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PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has emphasized on the need to make the country’s capital of Dodoma
green and clean, as he directed that traffic lights in the city should be installed.
Mr Majaliwa said this yesterday when officiating the official launching of a robust Master Plan for Dodoma
City, as he insisted that there was no way Dodoma can be as dirty as Dar es Salaam City.

“I want to ensure that Dodoma City Council is clean, therefore, I am directing the city council to ensure
that it does all it can to ensure that Dodoma remains clean,’’ he stressed.
Mr Majaliwa asked Dodoma City Council Director Godwin Kunambi to prefect all subsidiary legislations in
making the city clean, as he equally insisted that traffic lights were much needed.
Regarding the newly launched Master Plan, Mr Majaliwa paid tribute to local experts who came up with it,
adding that it was well organised.
The PM also emphasized that the City Council should ensure that in surveying land, there was a need to
consider the city’s infrastructure so that it complies with details enshrined in the master plan.
Dodoma Regional Commissioner, Dr Binilith Mahenge said that in the newly launched plan, the city was
poised to be a modern urban centres in nature as he promised deliver to the maximum.
By launching the master plan, Dr Mahenge said the launch was a sign of the country’s nationality in front
of other foreign countries.
“I request that this plan be given special incentives to make it the best and a centre for tourist
destinations, as many of them will be leaving here to go to other places.”
The Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Anthony Mavunde, said that through the plan, it was
evident that more investors would come up in bigger numbers to invest in Dodoma, as he insisted that
there would be no more irresponsible constructions in the city.
Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlement Development, Angelina Mabula,
said that the major aim of the government was to ensure that all districts, towns and cities were well
She said the government had allocated about 6.2bn/- for planning to about 24 District Councils, adding
that the government was fully committed to make sure that it improves planning in every district and
every region in the country.


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So far this is my favourite project in Tanzania. The development and implmentation of the Dodoma Masterplan is what I think will set Tanzania apart from other African nations and send the message out that Tanzania is on the way to becoming a developed nation. I love the focus on making it a green and clean city and a place with great public parks and spaces. There have been various incarnations of the Dodoma masterplan since 1973, I've been searching for details of the most recent with no success.

Dar is a fantastic city and I hope it gets some development because it really needs it, Arusha has huge potential also and further resource should be put into developing that city but Dodoma is gonna be the place to be in the whole African continent.
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