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Project: Woqod Office Building
Owner: Qatar Fuel Company (Woqod)
Budget: $100 million
Floors: 3 basements, ground, mezzanine and 30 floors and a four-storey car-park.
Total built-up area: 42,000 sq m.
Height: 172m.
Design & engineering consultancy: Romatre Project

The main concept has been carried out by creating a form of office building which reflects Woqod's logo, so from all directions you imagine the logo with smooth and unique form which will be a landmark for Woqod as major Qatari company. The building form reflects one of Woqod logo leafs while the two main canopies reflect the remaining part of the logo.

There's a VIDEO of the architects' website!:)

I think Qatar Tower is the old render for Barwa Tower since the two are remarkably similar and they are on the same location. Also, its almost the same height as Al-Fardan Towers so it will fit in perfectly in the area.

But, here is a map of where I think the location is. Its the only available empty land IN the southern side of City Center.

Mashalla! I was right on the probable location for this tower. Today I went to the same spot opposite Al-Fardan Towers and found the tower!

By Halawala at 2008-05-25
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