, move them in the offshore section.

Also maybe we need an own section for DubaiLand projects, there are too much ,they need a own section.

and i think we should move all the other things like Festival City thread as a sticky in the respective tower section and rename it as suggested above with BB.

a lot of confusion would disappear, for example the IMPZ thread would be in its section etc..

Also, let's create an archive section and move all old stuff in their, it is not necessary to have the old threads in the main sections, nobody looks at them and if somebody wants to he knows where to find them.
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