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Detroit on the day of GM bankrupty

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Wow.... it looks like the calm before the storm.

Great pic.
Oh noes! The sky haz fallen!
Wow, love this pic. A very ugly day in Detroit (and down here in Toledo too).
On better days, she doesn't look half bad. You can't beat the fast-moving river that keeps the water blue-green:

Applejack 25

Applejack 25
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**** Wall Street, Detroit needs a bailout. The feds need to fund the construction of the new Detroit River bridge ASAP. That will create jobs and increase trade in the region. How about building a new 110+ mph rail line connecting the city to Chicago with a terminus at the old, abandoned train station just outside of DT?
^unfortunately, the train station is getting torn down (it's bullshit, though the owner is a billionaire who just sat on it while letting it rot), but I support the second bridge. Really, A Detroit-Toledo-Chicago-Cleveland-Buffalo high speed really line could do wonders. Then connect it to NYC.

The funny thing is Wall Street is a big part of the reason people aren't buying cars (and this goes for every manufacturer, including Toyota and Ford), and they're the ones getting rewarded more than anyone. These bank bailouts need to stop. It's not just Wall Street either. Every major bank in Ohio is on taxpayer life support too (Fifth Third, Key, Huntington, etc.).
The station isn't getting torn down any time soon. The city council has since back-off quite a bit upon request by the owner to give him more time.
**** Wall Street, Detroit needs a bailout.
Many of the banks want to pay back their TARP money plus interest right now or very soon. They were bailed out to thaw out the credit freeze, so they could start lending again. Not just to consumers, but to each other, and to businesses. The banks are necessary, without them, there is no economy. GM and Chrysler are not nearly as vital to the economy. "****" wallstreet and you **** everyone in the country.

GM? Are we getting that money back anytime soon, let alone with interest? No. They burnt right through their bailout money, like anyone with a brain knew they would, and went bankrupt anyway!

Gee whiz, who didn't see that coming? Idiots, that's who!!!

Bush didn't want the bankrupt automakers on his watch, Obama wants to save the unions. Both situations aren't about doing the right thing, they're about politics. They (the automakers and the UAW) should've been allowed to fail, months ago, billions of dollars ago, and they would've been that much closer to restructuring than they are now.
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Hey, how about posting that in a Minneapolis thread instead...
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