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DORTMUND - Signal Iduna Park / Westfalenstadion (81,359) - UEFA EURO 2024

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BV Borussia Dortmund

8x League:
1956, 1957, 1963, 1995, 1996,
2002, 2011, 2012

5x Cup:
1965, 1989, 2012, 2017, 2021

6x Supercup: (record)
1989, 1995, 1996, 2008, 2013,

1x UEFA Champions League:

1x UEFA Cup Winners' Cup:

1x FIFA Club World Cup:

53,872 (1974–1992)
42,800 (1992–1996)
54,000 (1996–1999)
68,600 (1999–2003)
83,000 (2003–2005)
81,264 (2005–2006)
80,708 (2006–2008)
80,552 (2008–2010)
80,720 (2010–2012)
80,645 (2012–)(League Matches)
65,590 (International Matches)

Country: Germany
City: Dortmund
Capacity: 83.000
Team: Borussia Dortmund 09 (My favorite team)

(This picture is from the stadiums earlier stage, when they didn't have any seats in the corners yet)

This one's just for show :) :

So is this one: :)

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FrankWhite said:
great stadium with awesome atmosphere!
**** yea...oops...can I swear here?...anyways, the stadium is almost always full...In every league game they get about 74.000 fans coming into the stadium, depending on how good the other team is. If a team like Bayern Muenchen is playing in Dortmund then its completely full...As for the atmosphere, it's just tremendous...
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It´s a fantastic stadium,because it´s like an englisch stadium.
The atmosphere was better,when the South stand was smaller.
It´s my favourite in Germany before the Allianz-Arena.
I don’t really like the Allianz-Arena's architecture...btw...If my eyes are not deceiving me, it looks like Dortmund is about to play against Hamburg in FrankWhite's pic :)
seems like it's against Hamburg; i also took it from the web ;)

--> some other pics that show how close the poeple are to the pitch

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On reason for that is because its ONLY for soccer, which means no running things around the pitch like in most stadiums...
I really love this stadium. It has a great atmosphere especially the great stand behind the goal where everything turns yellow at a match. I love it.
And Dortmund is listed very high at the moment compared to the last two years ,isn't it. A question to Rolfmaster, do you think Ebi Smolarek is good player in Borussia's Mannschaft.
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--> back to the stadium:

still there are some rebuilding actions left to make the stadium fit the FIFA regulations according the WC 2006.
I heard that for example the first two rows on the main stands have to be taken away, which really sucks.
how about the south and north stand? are they going to place the seats like it has always been in international games?

nochmal auf deutsch:
wie siehts jetzt aus, hab gehört die nehmen auf der haupt-und gegengeraden die ersten reihen weg, aufgrund der fifa bestimmung (was den mindestabstand zum spielfeld betrifft). stimmt doch, oder?
und was is mit der nord / südtribüne? bei internationalen spielen wurde ja immer bis zur *mauer* bestuhlt, die untersten stehplätze blieben frei (meist mit absperrband, sieht leicht scheisse aus). bleibt das so zur WM? oder wird hiernauch der unterste teil weggerissen? und wie siehts dann mit den zäunen aus; auch nach der WM? fragen über fragen.. ;)
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as far as I know, they're going to put chairs on the south stand like allways. I don't know about the north stand. I don't really know much about what they have planned for 2006...
i heard that there were plans to tear down the area between the seats and the fence and build a wall instead; directly where the first sitting row is on the picture below, so there is a wall and some space between the visitors and the pitch.
does anyone know about that?

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Looks like a stadium that can generate a fantastic atmosphere.

According to WS it will have a seated capacity of 60,285 for the world cup and IMO should remain seated thereafter. I hate modern stadia that still have standing room.
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According to WS it will have a seated capacity of 60,285 for the world cup
But this all seater capacity will only be on this low level (as all other WC Final Stadiums) for the world cup finals due to safety reasons and additional space for press. In every other international games (CL, Uefa, germany's international matches) a all seater capacity amounting to 66.000 will be reached.
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statistics for the Bundesliga season 2004/2005:

Borussia Dortmund:
Average of 77.163 spectators per game @ Westfalenstadion (= Bundesliga record)

Schalke 04:
Average of 61.341 spectators per game @ Arena auf Schalke

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Westfalenstadium 1974:

Westfalenstadium 1996:

Westfalenstadium 1998:

Westfalenstaduim today:

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Dortmund2512 said:
Westfalenstadium 1974:

What was the capacity in 1974?
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Borussia Dortmund wants to rename Westfalenstdium. Some interests are: Samsung, Go Yellow, LG Electronics, Easy-Yet, E.on, Sony and Phillips

So they will get money. When they rename the stadium Borussia Dortmund get 40 Million $ in the next 5 years!
I can say you why dortmund gets 8 million $ per year,

Borussia Dortmund: Average of 80.300 spectators per game (record in Europe!)
Schalke 04: Average of 61.500 spectators per game

The Westfalenstadion have the most capacity of the whole Bundeslige and the 3rd or 4th of Europe.
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