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Does anybody know what this is for?

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While out this evening I took a couple of shots of a future road spur just by the Ashton West Metrolink stop. It's faily substantial, enough for a dual carriageway. The trouble is any road going off here would cut straight across Ashton cricket club. Is it for some future road or is it something that's been scrapped? It reminds me off the cancelled offshoot on the mancunian way.

Does anyone have any links to old proposals or can anyone shed any light on what it's going to be used for (if anything)?

IMG_1525 by carlf18, on Flickr

IMG_1522 by carlf18, on Flickr

This is the location on Google maps:,+United+Kingdom&t=h&z=18

Lord Sheldon Way by carlf18, on Flickr
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Due to be Ashton Industrial Park, according to this original master plan for Ashton Moss.
Superb work Flange, you're a genius, thanks very much.
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